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Jace glanced out the window at the fans below him. He smiled a waved, causing screams and yells and smiles to beam up at him. He loved it. He loved being famous. He loved the attention. He craved it and fed off of it, all the girls and the fame was something he always wanted. And he got it.

But sometimes it was hard. His family had trouble seeing him sometimes. He wished that he could just leave his house without security to see them in New York, but the paparazzi or the fans don't really allow that.

The hardest part about being a famous actor… the girlfriend.

"Are they ever going to leave?"

He sighed as Clary sat up on the bed, staring at her phone with a frown on her face. "They could be there for hours or days."

"I have to leave to get to the studio eventually," she pointed out.

Of the two of them, she was the one that was more worried about the public eye. She liked the privacy without the questions. When she went to interviews, she didn't want questions about her boyfriend, or her family. She wanted to talk about her music and her inspirations. That was the issue, the only issue between them.

Jace wanted the world to know. Clary wanted to keep it a secret.

"We got in here without you being seen, but I don't know how easy it'll be to get you out the same way."

She groaned. "Magnus is going to kill me if I'm late to recording again."

Jace slid from the window and pulled the blinds closed, leaving them in complete privacy. He walked over to the bed, pressing his lips to Clary's neck. She was dressed in black jeans and a green shirt that made her eyes sparkle. He pushed her hair aside, causing her to tilt her head at the same time.

She moaned and turned, leaning into him as their lips connected. Jace gripped her hips and pushed her back on the bed, letting her fall under him. His thumbs rubbed circles in her sides where her shirt rode up, and her hands traced the few scars on his bare back from athletic injuries here and there.

"Just because Magnus likes you doesn't mean you get to keep me forever," she mumbled into his lips with a smile to her voice.

He smiled back, kissing her again before pressing their foreheads together. "He can deal with me keeping you for one more day."

"Not with the way the album is going. We're having trouble writing, and I really need to be there to help."

He shook his head, pressing his face into her neck. "Would you rather write songs or stay with me?"

"You know the answer," she groaned.

"So don't go. The fans can't see you in here if you stay."


"Clary," he teased.

She sighed and relaxed under him as his lips slowly started to play with the skin of her neck. His hands reached up and intertwined their fingers, pulling both her hands above her head, locking her beneath him.

"You're insatiable," she chuckled when he kissed her again, holding her at his mercy.

"You love it."

Just at that moment, there was a knock at the door. They both froze at first, because if they were seen then all hell would break loose, even if it was just a housekeeper. But when the door opened, somehow unlocked, and Simon walked in with the rest of Jace's management team, they both relaxed.

But they didn't move off of each other.

Simon noticed and groaned. "Seriously? We have shit to get done and you two are canoodling?"

"Whatever it is, it can wait," Jace claimed.

"I'm afraid not," Simon shot back. "We have an interview with Ellen in three hours. Clary," he turned and pointed towards her, "We're leaving in thirty minutes. The fans should pretty much depart after that, but we have a new outfit for you ready and Meliorn said he can drive you over to the studio without you being seen. So you should be good."

Jace rolled his eyes and slid off of her. "If everyone just knew, we wouldn't have to be so secret." He didnt mean to really say it out loud, but it slipped out occasionally like that.

Clary glared at him, annoyed with it once again. "Jace," she warned.

He threw his hands up and stormed into the bathroom. Maybe he was being dramatic, but he really hated the secrecy.

"So maybe I've mentioned Finding Nemo a few times, once or twice," Ellen claimed to her crowd. "But really? Monster's Inc. was so a decade ago, so it's about time Dory got the attention she deserved."

Jace couldn't help but let out a chuckled. With the movie announced last year, she was still on about it. Jace found it funny how she got excited about her own movie, but he couldn't stand to really watch any of his own. He found it weird, seeing himself on screen. Sure, he was cocky and all and loved to talk about it, but watching yourself kill people is... weird.

"So who has heard of the new movie, Dark Warriors?"

Screams, yells, hoots and hollers from the audience. That's what erupted.

"Well, please welcome, one of the biggest stars of that upcoming movie, Jace Herondale!"

He stepped out, waving and smiling got the fans. Ellen stood, coming up to him as they danced to the music, something that she always did and he didn't mind doing. They danced, he spun her and lifted her into the air since this has to be their third interview together. They were pretty relaxed around each other.

