Hogwarts as always was full of strange things. This time it was seeing if they had gotten a pair of pets used to each other.

Seeing Crookshanks meet Chudley was an interesting sight for all. The half kneazle cat seemed more confused than hostile to the mercat. Chudley didn't seem to mind Crookshanks at all.

"Think the weeks of having they just smell each other through our dorm room doors helped?" Ron asked Hermione.

"It didn't hurt anything," Hermione answered after a moment.

"I heard this is how you are supposed to introduce cats to each other," Lavender Brown spoke up.

"Really?" Ron asked.

There was a nod at that.

"I didn't know that," Ron admitted.

"I doubt it you exactly had to deal with cats much," Dean commented.

"Yeah Mum was afraid Scabbers would be eaten by one," Ron mused.

"Scabbers giving a cat indigestion only would be a problem in proving my godfather's innocence," Harry noted.

At this point what happened with Sirius Black was seen by most students as something vaguely sane and at least possible. When biological mecha, aliens, and starships were just a normal thing you grew or went crazy.

They would be worried that Londo Bell members were only worried those that went crazy would be very annoying to them.

Of course then the door opened and up the stairs came something that surprised the purebloods. They didn't expect to see a swarm of large objects with lights, and many a glass that showed inside it had all kinds of wrapped goods or cans in them.

"What is that thing?!" Fred Weasley asked in surprise.

"A mobile vending machine army," Harry answered.

Vending machines were an invention that had been seen in the Noir Department story but this was the first time to see them mobile and in Hogwarts. The fact they took Wizard money and regular money was considered a good thing to the muggle borns and half bloods.

Ron snorted seeing the mobile vending machines. He was sure everyone was going to wonder if they'd be following him around.

Fleur looked at what was in one vending machine and she really didn't want to eat escargot out of a can sold in a vending machine. She had more pride than that.

That said the whole cakes she saw in one vending machine looked extremely good. As did the coffee vending machine with coffee beans you could see in a clear container ready to be brewed for your use.

"So who provided those?" Katie Bell inquired.

"Very sure it is my godfather," Harry said amused. "Plus of course several other people owning their own corporations as well."

That somehow seemed about right for that. With many sure that the several other people were CEOs with their own mechs and whoever else had been working with Sirius on his department store.

"I have a feeling Honeydukes is going to want their own vending machine now," Albus Severus mused.

"They probably will," Hermione commented as she had a feeling Honeydukes would try keep up with the progress of selling their candies.

Neville hoped the house elves didn't mind the vending machines. Though he was sure if they didn't everyone would know soon enough. Be it smashed vending machines or copies of the foodstuffs in those machines being served up at the meals would be the biggest question.

It brought a thankfully not crazy smile to Neville's face as he really wanted to see how that went. It would have to be interesting in some fashion and definitely be something worth talking about.

"...Being able to buy Honeydukes at any time…" Ron mused with a very hungry expression on his face.

"Try not to over do it," Professor Lupin stated and startled some of the students that didn't realize he'd entered the Gryffindor common room.

"Uncle Moony," Harry said with an amused look.

"I am sure that even Ron would get sick of chocolate if he ate it too much and too often," Dean noted.

"Though it might take longer than most," Ron stated with a slight smile.

No one disagreed with Ron on that.

"Good," Vrlitwhai stated as he walked into the common room. "The vending machines didn't end up stuck at the painting."

"Or cause a panic like when they entered the Slytherin common room," Remus remarked.

Ron snorted. "Oh the horrors of them finding out they can get a snack or a drink or even a hot meal with some of those coming to them."

Dean Smith felt very weird on his dormmate who once didn't understand why a football wasn't shaped like a foot now knew what vending machines were and could have in them. Even now he wasn't the only one who found Ron and Neville very changed by being mech pilots and it just felt odd.

With the fact Harry had a time traveler son from the future being just of course Harry would have that happen to him. Insane things kept happening to Harry for some reason so that was business as usual.

"Say," Ron commented. "Is there anyway I can drop Divinations get a close on mecha building with Coop and Lowe?"

There was a stunned silence and fright building at that.

"That...that is not a course you can take," Remus managed to get out.

"Yet," Vrlitwhai noted with dark amusement.

