If there was a proper beginning for this it was a day a buffoon looked at a weapon designed to alter realities and figured his visual inspection of the device was more trustworthy than what his computer was telling him. So this fool detonated the dimensional bomb and reality was forever changed. Time, space, and reality was stuck into a blender and what came out was completely different.

And possibly a massive giant robot named Ideon rebooting reality. Newtypes alone didn't seemed to be enough last time to help humanity.

It was an era that would be one day called the Super Robot Wars.


Suburbia of Surrey was supposed to be calm and normal even in an era of alien invasions and the like. A pity no one told Harold "Coop" Cooplawski that fact as he faced off against the Gundam Thrones. Two of three Innovates out for blood or carnage against a man who trouble followed around wherever he went was a recipe for disaster wrapped in bacon like Coop like his food.

No one was sure what the trinity of mobile suits was doing there, but no one imagined it was anything good.

Amuro Ray in the Nu Gundam hoped that this won't end up with the entire town they were in reduced to a crater. Coop was not gentle by any means when he piloted Megas. To say nothing of some of the other pilots with him. Sayla's presence for a better word soothed him at that thought. He gave a thumbs up to the MPT (Mass Production Type) Nu Gundam at his side.

Mari Illustrious Makinami pouted a bit as she was using a VF-25G Messiah for this as her Evangelion had been...well it'd be awhile if they ever managed to put it back together again. So this mass produced variable fighter would have to do for non-Angel battles until they sorted out what Evangelion she'd drive next.

In Getter One there was a savage smile on the face of Ryoma Nagare. The other mechs were kept at a distance for the Getter as the Nagare school of martial arts had no mercy. And no kill like overkill as a rule.

Sanger Zonvolt smirked and charged forward. The sword that pierced evil looked forward to dealing with these pests. He also hoped that they won't all go after Coop as that was suicide and he wanted some fun for himself.

That one of the units charged at him with its sword amused Sanger greatly. The Gundam Throne Zwei also launched a six of the eight Fangs it had. The dagger shaped projectiles flew into the air. Tomahawks flew at the fangs as Ryoma wasn't going to let those be a factor in this brawl.

Sanger charged forward with his massive sword and blocked the Zwei's GN Buster Sword.

Michael was giddy with excitement. "Bring it on!"

"If that is what you wish," Sanger remarked.

The bloodthirsty Trinity Sibling was shocked that his GN particle made sharper sword was not cutting through the other mech sword. If anything his blade was the one taking the damage. The energy emitter for the beam addition to the sword started to smoke.

Sanger smiled and he forced back the Zwei's sword and slashed the Gundam Throne. Armor was cut into like a hot knife into butter. The came another slash going deep into the Zwei. The Innovate at that moment had his bravo evaporate and he was scared for his life.

"I am Sanger Zonvolt, the Sword that Pierces Evil!" the swordsman called out. "Chesto!"

And with that the sword arm of the Gundam Throne Zwei was cut off the mech and hit the ground with a crash. An energy blast from the Type O's chest was adding insult to injury for the Zwei. If only to prove Sanger had more weapons than his massive sword to use against his foe.

Mu La Flaga in a Rezel Command Type gave Sanger cover fire. The Hawk of Endymion kept the other two Trinity siblings busy and was able to dodge their attacks easily. It almost looked effortless on his part. Fangs being sent at him also were easily dealt with.

Johann Trinity sighed as they would encounter Londo Bell like this. But who expected them to be anywhere near a place called Little Whinging? This place was pretty much the middle of nowhere important! Or perhaps the Little of Nowhere Important would be a better name for this suburbia sprawl.

Though what really worried him was the rumors that at least two members of the Getter Team were as bloodthirsty as his was a bad mix along with the messes the pilot of that giant robot with a car for a head caused. And there of course was Amuro Ray himself in the mech he personally designed. Thankfully there was no sign of those two pilots who believed they were hell. They were rumored to be very bad to fight or even be on the same team with.

He then had a different thought in a moment later as he dodged an attack. 'Did that mech just shoot boob missiles at me?'