They finally moved towards their seats, waiting a few extra seconds before they sat, the music cutting off as soon as Ellen's butt hit the cushions.

She fixed her top and looked at him. "Jonathan Christopher Herondale, long time, no see?"

He nodded, leaning back against the sofa casually. "Yup. But as everyone knows, I pretty much go by Jace. You of all people know that, Ellie."

With a wink at the nickname, she asked, "What started that anyway?"

He was going to say that when he met Jonathan, Clary's sister, he found it was easier to just go by Jace for more than one awkward reason. But then he realized that he couldn't say that. He couldn't say anything about her or she'd panic. He internally groaned at that, hating the secrecy.

But he put on a smile and a shrug. "I guess it started when I was around the high school age. It was just a nickname that came up in the business when I started acting a young age. It was common on my football team too, so it just stuck after the years."

"Even at that young age, I've never seen so many people interested," Ellen said with a laugh. "I may be gay, and married, but even I can say that you're… you're just… wow."

The crowd erupted at that, causing Jace to smile none-too-shyly. His head tilted back with a little laugh.

"I mean, look at this," Ellen said, pointing towards the screen. Jace was confused at first, until a shirtless picture of himself from his new movie coming out showed up.

He was sweaty, with a gun in hand, his shirt off, and a bit of blood dripping down his shoulder with a burning building in the background of a warzone-like New York City. Honestly, he knew he was hot, and the shouts from the women in the crowd proved his point as well. Even Ellen made a face at him, and he really just tried not to let his laughter get out of control.

"Explain," she said with a smile.

Jace leaned forward, his elbows on his knees and a smile on his face. "I mean, it's pretty self-explanatory. In the movie, stuff blows up, I shoot people, and it's hard to keep a shirt on."

A few whoops and screams from the crowd agreed with him.

"But," Ellen continued, "why? Did the director just look at you and cut your wardrobe down to nothing but pants?"

Jace smiled at that too. "Like I said, fabric doesn't really hold together after explosions. There were a few shirts thrown here and there but..."

"Probably by women who took them right off of you," Ellen said with a smirk. "Speaking of women…"

Jace knew this was coming. It had been about six months since his last interview, mainly because he's been working on the movie and helping with post-production details, but he knew that the 'girlfriend' aspect, especially after being off the grid for so long, would come up.

"Any word on the romantic front? Maybe with…" Ellen looked at the screen and Jace froze for a moment. He thought that he was caught with Clary, but his co-star, Aline Penhallow, showed up instead. "This beautiful one?"

Jace smiled but shook his head. "Aline and I are just really good friends."

"I've seen scenes from the movie," Ellen insisted. "That's either great acting, or great chemistry. I know that you flunked out of science in school."

The crowd laughed and Jace just shrugged. "I'm very intelligent, thank you," he shot back playfully.

Ellen raised her hands in defense. "I'm sure you were.." Giving the crowd a sarcastic shake of the head.

"I mean, Aline and I have been friends for a while. We've both been in the business of acting since we were teenagers, and we know how to be professional while still putting on a good show."

"So nobody special?"

He almost said yes, but he shook his head in time. "Not really. I'm just enjoying being single, living my life as a twenty-two year old guy I guess. It's nice with the freedom."

"As long as we don't see you stumbling out of night clubs at four A.M." she teased sternly.

Jace winked. "I'm out of there by three, don't you worry. Work and all that."

Ellen nodded and laughed, looking back at the audience. "We'll be right back with Jace Herondale to talk more about the new movie, Dark Warriors, and to play a little game you're not going to want to miss. We'll be right back."

Clary turned down the volume as soon as it went to commercial, turning away from the TV and back to her writing crew in the studio. This consisted of Magnus (her manager and song writer as well), Isabelle (her stylist), Eric (her drummer), and Jordan (her guitarist). A few of the band was missing, but they play more than write.

And every one of them was staring her down in the circle they sat in. She stared right back. "Is there a problem?"

"He's dying to say something," Isabelle said instantly. "And you're making him hold back. You know, your relationship can't be secret forever."

Clary shrugged. "I don't want the media asking questions. Is that so bad?"

"You can make a relationship public while still having privacy. You don't have to make things so difficult," Isabelle said.

