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"Are you sure, brother, we're going in the right direction?" said an irritably looking Loki.

"Yes, brother." huffs Thor. Loki looks at his brother and reads his body language.

"We are lost, aren't we?" Loki asked smugly.

"No, we are not." defended Thor, nearly pouting.

Loki gave a stern glare in Thor's direction and crossed his arms in annoyance.

"Okay okay!" Thor surrendered. "We're lost." accepted Thor and received a smack at head from Loki. "Ow! What was that for, brother?"

"For getting us lost, you oaf." snapped Loki.

"Well, its your fault then." this time Thor crossed his arms.

"Mine?" Loki gave a confused look.

"Yes, your fault." challenged Thor.

"And pray tell how is it my fault then?" asked Loki in an annoyed tone.

"If you hadn't been such an ungrateful person and hadn't refused Man of Iron's help, we wouldn't have been lost in the first place." said Thor softly, snickering slightly.

"Well, I don't like Anthony. He's always teasing me and calling me with obtuse nicknames." defended Loki.

"Because he fancies you." Thor said smugly.

"I don't care what he thinks of me. And it doesn't changes the fact, even slightly, that I don't cherish his company." Loki said getting irritated. He didn't like Thor's mortal friends called "The Avengers". They were all heroes and good people. Thought Loki. But he still doesn't like them. Loki countered his thoughts petulantly.

"But, what wrong would it have done if we had acquired their assistance in locating our new home?" prompted Thor. "And I don't like driving this strange contraption, which Man of Iron taught me to drive upon my previous visit on Midgard." muttered Thor. "It's nothing like riding a horse, which is of so much delight." still muttering to himself.

"Car." Loki provided.

"What?" Thor asked, confused.

"This," Loki gestured with his hand, around their surrounding, inside the car, "'strange contraption' is called a 'Car', you stupid." Loki said, as if it was the most obvious thing or something like that.

"Look, brother," Thor stopped the 'car', a 2015 latest modeled, shining black colored, Lamborghini Aventador. "A barber's shop." pointing in the direction of the mentioned shop.

"So? What's so ponderous about it, huh?" asked Loki, bored.

"Let's get ourselves a haircut which is more appropriate to live on Midgard." said Thor excitedly.

"A hairc-... What!?" asked Loki, all wide eyed and mouth ajar.

"A haircut, brother. Were you not listening?" Thor said, looking unimpressed.

"Oh! I was and very clearly listening to what you said, brother. But I'm not going to let someone cut my beautiful hairs. No way, never." said Loki, looking a mixture of anger and annoyance.

"Oh, come now, brother. You'll like it, I promise. And they'll cut your hair like the way you want them to." Thor tried to convince Loki. "And... I will let you drive the 'car' if you get the haircut." bribed Thor.

"No, no no and no." said Loki petulantly.

"Yes, you will." challenged Thor.

"No, I will not." Loki countered.

"Loki, you leave me no choice." said Thor gravely, with a smirk on his face. Undid his seat belt, opened the door and moved around the front towards the passenger side and opened the door.

The entire time, Loki was staring wide-eyed at Thor. So, when Thor yanked-open the door, Loki let out a girly scream.

"What in the name of Odin are you doing, you oaf?" demanded Loki.

"I'm going to drag you to the barber's shop, because of your stubborn behavior, little brother." Thor smirked at the shocked face of his little brother.

"No, you wouldn't." asked Loki, fearing the answer.

"Oh, yes I will." Thor said.

Thor moved to undo Loki's seat belt. But Loki grabbed his hand.

"Hey, I'll do it myself. Stop it." stammered Loki. "Now, get your hands off of me." Loki huffed in annoyance and pried Thor's hands off of his seat belt.

Loki undid his seat belt and huffed, again. And slowly but begrudgingly got out of the car. Once out of the car, Thor grabbed his hand and started dragging him towards the barber shop.

"Release my hand, you oaf." Loki sneered with anger and yanked his hand out of Thor's strong hold, but lost his balance in the process and swayyed dangerously.

"Careful, brother. Do you want to injure yoursel?" Thor's strong arms wrapped themselves around his skinny waist.

Loki huffed in response, he was doing that a lot today, but let Thor steady him.

" Let's get this done, brother." said Loki.

Together they entered the shop and a tremor ran down Loki's spine, after seeing the sscissors, which was quite ridiculous because of his 'all time tough-man' attitude.

Thor noticed it and giggled.

"What?" Loki snapped.

"Ahh...," started Thor, but was cut off by Loki.

"You know what, just leave it. Let us get that stupid haircut and get out of this god forsaken place." Loki said through gritted teeth.

"Oh, c'mon brother, just enjoy this. Like another adventure." Thor tried tooto lighten up Loki's mood.

"Ahh, how can I help you two handsome gentlemen?" the barber said in a very cheery and polite voice.

"We want you to give us a Midgardian haircut." said Thor enthusiastically.

