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All of the Avengers were gaping at the man that stood infront of them, claiming to be Thor.

"You're joking, right?" a very bewildered Tony asked.

Thor's expression change into a complete and utter confusion.

"What are you saying, Man of Iron, I am not jesting," Thor said as if they were the ones who were joking.

"He does speak like Thor though," Clint commented.

"I am Thor, friend Barton," Thor smiled at Clint.

"Well, wow, you certainly look more like us now," Tony grinned. Thor moved to hug Tony, tight. "Uh, buddy, you're suffocating me," Tony scoffed.

"Oh, I am truly sorry, friend Stark," Thor let Tony go and Tony panted.

Then Thor moved forward to hug everyone.

"Let us go inside," Thor stated and moved aside to let the Avengers in.

"Wow, this house is so beautiful," Steve praised.

"Thank you, friend Steve," Thor patted Steve on the back.

As the Avengers walked inside the house, a peel of laughter erupted from the TV lounge and caught their attention.

"Who's laughing?" Tony inquired and looked at Clint.

"I didn't. Don't look at me like that," Clint crossed his arms in defense.

"Wait a minute," a pause, "It was Reindeer Games, wasn't it Thor?" Tony turned to look at Thor.

"Indeed it is," Thor answered smugly.

"Wow, i mean," a pause, "I've never seen him laugh like this," Tony admitted. "Has he gone mad or something, ya know laughing all by himself and stuff?" Tony joked.

"Do not worry, friend Tony. I assure you that my brother is perfectly sane," Thor confirmed. "And he is not laughing by himself, friend Dean and Sam are with him. We were watching the Midgardian movie about 'Penguins Of Madagascar' before you came," Thor told them.

"Oh, good," Tony shrugged. After a long pause Tony whipped his head in Thor's direction, as if his life depended upon it. "Who are Dean and Sam?"

But before Thor could answer, they reached the lounge and were greeted by a very funny scene.
Sam had left the couch, and was now sitting in loveseat, his face was buried in his hands and was shaking his head. Loki was backed against the sidearm of the couch and trying his best to protect himself form Dean's hands and was laughing hysterically. Dean had one leg on the ground and the other was straddling One of Loki's legs. With one hand he had pinned Loki's arms over his head, while his other hand was busy bruising Loki's ribs.

Everyone was staring, just watching the sight infront of them.

Tony cleared his throat and everyone in the room turned to look at him, "Well, this is awkward."

Sam, who had gone a dark shade of pink, looked down and said, "Too awkward."

Everyone was silent for good couple of minutes and the atmosphere of the room became very heavy. So to lighten the mood Steve, the ever good gentleman said, "Um, hello." he asked the three inside the room.

Dean and Loki stood up, very quickly.

"Uh, Thor, who are these cute boys and what has happened to Rudolph's hair? He does look pretty though, very pretty.'' Tony rambled.

''These are friends Dean and Sam," Thor pointed happily in the direction Dean and Sam, respectively. "And Loki's-" Thor was cut by Loki.

"Nothing is wrong with my hair, Stark, and thank you very much for your compliments," Loki said in a irritating way.

Steve, always the gentleman, stepped forward and held out his hand for Loki to shake. Loki smiled and shook his hand softly.

"Hi, Loki," Steve smiled.

"Hello, Captain," Loki answered sweetly.

Dean who was stunned to silence, screamed with excitement when Steve approached him.

"Oh my god, oh my god!" Dean was jumping up and down, "Sammy, tell me I'm not dreaming?" Dean looked at Sam, "Oh. My. God. This is actually Captain Steve Rogers America," Dean covered his mouth in excitement, "I'm in heaven."

Everyone was staring at Dean at his sudden outburst.

Steve smiled at his enthusiastic fanboy and held out his hand for Dean which he quickly shook. "This is the best day of my life." a pause, "Well, second best day of my life, because yesterday I met my favorite Norse God." Dean was grinning from ear to ear.

Now, everyone was staring at Dean, again. Cap quickly shook Sam's hand and sat on the couch. "Ah, thank you, Dean."

"No no no, all the pleasure's mine, mine and mine alone." Dean giggled.

''By any means, are you boys Dean and Sam Winchesters?" Tony asked, suddenly very curious.

"Yes," Dean and Sam answered at the same time.

"Wow, Point Break, you've got some very rich friends here, like royalty on Earth," Tony stated. "And one more thing I wanna ask since I've arrived is that, why Dean is still a human?"

"Sorry, but iI don't get what you mean," Dean asked, confused.

"What, Tony, means to ask is that even after touching Loki, how are you still human, because, Loki had once turned Tony into a rat for ruffling his hairs, another time he turned him into a goat and many many more," Natasha explained while smiling brightly.

Dean burst into laughing, "Awe, aren't you funny Baby Tink?" Dean pinched Loki's cheeks, who turned a complete shade of dark pink.

"Oh, now I get it, Reindeer Games likes Dean," Tony wolf whistled. "I won't say that I'm not jealous, cuz I really am,'' Tony pouted.

Everyone introduced themselves and settled on the couches and the seats, ignoring Tony. Dean, Loki and Steve were sitting on one couch facing the television. Steve was sitting on the left side with Dean in the middle and Loki to his right side. Dean had am arm draped over Loki's shoulder in a causal yet protective manner. On the other couch, Thor, Natasha and Clint were sitting with Natasha in the middle. Across from their couch were two loveseats, occupied by Sam and Tony.

Everyone was eating pizza with coke or in Thor's case pop-tarts with coke. They had changed the movie from 'Penguins of Madagascar' to 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'. Everybody was watching with full attention, except for Tony, who was busy glaring daggers at Dean. Lucky guy. Thought Tony.