"Guys," Magnus announced, looking at Eric and Jordan, "take five. We want to talk to Clary privately."

She internally groaned as half her band left, leaving her 2 against 1 in the small recording room. She spun nervously on her stood, almost avoiding eye contact completely.

"You're being ridiculous," Magnus stated.

"And you're hurting him," Isabelle added.

"There's going to come a time when he's had enough."

"And you'll lose him if you don't realize that soon."

"Because he wants the world to know about you two."

"And keeping it inside is going to eat him from the inside out."

"Can we not?" Clary butted in, glaring at the two of them. "My relationship with Jace is exactly that. MINE. Not yours. The media would be acting just like you guys, trying to tell me what I should do all the time, placing doubt in my head, trying to break us up and I don't want that. I'm trying to help our relationship, not hinder it."

"You're suffocating it," Magnus said.

Clary's green eyes darted to his with a hard stare. "Shouldn't you worry about the fact that Alec hasn't come out to his parents about your relationship yet?"

"That's it," Isabelle said, standing to her feet. "You, come with me."

She grabbed the sleeve is Clary's shirt, pulling her out the door roughly. Clary actually bumped into the wall, complaining and pulling at Isabelle's grip. She failed miserably, and they made it to the bathroom before Isabelle threw her inside.

To anyone else, this would look like a bully situation, but this was the tough love that Isabelle was capable of giving. Clary wasn't a fan of receiving it either.

"Okay," Clary said slowly. "That was a low blow, I get it."

Isabelle nodded, leaning back against the door in her black leather, looking intimidating. "I almost slapped the shit out of you. You have no right to talk about my brother like that."


"Clary, I'm serious. You've been acting bitchy for the past few weeks, and Magnus and I are getting sick of it. I don't know what your problem is, but you need to go home and straighten it out right now. I'm over it, and I'm not afraid to quit either. I have other offers. Magnus has other offers. We stay with you because we love you and we all worked well together but if you're going to be bitchy and snappy, you can find yourself a new team."

And with that she stormed out, leaving Clary alone in the bathroom with her thoughts.

Clary's leg bounced in her jeans in the back of the Range Rover. Her driver was taking her somewhere that she'd never dare been before, mainly because of paparazzi and fans, but what Isabelle said really stuck to her. And she wanted to see Jace.

She had to see Jace.

The car stopped at his gate, and she thanked the driver and got out. Instantly, a camera flash blinded her in the dusk light. She'd been used to it and made her way to the gate.

"Clary! Clary Morgenstern!" one of the paps yelled at her. "What are you doing at Jace Herondale's house? Is there something going on between you two? Are you just friends? How did you two meet? When did you meet? How long have you been together?"

By the time she got the gate open, three different paps with cameras were on her but she slipped through the gate and shut it without answers, practically running towards his front door. She found it harder to be honest than she wanted. All she had to say was that she and Jace were together, but her mouth and her mind wouldn't cooperate with one another.

She knocked on the door, praying that Jace was here and that he'd be able to save her from the zoom lens cameras. After what felt like ages, the door opened to reveal:

"Alec," Clary breathed in relief, "Let me in!"

He side stepped as she burst in the door, slamming it quickly. He stared at her with wide eyes. "Um, Clary? Are you okay?"

"Where is Jace?"

"He's coming back from Ellen's studio," he explained. "There were some fans outside his gate over there, and you know how he is. He won't leave until he's seen, talked to, and had pictures with every last one of them. It's something you two have in common."

That was true. If there was anyone that they loved other than each other, it was their fans.

She took a deep breath, running her hand through her curls. "I guess I'll just wait then."

"You want something to drink?"

"Vodka," she said honestly. "Please."

He gave her an odd look but nodded, heading towards the kitchen of the big house.

Clary moved towards the living room, plopping down on the couch with a headache. Today was a mess, starting with waking up in Jace's hotel room. That shouldn't have happened, but it did. That was as good a chance as any to open up to the world, but she wouldn't.

Alec stepped back into the living room with a cup of vodka and orange juice, handing it to her. "You might want to check Twitter. Search the Clace hashtag."

That was all he said before he walked back to the kitchen.

Clary did as he instructed, unlocking her phone and immediately seeing tweets, Instagram posts, and tumblr talks.


