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The Silver Assassin

Chapter one

I've been in this town of Arkala, on an island in the grand line for about a week now. So far I've been able to avoid any issues with marines or other idiots trying to claim my bounty. It's just another afternoon in the Graystone inn, as I wait for someone who might need the work of an assassin. I signal for Lyra, the bar own to get me another butterscotch beer, it might be a bit early to drink seeing as it's only the afternoon, however I could care less. It's not like alcohol really has much of an effect on me any ways. Hearing the front doors swing open followed by a lot of talking I turn my head to glance behind me to see none other than the Straw hat pirates waltz in, claiming a large table in the center left of the room. The bar is fairly crowded today with a lot of other pirates as well as locals, so I don't get a very good look at them but I know its them just based on the Straw hat placed upon the Captains head. They are a loud bunch, but I don't exactly mind the noise. It's nice; it drowns out the voices in my own head that never cease to quiet.

Turning my attention back to my drink I take a large swig, enjoying the odd flavor of the butterscotch. I sigh running a hand through my silver hair, then back down over my pale face. If I don't get work soon I might just have to move on sooner than I would like. I actually like this town quite a lot, the people are pretty tolerant of pirates staying in their town and then there's this Inn and Lyra, it was pure luck that I was able to find another person like me in this town. My green eyes with Lyra's purple ones and I smirk at her just as the Captain from the Straw hat crew yells out loudly "Meat!" She covers her mouth with the back of her hand in an attempt to stifle a giggle. I chuckle as well, shaking my head at the outburst. Its then that I catch the scent, it's so sweet, like fresh honey mixed with nutmeg and it's mouthwatering. I sniff at my beer just to make sure that's not it, and no, it's coming from the middle of the room. I glance behind me and scan the people, trying to find the source of the essence. I take another deep breath, eyes fluttering closed as the smell fills my nose and lungs. I open my eyes to try again to pinpoint who it's coming from, just as I get the feeling I've almost tracked the person down the front doors slam open, and in pour about seven marines as well as a marine Captain. I narrow my emerald eyes and snap my head back to face the bar wall in front of me while lowering my head. I drag my gaze to where Lyra is standing, hands on hips and openly glaring at the marines. She glances over at me as well, expression slightly worried. I settle my eyes onto the mirror situated on the wall behind the rows of bottles and watch to see what they will do.

The entire bar falls quite as the marines openly glare at all the patrons present. Their eyes fall onto the Straw hats who have all gone stiff, body's poised and ready to make a move. The marine Captain smiles widely as he pulls out a few wanted posters from the stack he has tucked in his arm. To my utter annoyance just as he's about to yell at the Straw hats one of the other marines nudges the Captain and points at my back. The marine Captain squints and notices my damned silver hair, his smile gets even bigger as he shoves the Straw hats posters into a nearby marines chest and thumbs through the rest of his stack till he comes across the one he's now looking for. Having found it, he holds it up in front of him and takes another couple steps into the room followed by the other marines. They all unsheathe their weapons and point them in my general direction, the Captain then proceeds to yell out "Klaus Vahlen 'Silver Assassin' you are hereby under arrest for countless assassinations of nobles, royalty and marines as well as for committing piracy! Make this easier on yourself and come quietly!"

'Well shit.' My body sags in defeat at having finally been tracked down. I knew it was only a matter of time, but this does suck quite a bit. I sit up straight and place my mask around my mouth tying it at the back of my head. I stand up, slowly turning around to face the front of the bar. As I turn, I gaze over all the people in the bar finally falling on the Straw hat crew. As I scan them over bright blue eyes sear into my green ones and I am momentarily stunned by the blonde's appearance. Tearing my gaze away I level the marines with a glare, eye brow raised and head tilted to the side in an obvious taunt. I can feel the patron's taking in the appearance of the 'Feared' Silver Assassin, one who was under their nose this whole time. Gazes travel up my long legs covered with tight fitting black pants and two short swords sheathed on either hip, trailing up my slim yet muscled torso clothed with a similarly tight black long sleeved shirt adorned with many different pockets and pouches. Finally their gazes fall to rest on my face, pale with piercing green eyes, my appearance makes me out to look as though I am only 25 or so, straight silver hair falls in front just over my eye brows and falls down the sides of my face to just under my jawline. My mouth, nose and chin are covered with my black face mask that is tied off at the back of my head.

The marine's certainly mean business today, weapons now aimed directly at me and glaring angrily at my taunting expression. Making sure my hands are opened palms facing forward near my hips in mock surrender, I close my eyes 'there are too many innocent people in here, it'll be a blood bath if a fight breaks out, have to take this outside!' I lean my body forward ever so slightly, snapping my eyes open and startling the previously confused marines, I sprint forward darting past the tables and people at an inhuman speed. Making it up to the marines at the front door, I unsheathe my short swords and slam the handles into two of the marines guts causing the air to be knocked out of them, as I launch myself out the front doors and into the street. Hearing the exclaims and shouts from the patrons and marines I quickly make my way down the street, opting to take to the roof tops to try to lose them, I scale a nearby building staying low as I watch the street from up above.

Seeing about three of the marines pass by on the street below, I wait for about 10 minutes before I jump down into the alley way. I take off my pack and pull out my black hooded cloak, placing my pack back on I swing the cloak over me, it's long enough to cover me completely. I flip up the hood keeping my face in shadows and glide out of the alley way. 'I'll head towards the town center; I need to find someone who I can pay to let me ride on their ship to the next island as quickly as possible.' I keep to the sides of the street and behind other people and carts. Emerging into the town square my attention is immediately drawn to the center platform; it's often used for public announcements as well as judging's of criminals. Furrowing my brows at the large crowd gathering I make my way over, concern growing the closer I get. The people are not happy, seeing who is up there, neither am I. There are about four marines up there, the Captain as well who has Lyra by her light brown hair, and she's on her knees a defiant look on her face as she glares up at the Captain.

"What's going on here?" I hear someone call out from behind me, looking back I see the person in question is Straw hat Luffy accompanied by the rest of his crew. I draw my gaze away back up to Lyra, the Captain is shouting now, asking her what she knows about the Silver Assassin and where he ran off to. 'Idiot, this guy is seriously pissing me off.' I sneer up at him. Lyra remains quite, mouth never opening to respond to him. Lyra then glances directly at me locking my gaze with hers, my eyes widen as she shakes her head slightly in an obvious attempt to tell me to just run. The Captain raises the sword in the hand not occupied by Lyra's hair and starts to swing it down aiming for her neck. 'Fuck it.' I unsheathe one of my short swords and launch myself up onto the platform landing in between Lyra and marine bastard; I knock his sword out of his hand with my own, making his grip in Lyra's hair slacken, I kick him hard in the gut causing him to fly backwards into another marine who steady's him. In doing all of this my hood has flown back revealing who I am, I hear the crowd gasp, 'Great.'

"Klaus what the hell, you should have just gotten out of here I would have been just fine!" Lyra whispers angrily at me. I glance back at her, "I know you would have been fine Lyra, even so I don't want you getting mixed up with my mess. If you did then you'd have to leave this town, your home, I'm not going to let that happen." I focus back on the marine Captain who's now regained his footing. Glaring at him I yell "This woman is just a bar owner, your after me, not some random citizen!" Huffing out a laugh, the marine Captain smirks "So I guess some of the rumors are true, you don't want innocent people to die." Smirk turning into a sneer he then raises his sword in the air and yells out, "Arrest him!"


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