This was originally an English assignment which I got a 100% on. I had received a comment from one of my friends which I had forgotten up until now. It was somewhere along the lines of, "What's your home life like because it was completely creepy. The poster board I had it on was no help in the matter at all. I had painted a giant blood splatter (a very good one if I do say so myself) on top of a singed black white board (also well painted). Anyways, the poem was surprisingly good for an 8th grader. So here I am posting it on Fan Fiction.

Now on to the poem!

Disclaimer: I do not own this twisted book what song ever. Chris Wooding does.

What is Malice?

What is black and white and red all over?

Where is the place that thrives on rumors?

Where is the place that adults no nothing about?

Do you dare to ask?

What is Malice?

What is the place that is considered a safe haven...?

But is really Hell in the flesh?

Where is the place that is home to the Chitters that take your time away?

Do you dare to know?

What is Malice?

Who is the one you summon to take you away?

What is the place that requires a white ticket to leave?

What is the place that you will not remember if you leave?

Do you dare to go?

To the place called Malice?

I hope you enjoyed this! I remember reading Malice at around four o'clock in the morning and could have sworn I saw Tall Jack standing in the door way of my room. This is because I started dosing off while I was reading and because of my stupidity to not put down the book, I started to hallucinating! Take my advice, don't stay up till half past stupid reading. It takes a large toll on you the next day.

Well that's it for What is Malice. This is Aqua Lilly signing off!