Does anyone even know why she's there? How are they even friends? I won't believe anything until they say something #Clace #Confusedasshit #Whatishappening

Are they dating? Oh my god! That's my new OTP! It's official. I give no fucks about anyone else. #Clace #Perfect #Ihopeitstrue

It's like that movie… Shit! What was it called? The mortal instruments or something? I don't know but I like it. #Clace

Honestly, I don't know if it would work between them. Even if it is true, they're a weird couple. Jace and Clary? This #Clace thing is ridiculous.

Can't you guys not blow up the internet about this? I mean, don't celebrity couples hate coming out because of things like this. Leave #Clace alone.

She wasn't sure how long she was on her phone, or how she realized that the door opened and shut, or that Jace was even in the vicinity. Her drink was completely gone and she was a little light headed but still completely functional. All she knew was that she on her back on the couch, and then her phone was plucked from her hands and replaced with Jace's face.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

She wasn't sure what to say. "I really have no idea."

"You caused a lot of trouble today," he admitted. His golden eyes glanced to her phone, and he realized what she was doing. "And since when do you search hashtags or even get on twitter?" He put her phone on the coffee table and lifted her legs, setting them in his lap as he sat on the couch. He eyed the empty glass of vodka and orange juice. "Clary, what is going on?"

She shrugged, draping her arms across her eyes. "I've had a weird day."

"What happened?"

"Isabelle and Magnus almost quit and walked out on me."

"What?" His eyes were wide when she peeked a glance at him. "What happened? Why?"

"Because…" she lifted her hands, playing with her fingers. "Jace, does it really hurt you that bad that I want us to stay secret?"

"It's not as secret as it was before now."

"You know what I mean."

"Why does it matter?" he asked. His thumb rubbed circles on the jeans against her calf. "I mean, you've got me worried. You said you didn't want it out there, so I never put it out there."

She lifted herself onto her elbows, staring him down. "But you've wanted to?"

He sighed, running a hand through his hair before meeting her gaze. "I've wanted to for a long time."

"Well…" she sat up and moved until she straddled him on the couch, her arms around his neck and his around her hips. "Let's do it."


"Let's tell people. I could tell that it hurt you today when you couldn't say you were with me to Ellen. And yeah, sometimes I wish that people knew so they'd stop asking me when I'd find a boyfriend or where my inspiration comes from. I want people to know that you inspire my songs and make me laugh and smile like I do." She pressed her forehead to kiss, kissing him softly once. "I've thought about it since I left the studio, and I didn't really care when the paps saw me earlier. Some of my fans just want the truth, and I guess that you're right. Hiding stuff from them for a while makes sense, but everyone will find out eventually."

He just stared at Clary in shock for the longest time. Then without warning, he kissed her. And he really kissed her, the kind of kiss that she could feel to her toes and made her body just fall against him because she felt on fire. Her hands moved to his hair just to have something to grip onto, and he was able to maneuver them enough to the point that she straddled him as he lied on the couch, looking up at her.

Her hair fell down around them like a curtain, concealing their love from the rest of the world like they've done naturally for so long.

"Are you sure about this?" Jace asked, rubbing her cheek as he looked up at her. "I mean, you're not doing this for me, are you?"

"I love you, Jace," she claimed instantly. "That's why I'm doing it."

He beamed under her, a smile as bright as the sun. "I love you too." He kissed her again, soft and sweet and slow before pulling away. "But Clary–"

"Would you stop?" she said with a slight laugh. That much was able to lift his doubts and show him that she really did mean it. "I actually wouldn't mind if the rest of the world knew you were taken."

"I knew there was selfish reason in there somewhere," he shot back. "You just want me for yourself."

She winked, bent down, and pressed their lips together. The buzz that she had from the vodka was starting to really press on her, and it caused her to lean into Jace as much as possible, their bodies lining up on the couch.

His hands found their way under her shirt, touching the soft skin of her stomach and her sides. She shivered and reached for his shirt, tugging it up. But before she got it over his head, there was the sound of a voice clearing.

They both froze, instantly thinking it was the paparazzi out of instinct, but when they looked up, Alec had Clary's phone and was typing.

Clary frowned. "What are you doing here?"

"I never left," he pointed out, his eyes staying on her phone.

"Um, what are you doing with my phone?"

"A favor." He walked over and dropped the phone onto the couch. "You're welcome."