Indeed Venus A had done what Johann thought it had. Jun Hono was rather annoyed her attack missed. However she then smirked as Getter-2 nailed Gundam Throne Eins with a Drill Storm. The massive tornado like burst of wind knocked the enemy Gundam back. The trio of foes had been too busy trying to avoid Mu's fire to pay attention to Getter changing forms.

Then came what had been turned "Funnel Hell" as Amuro and Shayla launched their funnels and attacked the trio of Gundams. The pair launched themselves at the Gundam Thrones knowing exactly where the other and their Funnels were at every single moment. Mu also seemed able to keep track of them as his cover fire missed the mobile suits and funnels.

The small comfort the Trinity siblings had was the fact that Mu himself didn't have funnels to fire at them as well. Or Gunbarrels or anything else like that.

"Wow," Coop said watching that dance of destruction in awe.

"Don't tell me you don't have New Types in the future," Jamie remarked to Kiva.

"They weren't enough to beat the Glorft," was all Kiva said on that. That ominous statement hung in the air of Mega's car head.

Mari let Gundam Throne Drei have it with her SSL-9B Dragunov sniper rifle. The support unit of the Gundam Throne Trinity barely avoided having a limb shot off.

Nena Trinity growled as this was supposed to just be a bit of fun. Instead these other pilots ruined it for her. She saw a car driving away from the battle at high speed and fired on it in frustration.

The radioactive laser was devastating. Of course Nena and Michael might actually like it even more if they knew their power source made their laser weapons lethal to people that just happened to be in the area around where they fired them.

That attack got Coop into the fight and The Trinity siblings wondering how many weapons that insane mech had. Missiles, lasers, and more were fired.

Then Megas turned around and an utterly insane amount of weapons came out on the super robot. Super Destructor mode was engaged. And even Michael wanted to get the hell out of there seeing that.

Team Trinity used their GN Stealth Fields instantly at that to get away from the insane mech with more firepower than several nations. And pray that he didn't turn around and see them as they flew off. As he was rumored to use his eyes looking out the windshield of that car as his sensors to see things with.

The GN Stealth Field did not work against the MK I eyeball. That anyone would use that manner of viewing things in mech combat was considered insane when they made the Gundam Thrones. It was par for course with Coop however.

"So now what?" Jamie asked?


It was a question in the mind of one Harry Potter as had been left behind in the rush by his Uncle, Aunt, cousin and Uncle's sister to get away. Though Harry wasn't sure he'd fit in the back with the last two in a car. Or want to be in the back of a car with Ripper. Or anywhere enclosed with that dog.

"Well Hedwig looks like we're on our own," Harry remarked to his pet owl. "Like that's anything new."

He then looked up at the various giant robots and there was something forbidding about the big red, white and yellow one. And not just because it had a massive axe in its hands. He had no idea it had changed back to this form after being in its second form earlier.

Harry then blinked seeing the giant robot with painted on flames and a car for a head. And then he saw mud-flaps on the mech.

The variable fighter transformed to Gerwalk mode and landed in front of Harry. The cockpit then opened up.

He was shocked to see a girl only a few years older than him take off a helmet.

"I really hope you aren't one of those giant robot fight fanboys," she remarked. "As they either end up dead or talking to Coop."

"Who?" Harry asked in confusion.

"Oh you'll meet him soon enough," she said. "Oh wait maybe I should introduce myself…"

"That'd be nice," Harry remarked. Given she didn't instantly stare at his forehead scar like he was some valuable object she wasn't magical. "I'm Harry Potter."

"Mari Makinami," she said with a smile. She then nearly vomited when this foul odor struck her like a mech's fist. An extremely in poor shape and smelly dog barreled out some bushes at Harry. The stink of the dog was nearly visible to Mari.

Harry coughed. "We need to give you a bath."

Even with the poor shape of the dog and the smell he wasn't going to turn down another animal that liked him. He had too few friends of any kind as it was. And he was sure the dog would be more loyal to him than the student body of Hogwarts was.

"Please do," Mari said waving her hand to futilely fan the stink away from her.

"Come on then," Harry said to the dog and hoped it won't be stubborn. To his relief the dog followed him out back and he was able to hose down the dog. The water ran brown as it came off the dog, and he got to see the fur's original color was black.