"It's rude to stare, Stark," Loki said in very irritated tone.

"What?" Tony startled. "I'm not staring," Tony defended.

"Oh, do shut up," Loki looked ready to strangle him.

"Oh no, not again," Steve muttered under his breath.

Clint elbowed Natasha and said, "Twenty bucks say, Loki's going to turn Tony into a dog," Clint grinned.

"Thirty bucks say, he'll turn him into an ant and stomp on him," Natasha snickered.

"Why should I shut up, I haven't even done anything thing," Tony countered.

"Why you-" Loki was seething with anger but before he could kill Tony, Dean tightened his hold on Loki.

"Aw, calm down, Baby Tink," Dean murmured sweetly and glared at Tony. There was an awkward silence for a few minutes, only the shouting from the movie was coming. Loki calmed down gradually and relaxed next to Dean, resting his head on Dean's shoulder. Dean smiled and rested his cheek on top of Loki's head.

"See," Tony broke the uneasy silence by pointing at Dean and Loki, "That's what I'm jealous of," Tony whined and everybody ignored him, as always.

"Friends, please let us watch the movie, I like this Lady Katniss, she is very brave, just like Lady Sif," Thor was watching Katniss with an awed expression which made Clint laugh. "She is very skilled in archery."

"Oh, so that's why Tony calls Clint as Katniss," Steve whispered loudly enough for everyone to hear.

The reaction was simultaneous. Everybody burst into hysterical laughter including Clint. Then everyone again concentrated on the movie. Everyone was watching with such apt attention that when the scene in which the wild monkey suddenly appeared on the screen came, Loki shrieked like a little baby and got everyone's attention.

"Shh, it's alright baby, it's just a movie," Dean rubbed soothing circles in Loki's back and intertwined his other hand with Loki's.

"You are such a baby, Reindeer Games," Tony mocked, earning a slap on arm from Steve. "OW, that hurt, Capsickcle," Tony pouted.

The rest of the movie passed in peace which was very odd, because Tony could never shut up. By the time the movie ended, everyone was either sleeping or about to doze off.

Dean and Loki were sleeping, cuddled together. Steve was also leaning on Dean, trying to keep his eyes open but was failing miserably. Clint had his head tucked in the crook of Tasha's neck, who had her arms around his waist, subconsciously. Somewhere in middle of the movie, Sam had excused himself saying that he had to go to meet a friend of his.

Tony was semi-awake while Thor was wide awake and was now complaining about that he wanted to see the great Lady Katniss again. When Thor noticed that all of his friends were sleeping and he felt bad for not asking them to rest after they had travelled all the way here. So he got up from the couch and turned off the television.

"Uh, friends," Thor said loudly to get attention and succeeded, well almost succeeded. Except for Loki and Dean, everyone tiredly open their eyes to look Thor.

"My friends, you should retire to the bed chambers, you all are very tired." Thor smiled.

"Hmm, you're right, thanks Thor," Steve, always the gentleman.

"You are very welcome," Thor replied sweetly, "Now, if you all follow me, so that I could escort you to your resting chambers," Thor motioned them, to follow him.

Everyone slowly stood up, stretching their sore muscles and started following Thor when Tony stopped and pointed at the sleeping forms of Dean and Loki and said, "What about those two?"

"Don't worry, friend Tony," he told Tony, "I'll take care of them."

Tony scowled at the sleeping pair, he didn't know why, but he still hated seeing Loki so close with someone. But than he followed Thor who escorted them towards the guest rooms. Each room was very big, with a king sized bed and separate bathing suits. The very first room was taken by Tasha and Clint. Steve took the room across Tasha and Clint's and bid goodbye to Thor and Tony. Tony took the room next to Steve and the moment his head touched the pillow, he was asleep.

Thor came back to the living room and took a complete minute to look at the sleeping pair and smiled genuinely. Then he approached them and put his hand on Loki's shoulder, shaking him a little.

"Brother," Loki didn't even stir, so he shook him a little more firmly, that earned him a soft grunt and Loki tightened his hold on Dean, snuggling even closer. "Loki, brother," This time he succeeded in waking Dean and Loki both who stared at Thor, like two hawks eyeing their prey.

"If both of you do not get up yourself, than I'm afraid I'll have to carry you both upstairs," Thor threatened softly.

"No," They answered at the same time and Thor laughed at the childish behaviour of the two. Then, the two of them got up and Loki swayed a little and grabbed Dean's arms to avoid falling.

"I think, I should get going," Dean mumbled groggily and rubbed his neck.

"No, please don't go," Loki managed to make a very convincing puppy dog look and poked his lower lip out that even trembled a little, showing that he was ready to cry any moment and tightly grabbed Dean's hands. If Loki could see himself in a mirror now, he would definitely be ashamed of himself for being so childish.

"Okay, okay, Baby Tink, I won't go but please don't cry," Dean smirked at Loki for his sudden outburst.

Dean and Loki made their way to Loki's room and went straight to bed, only managing to step out of their shoes and getting under the blankets before sleep overcame their consciousness. As soon as they closed their eyes, they subconsciously moved towards each other. Loki rested his head on Dean's shoulder, with his arm draped across Dean's chest and one of his legs resting stop of Dean's, while Dean had his arm around Loki's frail waist, holding him close, protectively.

"Sleep tight, Baby Bro," Dean mumbled. Loki only snuggled closer, nuzzling into Dean's neck, in response.

While everyone else was sleeping, Thor was watching the movie in repeat and eating pop-tarts with a gusto. He smiled at the thought of having all of his friends with him.

To be continued...

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