They both sat up, Clary still straddling Jace but she turned the phone so they could both see it, staring at the screen.

It was a picture on Instagram. It had Jace and Clary from a few minutes earlier, Clary's legs on Jace's lap with both of them looking deeply into each other's eyes as Clary was up on her elbows. They were talking, but it was obvious that it was a 'more than just friends' kind of thing.

Jace chuckled. "He must have been sick of it too."

She sighed and read the caption under it.

Let's face it, I can't keep a secret. xxx

Clary rolled her eyes. "Alec makes this sound like some kind of scandal. And on my Instagram, no less. The world is about to blow up."

"At least this way, it seems like we haven't been together for long," Jace said, kissing her cheek. "Check out some of the comments."

"Do I really want to?" she asked, locking her phone and looking Jace in the eye. "I mean, they could be really harsh."

"Your fans aren't like that."

"That doesn't mean your fans won't blow up on me. They can be protective over you, to the point that it's' a bit extreme."

He frowned and a bit of anger flashed across his face. "My fans aren't evil or dangerous or destructive. They just care about me, and I care about that, and that comment was a bit of a low blow."

She nodded once, dropping her head to his shoulder. "I'm sorry, I'm just scared."

He reached up and held her close, lying back down on the couch. They just held each other, holding on tightly.

Jace's thumb rubbed circles in her back as he spoke. "Clary, I love you. You've known that for a while, and I think this is for the best. I know you're scared, but I want you to know that we can get through the initial shock, and then we won't have to hide. We can go on dates. I can take you to dinner." He moved his lips to her ear. "I can kiss you in public any freaking time I want, for how long I want, and I don't care who sees us."

She blushed at that. "You're an ass," she chuckled, hiding her face in his neck.

"Well, the world knows that I'm yours, so you can call me what you want, but you're stuck with me."

They stayed like that for a while, just cuddling and they eventually fell asleep just like that. It wasn't for long, because Clary's stomach started growling, waking her up and telling her that she ran from the studio and never actually ate dinner. And vodka isn't exactly a filling drink.

She slowly pushed off of Jace's chest, running a hand through his hair. "Jace," she groaned in a tired voice. "Jace, wake up."

His eyes shut tighter as he stretched his arms above his head and yanwed. It gave her a good view of his body, and when he stopped and their eyes met, Clary blushed uncontrollably about being caught.

Jace just smiled. "So, tell me something."


"Are we public?" he asked. "Because I think I had a dream where we finally announced our undying, unconditional, uncontrollable love for each other."

She rolled her eyes. "Dramatic much?"

"I love you," he whispered honestly and deeply, leaning forward and kissing her cheek. It caught her off guard, and she found herself still above him as he pulled away quickly. "You do know that, right?"

Finally, after a few minutes of confusion, she nodded. "I do. And I'm sorry it took me so long to realize that it would be okay if people knew. I hate the fact that I made you go through that."

He shrugged with one shoulder. "I don't care about that anymore. Everyone knows that you're mine now."

Her phone started buzzing at that, and they both glanced towards the coffee table to see Magnus' name pop up on Clary's phone. She slid it to answer and put it on speaker. "What is it, Mags?"

"Now that your little scandal is out, and I hate to be the person to cockblock or interrupt, but… we do have an album that needs to be completed."

She sighed. "Yeah, I'm sorry I ran out."

"We threatened to quit, it's understandable."

Jace chuckled. "She'll be over in an bit."

"Don't hold her hostage, Herondale," Magnus said sternly. "I can ruin your reputation so fast that you won't even be able to blink before your life is a shithole."

She rolled her eyes and whispered into Jace's ear, "Don't worry. He wouldn't." That calmed Jace's worried demeanor. "But first," she said louder, "I'm hungry."

"Dinner?" Jace asked with a smile. "We can actually go out now, no more ordering pizza and being careful about who answers the door."

She smiled at the thought. "I love you."

He smirked back. "I love you too, for the whatever hundredth time."

"You two are cute," Magnus said. "But be cute enough to be here in an hour. I mean it, Clarissa."

"Jackass," Jace said and pulled her lips to his one more time, and they were both a little too ecstatic about the announcement, that it actually took them an hour just to leave the house… but what can you do? They were happy, and no one was going to call and ruin that.

Not even Magnus dared a call for a second time.

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