It frightened many that the Zentradi captain of Hogwarts still wanted to do that. That fright of course also amused him.

"Why do you wish to torment us?" Remus sighed.

"Because the school needs that a shock to the system," Vrlitwhai commented. "A massive one that will free it of so much of the built up rubbish."

"Even more than all these mecha and starships?!" Lavender Brown asked.

"Given what we have been told by the time travelers I know you need more," Vrlitwhai noted. "This Dark Lord rising and falling twice did nothing to change things. Or at least not much."

Scorpius was sure his father being free and not imprisoned or worse was part of why Vrlitwhai felt that way.

Albus Severus was sure part of that was that his father was not ready after the war to be a statesman fighting hard to improve things. The time traveling teen was starting to wonder if anyone even tried to help his father plan for the after the war or they were expecting his father to pull another victory out of his arse and let things go back to normal.

Albus realized that most likely was the plan and now he had this feeling the Wizarding World needed the shocks the Terran League would give it. Voldemort was far from the worst threat to the Earth and if anything was considered small scale for Londo Bell.

The time traveler shivered as he could recall like half remembered dreams things related to one of the Evangelion pilots. Insane creatures and a name that he had no idea why he remembered it and wondered why Tarbis was important.

Needless to say the Professor Lupin was not surprised at what was happening in the school or the massive Zentradi's plans. Vrlitwhai talked about wanting to change things often. He did however hope the school would survive those massive shocks.

'Though I have to wonder if this place will becoming a recruitment ground for Londo Bell even if it does survive,' Remus mused.


There was a burning question for some people. Especially for those that knew it couldn't be true.

Professor Filius Flitwick found himself the one they were going to ask. He had a pretty good idea what it was given Captain Bright Noah was among them.

It also served as a good time to use one of the lesser used teacher conference rooms to hold this chat.

"Why haven't any of the students figured out that 'Cho Chang' is more 'So you can not butcher my name utterly' from her?" Bright inquired.

"Because it would require them to understand something other than English and Latin," Flitwick noted dryly.

"...Fair point," Bright commented. As Captain Noah was from Hong Kong he knew a great deal of Cantonese and Mandarin.

"There are a lot of foreign students that have taken on different versions of their names so it can be pronounced over the years," Flitwick stated.

"That explains a great deal," Bright remarked.

"I had expected this conversation to happen sooner or later," Flitwick commented, "even if you have met some people with very odd names like South Burning."

"So what is her real name anyway?" Ryoma asked.

"Zhang Qui," Filus responded. "So you can see why she had to change it."

"I doubt anyone can spell that in this school," Bright mused.

Flitwick didn't exactly disagree with that.

"Something to add to the list of things to teach at this school," Vrlitwhai commented.

"Yes I can see why that would be important given most of you are not locals," Flitwick noted.

"It would be useful to have as an elective," Bright commented.

"Likely to replace Muggle Studies as the students are learning that by being here now," Flitwick said amused.

"Just hope they don't stick out in normal crowds like Seaguy," Ryoma muttered.

"Seaguy?" Filius asked.

"Someone we have worked with is the right age to go to Hogwarts but his social skills are very suspect," Bright sighed.

"As in he treats everything he thinks is dangerous in a way that'd make every student slipping those acid prank snacks without you realizing it be less hard on your blood pressure," Ryoma commented.

"Oh dear," Filius said after a moment.

"He honestly has a past that explains that," Bright said sadly.

"I believe we have gotten off topic," Professor Flitwick stated. "I think at this point suggesting an elective of foreign languages would be considered a sane and normal request to the Board of Governors."

"Especially if they get asked about making the unofficial mecha class into an official one," Ryoma commented amused.

"Especially after that," Fllius agreed.

"So who would we have to discuss on finding teachers for the foreign languages?" Bright inquired.

Flitwick had to think on that for a moment.

He was tempted to suggest that they tell Minerva but she had enough to do as it was.

"I will help you on that and I am sure Molly and Remus will also help," Filius stated.

"With a bit of luck soon students won't need to change their names to spoken of by the student body," Bright commented.

Filius just hoped things would not get really weird for once. It'd be a nice change of pace. The former Dueling Champion then realized it'd be from before Harry Potter came to Hogwarts and not just this year for things to be more normal.