Harry looked for something to wipe down the dog and realized there was no way his...family...would let him have a dog of any kind. Though he did have hope Hagrid could take care of him.

"Well Hagrid might like you more if you can breath fire or fart laser beams," Harry mused looking at the dog. "But I'm sure he'd be willing to take care of you. "

The dog looked at him for a moment before a white haired man in a red uniform walked into the backyard. There was a solemn look on his face.

"There is no good way to put this but your family is as good as dead," he told Harry.

Harry stared for a moment as he took that in. "How?"

"The GN Tau powered laser weapons are incredibly toxic," Sanger stated. "And one of the Gundam Thrones shot at their car for some reason."

Harry nearly laughed. He'd been sent back to this...house...twice and now he was free of the Dursleys. It wasn't exactly in a way he wished on them, but it happened and he was going to move on from that.

Sanger sized up the kid in large and looking worn clothes. Harry was a bit uncomfortable with how the man was looking at him.

"You can join Londo Bell," Sanger then told him. "You won't be the first person not old enough to shave to drive a mech nor would be the last by any means."

"What?" Harry said surprised.

Sanger smiled. "Trust me in our group of irregulars you won't stand out. Though don't go down the path of...them…"

"Them?" Harry inquired.

"Ryoma Nagare, Hayato Jin, Ken Kaidou, and Ryou Magami," Sanger informed him. "They are bloodthirsty loose cannons."

"Is one of them the pilot of that red, white and yellow mech?" Harry asked.

Sanger nodded.

For a moment Harry wondered what Dumbledore would think about his joining a military unit, but then realized that Dumbledore was just the headmaster of his school. And he had no real say what Harry did during the summer. With the Dursleys dying and that bit of insight Harry saw no issue with joining Londo Bell at least for the summer.

"I'll do it," Harry told him.

Sanger had a feeling telling Kai about this would add levels of how bad things had to be for the kid to agree so quickly to that. His comrade was a father with a little girl so he'd have more insight as a parent.

Which he was sure he'd learn about soon enough as Kai Kitamura was the drill sergeant for the new recruits to Londo Bell. The conversation that would be brought up was not one he looked forward to in the slightest.


It didn't take long for Harry to gather up his things, clean off his dog with some old towels and get out of town. He got to ride out of it in the back the giant robot with a car head.

He got to learn how the pilot of Megas found the mech headless in a pile of trash for two dollars, fixed it up...and broke the time machine it had.

He learned who he was riding in the backseat with was a woman from the future named Kiva and Coop's controls for the mech were an insane assortment of buttons, game controllers, and the pedals, steering wheel, and stick for a car.

And there was...Jamie who was a cowardly friend who didn't leave. Coop seemed to like him though.

Then Harry saw it. The Guantánamo class ship that served as the main ship for Londo Bell. At least he believed it was of that class as had been...customized. Londo Bell had a good relationship with the Junk Guild and they were known for their interesting custom work among other things.

If Harry was honest with himself he always wanted to join the Junk Guild. They seemed like a very tolerant group of people and let pretty much anyone that passed their tests in. And working in space sounded safer than Hogwarts. Oh Harry hoped his next year would be more sane than the first two, but if it keep on being like them he'd have to find a way out. And one that let Hermione and Ron leave with him as he wasn't leaving his friends in danger.

Which given his luck of course Hogwarts would still be dangerous if he left it. And likely blame him for not saving them as well.

Harry then got jolted from his thoughts as Megas managed to get into the mech bay of the….actually Harry wasn't sure what the ship was called.

"So what is this ship called?" Harry inquired.

"It is the Macbeth," Kiva told him.

Coop parked the Megas and Harry got to see the mech bay was full of various mechs of different size.

And one vaguely female looking mech that was a patchwork of various things. The various colors of the various parts were an eyesore. Two guys were working on it and Harry wondered what that giant robot was called.

Getting out of Megas the smells of oil, metal, and paint hit Harry's nose like a fist.

Harry then realized he needed to name his dog as he whined softly. And also to get money from his vault and take the dog to a vet.

