Love is something that you cherish forever

Love is something that keeps your heart living till the end

If love is true … you can never loose it.

Love is something you hold most dear

Love is to keep you happy

Until you die

Love is always a memory in your heart

And will stay there forever.

To love in someone you have to believe in that person.

People who believe in the power of love

And can harness the power from their heart

Will succeed.

If you harness the power of love

And your heart can't be hold

Your hopes and dreams might come true

If your dream is to love

But you don't believe in love

Your dreams, hopes, and passion will never come true.

Some people say 'Love is Over Rated'

Love is something that can tear you apart

Love is something that might stop you altogether

If love is false … you wouldn't have any love to begin with.

Love can make you sad forever

If you don't have love …

Then maybe life it's self is then meaningless

You'd be alone forever

Love is what other people have

But …

Love is something I Don't Have.