The medical faculty on the Macbeth was a wonder to Arthur Weasley. So much amazing stuff was around him.

Molly looked at her husband and let him stare at everything and anything that caught his eye. She was worried what would be said about their youngest son and his condition.

The wait did not improve Professor Weasley's mood.

Still soon a nurse came in and Molly hoped her son was going to be alright.

A 3-D hologram of Ron's brain was brought up over a table.

"As you can see here we can tell exactly how Volunteer Ensign Weasley has newtype like abilities," Kusuha stated. "As this X shaped region of his brain is what he uses."

"And it isn't causing him any pain or problems?" Molly asked worried.

"It isn't," Kusuha assured her, 'if anything it has enhanced his reflexes and awareness of his surroundings."

"And how is it different than a newtype?" Arthur inquired. "Or a psychodriver like I believe you are."

"Partly we can tell as newtypes can feel other newtypes and they don't sense your son at all," Kusuha answered. "Also he can't sense they are newtypes. He knows because people have told him that."

Kusuha then brought up footage on a monitor showing Ron in the R-3 and unable to use any of the weapons you needed to be a Psychodriver to use.

"And given he couldn't use the Telekinesis Laser Cannon or Strike Shield that ruled out him being like me or Ryusei," Kusuha stated.

Arthur found it to be extremely interesting. Who knew muggles had various types of mental powers they could have?

Molly wondered what made someone a newtype. So she asked.

"Growing up in space at the very least," Kusuha explained.

"I see…" Professor Weasley stated.

"Newtypes are quite…" Kusuha said and was unsure what to add.

Molly realized that Newtypes despite the study were not exactly something that was really well understood. Which said that it wasn't like the coordinators or something as measurable as even what her son was.

Which given the amount of study on Newtypes had Molly wonder how they could know so little about them.

What made Newtypes so mysterious?

It was something that she was sure would be an interesting question to explore. Molly could never say she wasn't busy these days.


Thomas Kreiger was utterly bored. He only had some amusement in that Full Frontal and the other commanders not into the whole Cosmic Babylonia thing were as bored as he was. He could read their partly hidden boredom easily.

Thomas frankly felt the whole thing sounded like a bunch of dragon dung. Merlin, he sold a similar huge pile to get many of his Death Eaters.

The difference being to Thomas was he knew his small audience and this group felt all their "allies" would agree with them.

A mistake that Thomas intended to make the Ronahs and the Crossbone Vanguard pay for.

He also felt a bit worried seeing a new face at the meeting. Rudi Pixyzalto was also just so...cheery. In a way that just didn't sit well with Thomas.

Of course Thomas would admit he also wasn't really a very cheery person himself. He was charismatic, commanding, and brutal. Being perky was never something people could apply to him.

It also had Thomas wonder what Rudi was up to. She had to be up to something as everyone else at this meeting had their own agenda and plots.

He was sure that it'd come up sometime.

Thomas had no idea that Rudi found him and his unit very interesting. They were proving something that her group liked and wished to use to their advantage.


Center City was not having a good day as one of the forces that been busy in a war in the outer Solar System had come to town. Only one person had any hopes that this was going to go well as most alien species to come to Earth that had gone well.

The Skrugg suddenly attacking showed they weren't bucking that trend. They needed samples to take information from.

Londo Bell, the Archangel, and Macbeth were launched to deal with it.

Harry just hoped that trio of Gundam pilots kept out of the brawl. He doubted they'd help matters at all.

"Didn't we just fight these guys?" Albus asked as he remembered these aliens.

"Yep," Mio answered.

"Leave some to ask how they got past any early warning devices," Major Kitamura ordered.

"Intact?" Neville inquired.

"That generally is implied yes," Hayato stated.

"If they allow us to do that," Ron interjected.

The discussion was shelved as the Skrugg attacked. The armor clad aliens had what looked like pistols and shoulder mounted cannons.

The Skrugg attacked the instant they saw Londo Bell. The energy weapons were just the start as more weapons were deployed. Giant black balls that had spikes come out of them when they reached their target also were deployed by the aliens.

Ryo went for dealing with the balls from a distance. The ranged pilot for Mazinkaiser SKL was not surprised when Volunteer Ensign Weasley was able to keep up with him.

The Balls took that beating and kept on going.

"Those things are tougher than they look," Albus said surprised.