He also was surprised at how calm Hedwig was being about all this. And then coming out of a storage closet was a guy with green hair and pair of cats.

"Man that was a big closet," the guy muttered.

"No it wasn't," one of the cats said.

"Must you do this every time?" the other cat asked.

Harry's eyes widened when he managed to process that. He didn't notice his dog was equally as shocked at that.

And no one seemed to really care two cats just said something. It made Harry feel he might not stick out among these people as he first thought.

Though the guy walking toward Harry made the green haired guy look like he wanted to be anywhere else.

The experienced officer looked at Harry for a moment. "So you wish to join Londo Bell?"

"At least for the summer as I don't really have anywhere else to go," Harry admitted. It didn't feel right for him to burden the Weasleys for the rest of the summer.

The man's mustache bristled for a moment. "I see…"

"That Sanger guy said I won't be the first kid to pilot a mech," Harry commented.

Harry was very glad the Dursleys were not very imaginative in their choices of passwords on computers. And that Dudley avoided libraries like they were the plague. It was likely the only reason he had any idea what mechs and starships were.

"He's right and of course NERV is claiming that they need children only 14 years old to pilot their biomechanical units against the 'ultimate threat to the Earth' and we're not really sure how much hyperbole that is," the officer admitted.

Kiva snorted. "No that'd be the Glorft. Even if Coop did destroy the ones that came to this era there are plenty more left."

"Who knew mega shushies were so dangerous to the Glorft?" Jamie snarked.

"Shu is a much greater threat than those Angels ever could be," the green haired teen said boldly.

"In any case," the man said to change the subject. "I am Major Kai Kitamura and I'll be the one to determine if you are up to being part of the unit."

"Alright," Harry said trying to stand tall.

"A Rezel will be prepared with the limiter for new pilots. That will be your mech. We can talk about changing the paint job on it later."

Kai was surprised when Harry didn't complain about the mass produced unit or it having the limiter program installed. In fact he looked happy to just be getting a giant robot at all. That was...interesting.

He then noticed the very thin dog. Sanger wasn't kidding when he said the dog was in bad shape.

"Perhaps that dog needs aid first," Kai mused.

The dog sneezed.

"Yeah Snuffles needs help...a lot of help," Harry admitted and grinned at figuring a name out for the dog. The newly named hound whined softly.

"And the owl?" Major Kitamura inquired.

"Oh this is Hedwig and she's fine," Harry replied. Said owl barked from Harry's shoulder.

"I see," Kai remarked.

Harry got to see a lot of unique people as Kai lead him to where Snuffles could get some medical attention. And soon Harry was getting the same treatment. He did not look forward to explaining anything that his battle in the Chamber of Secrets had done to his blood.

On the other hand they also had talking cats around so who knew what counted for normal or strange for Londo Bell.


Albus Dumbledore, man of many middle names and titles had run into a massive snag at a really bad time. Metal giants had battled it out in Little Whinging, the Dursleys were dieing and Harry Potter was gone.

This all would be bad news regardless but there was something that made this even worse than usual. Sirius Black having escaped and on the loose to do whatever he desired. That those would not be good for anyone was a definate.

It just wasn't Dumbledore's day. And he was sure it'd get worse learning what stupidity was done to "look like things were being done" for this mess by the Ministry. Or rather Minister dragging everyone along.

Dumbledore sighed as he was sure things were not going to be getting better anytime soon.

And there was the matter of where to find the metal giants that left such destruction behind. Albus admitted to himself he didn't have a clue where to start to find where this group had gone. He just had to hope Harry came back to Hogwarts, and even in his head that was a really bad plan. Yet it was the only one he had right now.

He also hoped Harry would send letters to his friends,but that helping at this point would be a long shot.

He then got an idea on someone who could help him and with Ms. Granger's respect of authority figures he was sure an Auror would be included in that. He trusted that Auror Tonks would be able to keep this quiet as well.


Captain Noa Bright was not sure what was worse. That anyone could treat an animal as "Snuffles" was or that Sanger was certain a ditch would be the proper place to put their newest trainee pilot's relatives. Even the ones that were not dead from the attack yet.

