No one ever cares for Moaning Myrtle. Nobody ever asks why Moaning Myrtle is there. No one even knows Myrtle's full name.

Myrtle has stopped trying. Nobody wants Myrtle to be there. Sometimes an extra vicious student threatens exorcism, but still there is no love for Myrtle. At least the Baron gets fearful respect!

Myrtle remembers the large yellow eyes, the day the Hogwarts letter came, Horrid Hornby, being sorted into Ravenclaw. Myrtle can recount lessons learned throughout the many walls of Hogwarts but nobody ever asks. Myrtle remembers feeling unprepared and reluctant to move on once dead. It's too late to change that decision now. Was haunting Hornby really worth it in the end?

Myrtle regrets not moving on and being trapped. Puberty is forever now. Ever present, ever painful, ever horrible puberty. There's no family here, Myrtle's all alone. There's only the constant nagging reminder of what could have been and what never will be. Everyday is spent in ectoplasm that traps Myrtle's soul in the past while the present moves on into the future.

Myrtle remembers the hope of acceptance. The wishes for friends. The desire for understanding. The joy of learning. The search for a solution.

Myrtle never lived long enough to enact a solution. Myrtle waits forever because a ghost can't die. A ghost can't fix itself. There is nothing tangible for Myrtle to do. Myrtle can only wait and watch and try to find little things to enjoy while being ignored or infamously hated.

AN: Updated 7/16/15. I changed some phrasing and fixed wording so this could flow better.