"We are still hurting it," Ron commented.

Then the Colossal Blade struck the ball and to the shock of the Skrugg damage was done to it.

Megas slammed its foot down and the road rippled. The Skrugg were knocked around and completely caught off guard. Not that they were the only ones as those still not used to Coop's chaos felt the same.

Still that didn't stop the Skrugg for long.

The aliens opened fire as soon as they were back on their feet.

To the shock of some one of the Skrugg caused cars to start flying.

The telekinetic aliens kept up the pressure with that.

"That's not good," Albus remarked.

"No kidding," Ryo commented as he opened fire on the flying objects.

Ron went directly for the Skrugg firing his beam rifle more to force them to have to dodge than stop them completely.

That was really annoying the aliens a lot.

Then came Zambot 3 unleashing the Buster Missiles from the launcher on the side of one of the knees.

There was a massive explosion as Coop let loose with Megas. The Skrugg were sent flying.

"I figured they'd be dead after that," Kappei admitted.

"You just hoped that would be the case," Albus commented.

"True," Kappei said after a moment.

Ron just fired on the aliens.

Shurikens flew threw the air at the Skrugg. Kappei used the Zambot Busters to great effect.

Then there was a burst of heat from the Iron Z fired at the alien troops.

The aliens then were sent flying again by The Great Typhoon of Great Mazinger.

"Tougher than I thought they'd be," Neville admitted. "Given they are on foot and not in mecha."

Then the massive ball got picked up by Megas to the shock of the alien invaders.

Megas then threw it at the Skrugg.

"That is impossible!" a Skrugg warrior gasped.

"It is is kind of our thing," Mu chuckled.

"So get used to it," Neville said with a savage grin.

It was something Skrugg rather not do.

The ball then exploded.

"That wasn't so hard," Coop remarked.

Several more of the Balls appeared and attacked.

"Though they want to be annoying," Sayla Mass noted.

Shin Getter and the Black Getter changed to their Second forms.

"Let's see how they deal with this," Hayato remarked.

The pair of drills drove into the balls.

There were sparks as the drills hit the massive balls.

Civilians fled from all the chaos.

Hilly's was full of worried people as once more giant robots vs. those that wished to level the place was going down.

Though one patron named Stan didn't seem worried.

"Eh I don't I'd have done something like this," the man said as he sipped his coffee. "Don't think Jack would have either."

Jack was a very beloved figure at Hilly's.

Though people weren't sure if the stories he would even make members of Londo Bell blink if they were true.

Then alien troopers opened fire on the diner.

Evangelion 04 stood in front of Hilly's and took the blast with ease.

"Nice try," Mari remarked.

As the Skurgg tried to figure out what biomech was doing, a white robot attacked the Skrugg from out of nowhere.

"Hey didn't we see that thing last time?" Harry asked as Heroman was kicking alien butt.

"I think we did," Ron commented.

"Doesn't look to have a pilot in it," Albus noted.

Heroman didn't seem to pay attention to the as he was too busy dealing with

The Skrugg were rather annoyed this entire system was being a pain to deal with.

A ball then flew through the air on fire.

Joey moved to avoid being hit by said ball when it slammed into the Earth.

"I think that kid over there is controlling the thing," Noin stated

"Interesting," Wind commented.

The Tallgeese III and the Taurus worked with incredible skill to keep the Skrugg and balls away from the supposed controller of that weird robot.

Of course the ship was taken care of as Megas slammed into it.

The Skrugg mothership shook from that.

"What is that thing?!" the Skrugg leader asked.

He had no idea how many people asked that.

Nor how many learned to fear Megas.

The Mazin forces then let loose with the heat on the alien mothership. The ship was bathed in a red light. It then got extremely hot and looked almost molten in spots.

"Keep it up!" Koji called out.

Ron didn't need to be told twice as he opened fire on glowing space ship.

Then a massive Getter Tomahawk slammed into the starship with sparks flying.

Amuro kept up the onslaught by cutting loose with the massive beam rifle he had.

Albus went with his gut on where to strike the starship with his beam rifle.

The ship made a break for it as the Black Getter started to glow.

There wasn't time to celebrate as suddenly there was a massive army of mobile armors over Center City.