Volunteer Ensign Potter seemed to have several mysteries as he vanished off records when he became eleven years old. Plus a sudden drop in his grades in school after the first time record cards were sent.

And there was the fact Harry was a very lean person and a bit short while his uncle and cousin were quite large and wide. Perhaps he took after his aunt in several ways,but Noa doubted it. There also was the fact Harry had gathered all his belongings from that house extremely fast. Also Major Kitamura's belief of something not being right involving Harry added to the nothing about any of this giving Captain Bright a good feeling.

It was all painting a dark picture and Noa really didn't like it at all.

As a lesser issue there was Coop and Lowle thinking they could make Double Zeta's mega cannon be able to do at least two shots instead of just one. Bright was sure if Coop pushed himself he could easily become a member of the Junk Guild.

Those two and a high powered energy weapon was a scary idea. Especially after what the two had done to the Boss Borot in the name of improving it.

It wasn't a thought he ever mention to Kiva but Noa was glad Coop smashed that time machine. He didn't even want to imagine what Coop and Lowle would do to time if they had it and could travel through it that way. He was sure they'd manage to break time and space by accident.

Captain Bright was driven from his musings by Preventer Wind entering his office. The man with the nickname "The Lightning Count" even though he seemed to have discarded that identity pretty much was the liaison between the Preventers and Londo Bell as two groups were on the same page of working to deal with problems the regular forces could not.

"So you have any more information on Volunteer Ensign Potter?' Noa asked.

"His mother has the same thing in the records as vanishing at the age eleven," Wind replied. "And his father has little information on. That he exists is barely proven from the records."

"And I am sure Heero was complete in that," Noa mused. "So how are things with your sister and him?"

Wind frowned. He had no idea why his pacifist sister went for well a teen with a really large body count. She could do so much better in his opinion. What was it with sisters dating the rival pilot that was their enemy so much?

It was kind of annoying to be honest.

"Please can you pretend to not know exactly who I am?" Wind asked as he massaged his forehead.

"Not a chance Mr. Peacecraft," Noa remarked sounding slightly amused. Captain Bright then took a more serious expression. "In any case do you think Volunteer Ensign Potter will be a risk to us?"

"From everything so far I doubt he will be a problem," Wind stated. "Though I do wonder where he intends to go after the summer is over. That probably will explain a great deal of the mysteries surrounding him."

"He does seem evasive about that," Noa said and wondered what the newest member of Londo Bell was doing.


Harry was in the quarters he'd been assigned and wondering if he wanted to reach Hermione. Or to burn his cousin's cast off clothes. He had some uniforms now and he was wearing those and it was nice to have clothes that fit. And shoes that felt good. It was a hard decision between contacting his friend or destroying the last reminders of his past before magic and now becoming a trainee mech pilot.

What kept him from calling her was that Hermione probably would want him to tell the headmaster and at this point Harry really didn't want the man to get involved. After all he did intend to come back to Hogwarts and keep learning magic. And to be honest a summer vacation of him driving a giant robot sounded like a lot of fun.

The so called Boy-That-Lived then mused if maybe he should take his mobile suit with him if it could be made to work in Hogwarts. The giant snake would have been a lot easier if he could have shot it with a beam rifle. Boy would have made Tom's ghost or whatever shut up fast.

And if trashing a school was too much for Londo Bell there was the League Militaire or the Junk Guild as options. The PMC Trust probably had higher standards than those for who could join them.

Harry then looked at the other bed in the ensigns quarters and wondered who his roommate would be. It gave a good reason to not do magic and keep all of that hidden. An idea that got blown out of the water when that green haired guy with the talking cats turned out to be his roommate.

The pair of talking cats seemed to be staring at Hedwig.

"So…" Harry said trying to figure out what to say.

"So you want to know about Kuro and Shiro don't you?' the green haired teen asked.

Harry nodded. "Yeah I do."

"Sit back as it's kind of a long story," he admitted. "Oh and my name is Masaki Andoh."

"I'm Harry Potter and nice to meet you again," Harry stated.