Loki palmed his face at the poor grasp of his brother, at the Midgardian language.

"Sorry boys, but what kind of haircut is a 'Midgardian' haircut?" asked the very confused barber.

"What my brother wanted to say was that can you give us a nice haircut?" said Loki in a polite manner and gave one of his rare smiles.

"Yeah, sure I can. That's my job isn't it." the barber said politely.

"But mother says its nice to ask first," Thor mumbled under his breath.

"So," the barber asked, "Who's gonna go first?"

"I will," said Loki, half-heartedly.

"Okie dokie, cute boy, come here and sit down on this chair." instructed the barber.

Loki did as he was told and sat down at the barber's chair.

The barber took out the cutting gown and draped it across Loki's shoulders and back, so that the hairs won't get stuck in his clothes. Then, he took the scissors out and once again a terrified look occupied Loki's features. Though he recovered very quickly, but the barber noticed it, yet he didn't call him on that.

"Wow, boy, you've got very nice and silky hairs." the barber ran his hand through Loki's hairs, clearly impressed. "Guess I will have to be very careful with them."

"Yes, please." said Loki. "I like my hairs very much."

"Okay, lets get started then." the barber clapped his hands in the air.

The barber took a generous amount of time to style Loki's hairs. Once done, he took a step back and observed his work and was very happy too see the outcome.

"There, all done." the barber boomed.

Loki stared at the mirror infront of him and tried to control his breathing. He knew he was being over dramatic, but still you can't help being one, can you?

Thor, who had been watching Loki the whole time, swallowed deeply and got himself ready to face a might-be very angry Loki, throwing a tantrum.

"So, how is it boy?" asked the barber, excitedly and waited for the answer.

"I-It's-It's AMAZING!" Loki screamed happily. And Thor let out a relieved sigh. "I love it. Look Thor, isn't it nice?" asked Loki.

"Yeah, brother its very beautiful. You look even more graceful in it." Thor said sincerely.

"Aw, thank you, brother." blushed Loki. "And thank you very much Mr...?"

"Oh, Edward, James Edward." the barber told his name.

"Ah, Thank you Mr Edward, I'm overly pleased with your work." said Loki appreciatively.

"You are very welcome, my dear boy." Edward patted Loki's shoulder. "There's a bathroom at the left coner of the room. Go and wash your hair, in the mean time, I'll give the blonde over their a nice haircut too."

Without any protest, Loki walked in the direction of the bathroom. He washed his hairs with a nice shampoo and then rinsed it generously with water. Then he dried his hair with the towel and looked at himself in the mirror and was very pleased with his new haircut.

He came out and sat at the waiting sofa, while Edward was still busy, giving Thor a haircut. Loki looked around the shop or saloon, as the was written in the title of the shop, and noticed that it was a very big shop, there were many chairs and a very big paying counter. The furniture was very luxurious, too. All in all, it was a very great saloon. But Loki noticed that if it was this big, then there have to be many workers too, which was quite odd, because other than him, Thor and Edward, there wasn't anyone in the saloon.

"Hey, Edward, can I ask you a question?" Loki asked softly.

"Yeah, ofcourse." Edward nodded.

"Do you work here, all by yourself?" asked Loki.

"No, I have many co-workers, but they are all gone for the weekend." informed Edward.

"Oh." Loki whispered.

"Yep, there you go Blondie, you are done too." once again Edward boomed. "How is it?"

"It's Magnificent." Thor bellowed. "It's very much like Barton's."

"Yes, Thor, I agree with you, you look very dashing, for an oaf." Loki giggled heartily.

"Yeah, thank you very much, Loki." Thor gave an unimpressed glare towards Loki and tuned towards Edward. "Thank you very much, great Mr Edward for giving us your precious amount of time. You have my thanks for that."

"Oh, the pleasure was all mine." offered Edward, cheerily. "And, as I said before, it's my job."

After Thor came out of shower, him and Loki both went to the payment counter, to pay for their haircut.

"So how much do we owe for your such kind services?" asked Thor.

"Five hundred dollars." Edward told them.

"Okay, but there is a little problem, we don't have any cash, but we do have a credit card." said Loki while taking his wallet out.

"Nah, no problem. Gimme your card." he took the card offered by Loki and swiped it in the swipe machine at the counter and then returned the card to his back pocket.

"Very well then, Good bye, Mr Edward. I hope that may you have a very great day." Loki shook Edward's hand and walked towards the front door. Thor did the same and followed Loki out.

Once they were out, Thor started to laugh a little hysterically. Loki turned to see if something was wrong with his brother.

"What's so funny, brother?" asks Loki, concerned.

"You are," said Thor still laughing. "It's that, you are looking absolutely marvellous."

"So what's so funny in that, huh?" Loki started to get annoyed.

"Oh, ah," Thor stammered. "It's nothing, let us continue our journey."

"Yes, surely, brother." agreed Loki.

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