"I, Rudi Pixyzalto, wish to recruit you all into the Company," a very interestingly dressed woman stated grandly.

"That is...unusual," Harry said he wasn't expecting a job offer.

"Though we must decline," Sanger answered.

Inwardly the leader of this Company force wasn't really surprised. Still she had her orders no matter how much she didn't want do it.

She just hoped her superiors looked forward to a very huge repair bill. She really didn't see there being any other result to that.

The mecha was certainly different from the ones Londo Bell usually faced. Most of the fully mechanical ones had a humanoid shape. These didn't.

"Wonder who made these," Neville mused. "They don't look like any of the ones I've seen before."

"A good question," Kai noted.

"Let's see if there will be anyone left alive to ask later," Ken Kaido remarked as Ryo opened fire on the mobile armors.

"Not going to make that easy," Ryoma commented as he hacked into mobile armors with his tomahawks.

"Not that anyone expected you to do otherwise," Preventer Wind mused.

Megas just cracked its knuckles.

With that Londo Bell attacked. Rudi had seen footage of Megas in action and yet didn't seem to be enough for the reality of the utterly chaos it caused in battle.

"Well that answered a lot," Rudi's minions gasped.

"And none of it good," another remarked.

"The show is just starting!" Coop remarked.

"Oh boy," the first remarked at Coop hearing what they were saying.

Albus moved quickly and showed great skill with a beam saber.

"So glad we were able to sort him out," Harry commented.

Albus wasn't sure to be happy or worried about that. At the moment he was trying to avoid flying objects from hitting his mech.

Harry then fired the Long Mega Buster. The energy blast slammed into a mobile armor like a rocket punch would into a brick wall.

Volunteer Ensign Potter then gave Albus cover fire as they attacked the enemy mobile armors.

Albus wondered how he had this gut feeling where is father was going to fire. He wasn't becoming a newtype or something was he?

Or was something even weirder happening given all that went on with Londo Bell.

"I wonder if those things even know what they are dealing with," Kaysu commented.

"Oh they know," Ron spoke up. "They know exactly who we are and what we can do."

"Well that's extremely worrying," Albus stated.

"I know," Ron commented to his nephew.

"Eat this!" Koji called out.

There was a crunch of metal as the Swing Rocket Punch hit the mobile armor.

Tetsuya then did an Atomic Swing Punch to the mobile armors.

Athrun transformed the Aegis to the mobile armor mode and fired the main weapon of the mech to take advantage of what Great Mazinger had done.

A massive explosion happened as the blast tore through Mobile armors.

Debris flew everywhere.

"Not sure how anyone thought that mode looked good," Harry said looking at the giant hand mode.

"I believe they just wanted to see if it would work more than how it'd look," Yzak stated.

"I guess…" Harry muttered.

Canard didn't pay much attention to that and let loose with his beam sub machine gun.

"Die!" Canard called out.

The supposedly failed Ultimate Coordinator was enjoying himself.

Kira Yamato considered Canard more a dark reflection of himself than anything else. He did not like seeing what he could be if he wasn't raised by his aunt and uncle. It frankly terrified him.

"Plan Fight in the Shade!" Kai called out.

There was a barrage of flying fists from every mech there able to do that.

In the mind of Koji Kabuto he had the idea of using that to beat Doctor Hell once as it would be so awesome. He also got the idea that somehow having Mazinger Z turn into a giant fist would be the perfect way to finish such an attack.

'Some day I got to do that,' Koji vowed.

Though he wondered if letting Coop and Lowe working on the Mazinger was the best idea for making that happen.

Kiva had this feeling someone had an idea involving Coop that working or not would be terrifying. She wondered who it was this time.

"So you done yet?" Neville asked almost bored.

The reaction was not pleasant as a barrage of laser fire was the answer.

"Guess not," Neville mused.

"Did you really think they would be done?" Mu commented.

"Not really," Neville shrugged.

Harry let out a burst of return fire on the Mobile Armors.

A mobile armor avoided that barrage and went after someone who seemed to be watching the fight.

Albus reacted and fired his beam rifle. His aim was true and struck the mobile armor. Suddenly the white robot from earlier demolished the mobile armor.

"I think the white robot is with that guy," Albus commented.

"Good to know," Harry remarked.

The Venus A then hit mobile armors with a barrage of Finger Missiles.