"Well originally I'm from Tokyo, but I ended up pulled to the underground realm of La Gias," Masaki explained. "I got adopted by a swordsman down there named Zeoroot Zan Zenosakis and life was looking good. Until…"

Harry didn't like the sound of that at all.

"Until he was killed...by Shu!" Masaki nearly growled.

"Shu?" Harry asked.

"Shu Shirakawa," Masaki nearly yelled. "I've been trying to find him he's up to something on the surface world. Like joining the Divine Crusaders to get stuff to fix up Granzon."


"It is an incredibly powerful machine that uses void energy," Shiro spoke up. "Masaki had to merge with the Wind spirit in Cybuster to manage to heavily damage it."

"Won't be surprised he set the controls so he uses his middle finger to fire the black holes," Masaki muttered.

"...What…" Harry said in surprise.

"Yeah Granzon can fire black holes at things," Masaki remarked with a shrug.

"Shu is also an alchemist and has several college degrees," Kuro noted.

Harry nearly started imaging a meeting of alchemists and Professor Dumbledore bringing up his discovering many of the twelve uses of dragon's blood and this Shu person showing off his giant robot. It made for an amusement mental picture to the young wizard.

"I'm sure Shu is up to something," Masaki stated. "He's always planning something."

"Yeah I know the feeling," Harry admitted. He wondered what Tom had been plotting since he ran off at the end of his first year. He doubted he had the good fortune of Tom deciding to retire from being a Dark Lord intending to haunt somewhere warm and tropical.

"Really?" Masaki asked sounding surprised.

"The scar on my forehead makes me famous to some people and they call me the Boy-Who-Lived because I didn't die with my parents," Harry replied. "And I got to a boarding school full of those people."

"So basically the sideshow exhibit and they aren't even playing to take a gander then," Masaki noted.

"Pretty much," Harry grumbled.

Snuffles got up and rubbed against Harry's side. It made him smile slightly. Taking the dog already was proving to be a good idea in his mind. Hedwig also landed on his shoulder and tried to comfort him.

"So how does the Cybuster work?" Harry asked to change the subject.

"It's powered by magic, but they call it prana in La Gias," Masaki admitted.

"You mentioned La Gias, but what is it like there?"

"Well magic and science mix in different ways than they do on the surface," Masaki remarked.

"And you mentioned they call it prana," Harry said and he wondered what exactly that term meant and who used it the most.

"And Kuro and Shiro are my familiars," Masaki informed Harry.

"Both of them?" Harry inquired surprised.

"Yeah I kind of need both to get Cybuster to work," Masaki stated.

Harry was surprised at that. People seemed to think Hedwig was his familiar but he wasn't sure what exactly made a pet one of those. Or even how someone gained that sort of bond like Dumbledore had with Fawkes.

It made Harry realize that unless Hogwarts shaped up with the electives he'd be getting starting this school year the place was nothing more than a puffed up trade school of magic. He really wasn't learning anything about the culture, history, politics, and economy of the Wizarding World at all. Well in classes anyway. Maybe Hogwarts: A History had some of that in it, but beyond Hermione mentioning some factoids no one else said a word about it. Unless there was some muggleborn and halfblood informal group no one told him a thing about trying to learn all they could able the new culture they were in.

He then tried to remember any postings for informal clubs or such at Hogwarts.

"You ok?" Masaki asked. "You seemed to be zoned out thinking about something."

"Oh just thinking about my school and it kind of isn't living up to what people claim of it," Harry admitted. "It kind of doesn't have much."

"So boarding school that doesn't offer much? So you staying with Londo Bell then and see if they'll let you build your own mech?"

"That's something I can do?" Harry asked surprised.

"Or try to join the Junk Guild," Masaki shrugged.

"Well I have friends at my school and I'd be worried about them," Harry admitted.

"Yeah I can understand that," Masaki admitted.

Harry wondered if they'd still think poorly of him at the school due to his being able to speak to snakes. Of course knowing his luck Snuffles like the dog of one of the Four Horsemen or something that would scare people.

"And why are you afraid of Major Kitmaru?" Harry then inquired. He honestly had no problem with the guy.

