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'the thoughts of the majority'




There is this thing out there called a creature inheritance, where someone basically becomes something other than human. They can still govern and act with their minds but there instincts are more liable to take over. One example of a creature inheritance are Elves there are several different types of Elves, one example are Dark Elves. Elves are the strongest type of creature out there, consequentially there are few Elves. since there are different types of Elves, the types o elves are categorized even further by strongest to least strongest. the strongest of elves has the least amount of Elvish creature inheritances, which would also put them at the least amount of creature inheritances overall. the strongest of the strongest, the Elite of the Elite are the Dark Elves. There reflexes are the fastest, eyesight and hearing the best, good planers and almost always they are Leaders. some have certain aspects from before there transformation like those that could help them in any way enhanced during the transformation. most creature have two types of mates the Alphas(more Dominants), and the Omegas( the more Submissive). the Dark Elves have a whole other category added called Alpha/Omegas, Alpha/Omegas are few because they are the strongest of the Dark Elves. Since they are the strongest they are usually pared with another Alpha/Omega because they are strong and like all mates they are the perfect fit to each other. they carry traits from the Alpha side and the Omega side so being paired with an Alpha or an Omega wouldn't work. Like all Alphas they will protect their family.


He was almost seventeen and in two days on his birthday he will come into his creature inheritance, his mother didn't want him home when he came into his inheritance heck she didn't ever want to see him again, she hates anyone with creature inheritances. her abuse after his father died is what made him perfect his useful skill of showing no emotion in not only his face but his eyes and body language. They put him in a room o his own while waiting for his inheritance, precaution for some were feral and on the defensive when they came into there inheritance. Two days later he is boarding his ship all the one with creature inheritances or know the statistics are surprised, he's shocked but doesn't let it show. Not only is he Brian O'Conner a Dark Elf but he is also an Alpha/Omega. 'If there is one Alpha/Omega here in there midst, then there is another out there somewhere. The question is where.'

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