"Photon Beam!" Jun called out.

The photonic energy slammed into the mobile armor.

Harry let the weird mobile armors damaged by Jun have it.

Albus then showed that he had a beam jutte added to his beam rifle and struck a mobile armor with it.

"I love that thing," Albus remarked.

It was very useful for him, and people could believe Albus Severus and Ron were related as both used a beam jutte in similar ways.

Sanger Zonvolt was not pleased to have to fight another threat this day. They had enough of a mess to deal with from those invaders.

The Colossal Blade cut into the mobile armors with ease.

Ryoma smirked slightly. Getter tomahawks started flying through the air at the mobile armors as well.

Of course the super robots weren't the only problem as Gundams were not something there for show after all.

The Nu Gundam, MP Nu Gundam, Zorin Soul, Zeta Gundam, and Double Zeta worked nearly as one to attack the mobile armors.

Things then burst into flames as Coop pushed random buttons on the dashboard.

"The fact that even works is amazing," Albus commented.

"And crazy," Ron noted.

"That too," Albus admitted.

Coop just ignored that.

Kiva just rolled her eyes as it was just a normal day with Coop.

Kyosuke also didn't pay any attention to the conversation as the Alt Eisen then fired the claymores.

Kyosuke was sure that the mobile armors did not have anything like Phase Shift.

Then there was a clouds forming and everyone knew what was coming.

"Thunder Break!" Tetsuya called out.

Lightning struck Rudi's mobile armor, and she found her unit was going to need time in the shop thanks to that.

"Heat it all up," Sanger called out.

Heat attacks started being fired off. Mobile armors started looking like chocolate left out in the sun on a hot summer day.

"Man those things are amazing," Ron commented.

"No kidding," Neville agreed.

"Yeah it is fun," Koji remarked.

"Let's Go-Lion!" Akira called out.

Electrical energy surrounded the lions as they merged.

Those willing to attack when that happened learned a lot about that electrical energy.

Ron used unleashed a rapid barrage of beam machine gun fire on the stunned mobile armors. He only kept from hitting his own side in the target rich environment.

That he pulled that off brought a smile to his face.

Once Go-Lion was merged the Red Lion and Green Lion heads fired at the mobile armors.

The UHD pilots were a bit surprised at that. Not that it kept them from getting trashed by that attack.

Something taken advantage of as a giant sword cut through a mobile armor with ease. Ken Kaido rather enjoyed doing that.

The R-2 opened fire on UHD mecha to give the Mazinkaiser SKL cover fire. The mobile armor were not doing so well.

Rai was not amused. So very not amused at all this. Yet another threat to the Terran League had shown up to cause a ruckus.

There was then a bit of shock seeing Go-Lion unleash a massive barrage of missiles.

"What the?" a UHD pilot gasped. "How many weapons does that thing have?"

"A lot," Akira remarked.

"Oh boy," a UHD pilot muttered.

"Breast Burn!" Tetsuya called out.

The burst of heat struck a Mobile armor head on. The armor had already been hit with the heat attack barrage and this attack did it no favors.

Megas then unleashed an insane barrage of missiles.

Things were very much blown up now.

Coop then slammed a mobile armor into the ground with a suplex.

"Ouch," Albus muttered.

Kyo and Ryu felt they had to top Coop.

"We are are hell," Ryo and Ken said in unison.

Mazinkaiser SKL unleashed hell. It was what they did best.

The orange Nero fired on a mobile armor with the shoulder mounted lasers. Ron then sliced into a mobile armor with his beam saber.

Ron had this feeling this was less a fight and more a tryout. It was a feeling he did not enjoy in the slightest.

The UHD mobile armor opened fire on him. Ron easily dodged the attack.

"Going to have to try better than that," Ron commented.

It seemed to be taken as a challenge.

The Company also were watching Ron closely as he like Neville had gone from backwater wizard to being a skilled mech pilot able to stand with elite pilots.

Such as Major Kai Kitamura, and Sanger Zonvolt.

Another wizard used hyper beam sabers cut through a mobile armor like a hot knife through butter.

Harry wondered if Lowe Grule would be proud of that or not. Also if he was proud what it really said about the member of the Junk Guild.

It was one of those things Harry realized should not be pondered in the middle of a fire fight.