"He's the trainer from hell!" Masaki yelled. "He made me stand up straight for hours."

"It was just an hour," Kuro remarked.

"It was inhuman torture!"

Harry chuckled. "Anyway I just hope you don't snore."

"Which I don't," Masaki remarked.

That relieved Harry greatly. Maybe this was all going to work out.

While Sirius Black was taking in all that in and wondering if he was dreaming or not. Giant metal golems, a ship in space, his godson bunking with a guy with a pair of talking cats and everyone treating this like it was completely normal.

He wondered if this was how the muggleborn felt when they first visited Diagon Alley or a wizard home. This feeling of a complete disconnect between what they knew and what they were seeing and experiencing. And added to it the fact that those there consider with the same things you are encountering an everyday occurrance.

Still he knew he had to keep Harry safe, and from all he'd seen and heard Harry was going back to Hogwarts. Nabbing that traitor could wait, and he just hoped Wormtail didn't die from a heart attack or something before he had a chance to deal with him.

Then an odd thought came to Sirius. That even after all this was over and he was a free man that Remus would always think he was making all this up. Burden of being a prankster he guessed. Just something he'd have to keep living with.


The Forbidden Forest was extremely loud as the centaurs were panicking. What they had seen coming in the sky was scaring the hell out of them.

"Jupiter will burn too bright!" could be heard screamed in the depths of the forest. "The children of the Black and White Moons will clash, the slumbering giant will fail to keep the island afloat, a full frontal axis will crash, and the moon shall collide with the Earth!'

It was a pity anyone who heard those words had no idea what they referred to. Though any that would understand likely would go insane.


Character Sheet (as this story is full of characters from so many animes and such it isn't funny)

Chapter One

In order of appearance.

The buffoon mentioned is Kei Katsuragi from Super Dimension Century Orguss. And yes he did use the Space/Time Oscillation Bomb after giving a visual inspection to see if it still was working before using it. Time and space didn't do so well because of his actions.

Ideon is of course from Space Runaway Ideon and it is in the Mobile Suit vs. Giant God of Legend: Gigantis' Counterattack manga that the Universal Century Gundam universe is Ideon having rebooted the universe and added new types to make things go better than before. Given the events of the various UC Gundam shows and the sent in the next era Reconguista G shows exactly how badly that worked out.

Harold "Coop" Cooplawski is the main character of the show Megas XLR. A car, video game, monster movies, and professional wrestling loving man who is the only person able to pilot his super robot. The backstory of where his giant robot came from is explained in the chapter.

Gundam Trinity are a trio children created for one goal. To ruin the good name of Celestial Being by causing chaos and destruction around the world. Especially the younger two lack the ability to control their bloodlusts or any impulse that comes to their mind. Not that the eldest sibling really cares what they do.

Celestial Being is a group working to end war. And by end war I mean use advanced giant robots to crush military forces and such. They take care to not hurt civilians and try to keep the collateral damage down. The Gundam Throne Trinity have no such restraints.

Amuro Ray is of course the very first person to pilot a Gundam (as in Mobile Suit Gundam, the original Gundam TV show). A new type and called the White Devil by his enemies he is not a man anyone sane would wish to get into a fight with. Even less of a good idea to do su in the Nu Gundam as that is one he designed personally.

Sayla is Sayla Mass who is also a new type and sister to the man Amuro has battled and worked with at various times (and under various names). Also someone fighting is not a very good idea. Especially from the adaptations where she gets to kick far more ass.

Mari Illustrious Makinami is one of those able to use the massive biotechnology units known as an Evangelion. The Eva she had been piloting however got wrecked and now she's stuck using a variable fighter for now.

Getter One and Ryoma Nagare are from the Getter Robo franchise. Ryoma is to put it bluntly in most versions of Getter Robo frankly a psychotic martial arts using killing machine. He's one to fight monsters and threats but not someone you'd ever want to invite into your home or have a conversation with.

Sanger Zonvolt is one of the original creations of the Super Robot Wars games. A man that uses a massive sword with his mechs and is one of the last people anyone sane or insane would want to fight. He also is a very good judge of character.