Focusing allowed him to avoid being hit by an energy blast.

The SRX team then cut loose and the Company pilots regretted being in range of it.

Octosquad or rather its leader didn't want to be shown up by that.

Russel knew that they needed to keep up with the others the leader of the squad would be very loud.

Canard didn't need that to cut loose with the beam submachine gun on the mobile armors.

The fire was bright and very satisfying to Canard.

A Getter tomahawk sliced a UHD mobile armor that tried to sneak up on the Hyperion in half.

"Well that was easy," Ryoma commented.

Shin Getter then was swarmed by UHDs and that just amused the Getter pilot.

"Looks like they took offense at that," Hayato mused.

"I'll give them something to be offended by," Ryoma laughed.

Shin Getter One pulled out chainguns and let loose with missiles on the mobile armors coming at it. The UHD troops expected the regular Getter to do that, but not Shin Getter.

"Nothing like a classic to bring the house down," Hayato noted.

"It always does the job," Ryoma agreed.

Things burst into flames as the missiles hit things that were flammable.

"That isn't unexpected," Ron commented.

"No kidding," Neville said with an amused look.

"Well that was fun," Ryoma remarked.

No one was surprised at that.

"What you consider fun scares most people," Harry noted.

"Pretty much," Ryoma agreed.

There was a moment of silence after that.

"Getter Beam!" Neville called out.

The emerald energy struck a mobile armor.

"What is this stuff?" the UHD pilot called out as the readings made utterly no sense at all.

"Getter Rays," Neville answered.

The pilot of that armor inwardly groaned as that guy was actually one of the biggest examples of why they were here. He'd gone from not knowing what a mech is to becoming an ace pilot like Mu la Flaga.

Amuro Ray and others at least knew what mechs were before they became pilots.

Some backwater wizard becoming a skilled Getter pilot was utterly amazing and insane. Humanity would be the greatest shock troops in Company history.

Of course no one could have guessed the Fleetians without their pacifism were a force of their own.

"Double Haken!" Duke Fleed yelled.

The Company mecha were sliced into with that attack.

"Chesto!" Sanger called out and did the same as Duke Fleed.

"Breast Fire!" Koji said at the top of his lungs.

The burst of heat slammed into a mobile armor and instantly started wrecking it.

However it was a love tap compared to what Shin Getter was ready to do. A ball fo Getter Rays formed in the palms of the hands of the super robot.

"Stoner Sunshine!" Ryoma called out.

The massive ball of energy slammed into one of the mobile armors and went through it. There was a shattered mess left behind that quickly slammed into the ground.

That was not something anyone else wanted to experience.

As the Company mobile armors tried avoiding Megas,a giant sword cut through mobile armors with ease. Irm however didn't let that get him cocky with this.

He kept a cool head and avoided laser fire.

Harry did something similar by letting loose with the hyper beam sabers. The power i fields cut through mobile armors like they weren't even there.

"Chesto," Harry remarked dryly.

Ron actually laughed at that joke.

There was a massive explosion as Megas unloaded on the UHD mobile armors.

Albus felt this insane.

He also had this gut feeling he wasn't the only didn't stop Albus from instantly turning his mobile suit and firing.

There was a massive explosion as one of the UHD mobile armors exploded.

Ron then went to down with his beam rifle in beam machine gun mode.

Things were on fire and crashing to the ground.

"That is not good," one of the Company pilots groaned.

"Now to take down the leader!" Ken Kaido called out.

"Oh dear…" Rudi muttered.

Laser fire and more was used on the head mobile armor.

"Looks like time for me to leave," Rudi said as her mech was heavily damaged.

The massive mobile armor seemed to vanish in a flash of light.

"That's not good," one of her subordinates gasped.

"It definitely isn't," another said as they were in the crosshairs of some very annoyed people.

They knew it was time to go.

Scrap metal flew through the air as Great Mazinger used the Great Typhoon to highlight that point even more.

"Well that was a fun time," Ryoma smirked as the remaining units made a break for it.

"I know some weird people…" Albus realized.

"Can't say it isn't entertaining," Ryusei mused.

"True…" Neville agreed.

"My life is weird," Albus groaned.

Harry stared at his son.

"What?" Albus asked.

"Seriously?" Harry said. "It took you this long?"

"Oh I figured that out after coming to a Hogwarts that also doubles as a space ship," Albus noted.

"I love it," Ron grinned.

"Glad you do uncle," Albus said trying to take that in and how different his uncle Ron was becoming.

It made Harry smile.

"So think that was the last we heard of them?" Albus asked.

"Not a chance," Ryoma replied.

"Lovely," Albus sighed.

Joey wondered if he should meet Londo Bell or not. He knew eventually he would have to. Just that he wasn't sure if now as the best time and place.

Not that he was sure if there ever really was a best time and place.


The Inspectors looked on at the battle.

"So everyone else as worried as I am that we have no idea who those people are?" Meikos spoke up.

"That and the fact they wish to recruit humanity is disturbing," Wendolo stated.

"So much for any of this being simple," Aquija said for Sikalog.

No one disagreed with that statement.

"Another complication and an even bigger mess," Wendolo sighed.

This mission was starting to feel like a long series of those.

Wendolo inwardly frowned as this was getting very annoying for his plans. This planet seemed to live to do that.


General Bat looked as his Emperor was starting to move under his own power again. Emperor Gore was more machine than dinosaur now, but the fire burned his eyes.

"General we must destroy Londo Bell," Gore growled.

General Bat agreed completely with that. The only question was what would work best.


There was a tense mood on the massive "home" of the Evoluters. Several of the scouts showed the massive battle they had gotten caught up in and the force from Earth that had done a number on the various forces in that.

"Should we write off that planet given the Skrugg are going to make a mess of it?" was asked.

The defacto leader of the Evoluters pondered that. Did he wish to destroy it or let someone else do it for him?

It was not an easy question to answer. He would have to ponder this in private.


Chapter notes

Vrlitwhai Kridanik is from Macross. He finds life has gotten very weird, and also it is amusing to share that with others.

Ryoma Nagare is from Getter Robo. He not a man you ever want to get into a fight with if you value your life.

Bright Noa is from Mobile Suit Gundam. He has seen some insane stuff. His wife never asks what his day was like because of that.

Kai Kitamura is from Super Robot Wars OG. He can make an MP unit fight like a Gundam.

Hayato Jin is from Getter Robo. He is not a man that you want to get into a fight with.

Kusuha Mizuha is from Super Robot Wars OG. Avoid her health drinks at all costs.

Ryusei Date is from Super Robot Wars OG. He has learned that the mecha shows and reality doesn't exactly mesh.

Mio Sagura is from Super Robot Wars OG. The Fourth Wall is no problem to her.

Jun Huno is from Great Mazinger Not someone to take lightly.

Kappei Jin is from Zambot 3. He is one of the last people someone should have given a mech.

Harold "Coop" Cooplawski is from Megas XLR. He is an engine of destruction and chaos that it is best to avoid.

Sayla Mass is from Mobile Suit Gundam. No as highly regarded as her brother as an ace pilot, but still not someone to take lightly.

Ken Kaido is from Mazinkaiser SKL. He likes using melee weapons.

Milliardo Peacecraft aka Zechs Marques aka Preventer Wind is a man that is an extremely skilled pilot no matter what he is calling himself at the time.

Lucrezia Noin is from Gundam Wing. A skilled pilot, and used to a lot of crazy.

Arthun Zala is from Gundam SEED. He has no idea how his life got so utterly weird and completely insane.

Canard Pars is from Gundam SEED X Astray He has a chip on his shoulder the size of a gas giant.

Koji Kabuto is from Mazinger Z. He is the original hot blooded teen super robot pilot.

Yzak Joule is from Gundam SEED. Not the most even tempered person.

Tetsuya Tsuragi is from Great Mazinger. He can be very high strung but he is an incredible pilot.

Sanger Zonvolt is from Super Robot Wars OG. He is the Sword That Pierces Evil! Don't mess with him.

Kyosuke Nanbu is from Super Robot Wars OG. He likes to take the long odds.

Duke Fleed is from Grendizer. Has one of the most powerful super robots around.

Irmgult "Irm" Kazahara is from Super Robot Wars OG. A great pilot and a ladies man.

Joey Jones is from Heroman. He has no idea the sort of crazy he has gotten himself into. He likely does not have a cousin named Rick.