Mu La Flaga is from Gundam Seed/Seed Destiny. The two shows and the Gundam Astray/Astray Destiny material are collectively called the Cosmic Era. He earned the title Hawk of Endymion for a battle on the Moon he was the only one to survive. He also is a new type despite supposedly the Cosmic Era not having those. Given this thick soup of crossovers it isn't an issue at all.

Hayato Jin and Getter-Two are also from the Getter Robo series. Hayato is not really that much different from Ryoma, and able to knock people's ears off with a strike of his fingers.

Venus A and Jun Huno is from the Great Mazinger anime. Yes it does a female figure and shoots missiles out of the chest.

Ken Kaidou, and Ryou Magami are from Mazinkaiser SKL and the two pilots of the Mazinkaiser SKL unit. Neither men exactly what you'd call sane. Nearly everyone who has worked with them on missions ends up dead. Never at their hands but they are considered a bad luck charm to be fighting along side.

Londo Bell in the UC Gundam series is the antiterrorist and special forces to fight the remains of the Zeon forces in the space colonies. Here is is more a gathering of the various irregulars (aka the characters created for the Super Robot Wars games and the various people from the anime series) and used to deal with situations normal military forces would be completely outmatched and unable to deal with.

Kai is Major Kai Kitamura as seen later in the chapter. He is a 35 year old man who doesn't like being called old and is happily married and has a daughter. He is an experienced mech pilot and can get out of his mass produced mech things people would never believe possible. Also takes serving as a mech trainer very seriously.

Kiva Andru is from the future and sent Megas back in time to before the last major battle with the Gloft was lost. Things went nowhere near as she expected and now she is stuck in that time with Coop driving Megas.

Jamie is Coop's best friend. He also is a coward, and yet something heroic lurks deep within him.

Macbeth was picked as the name of the ship as it was to be the original name of the Macross from Super Dimensional Fortress Macross. I picked a Macross franchise ship as I want one with a faster than light drive in-case I want to take them outside the solar system for adventures.

The Junk Guild is non-governmental organization (NGO) that maintains the various space stations, and other equipment in space. They also do salvage work, and it seems customize mobile suits as well.

The made from spare parts mech is Darleen and it is the second mech of Coop's friend Goat. The first Darleen was made of scrap metal and such...and lasted as long as one would expect. Helping Goat there is Lowle Guele from Gundam Astray side stories. He's a genius when it comes to customizing mobile suits and if anyone can get Darleen functional and working as a mech it is him. Lowle is part of the Junk Guild and a very...unique person.

The guy with a terrible direction and two talking cats is Masaki Andoh. He is the first original character for the Super Robot Wars games. Everything he says involving Shu is true, and yet there is more going on in them than Masaki is aware of.

NERV of course being the organization set up to fight the Angels in Neon Genesis Evangelion. In this universe there are a lot more things than the Angels out to destroy humanity. Be it human, alien, or other there is a lot of things that want to see mankind dead.

Noa Bright is from Mobile Suit Gundam and was Captain of the White Base, and several other ships in the UC series. He also was part of Londo Bell in it (and in a lot of SRW games) so his being here is natural.

Preventer Wind aka Zechs Marquise aka Milliardo Peacecraft is from Gundam Wing. He is the version of Char (aka Sayla's brother) in that show and shares many of the same traits of Char. Which tends to include a sister that dates (or wants to) the rival to said man.

Shu's button for Granzon to fire black holes is set up so he pushes it with his middle finger as seen in the Super Robot Wars the Inspectors anime.

What the centaurs are scared of is foreshadowing for what I am doing.


Why did I do this? Well I've seen way too many Gundam Wing and Harry Potter fics on the internet and wondering why those two series keep getting crossed over. After seeing someone whose stories I really like do it I figured I might as well go more over the top and put Harry on one wild and crazy adventure. Megas XLR got added as frankly it fits in with Super Robot Wars like a glove.

Yeah I figured I'd up the ante on crazy and use Orguss and Ideon to at least offer some kind of reason so many worlds got crossover over together.

Expect to see a lot of insanity and more mecha than you can shake a stick at. I just hope you enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying writing it.