After the run in with Hornby, Myrtle wanted to go home. Myrtle started to walk back to the Leaky Cauldron and find a way back home. Maybe Myrtle should have waited until Mum could have come along too. Myrtle still needed books, potion supplies, and writing materials. A trunk was needeed as well, but Myrtle could just use a nonmagical one. Perhaps Mum would enjoy shopping for the remaining materials?

When Myrtle arrived home, Mum was putting a roast in the oven. Mum was amazing at timing meals and using the oven at one temperature to cook everything. While Myrtle wasn't the biggest fan of "women's work", coming home and watching mum make culinary masterpieces was always quite enjoyable.

"How was Diagon Alley, dear?"

"It was alright. I ran into Hornby though."

"Hornby? That nasty girl who acts like she owns the world?"

"That's the one. Her mother was there too."

"She's a fool. Spoiled woman never worked for a thing in her life!"

"It's because she's a witch, mum"

"Now dear, that's not polite..."

"No! I mean she's magical, like me. I think that's why Hornby was there. It must run in the family or something. Did any of our family exhibit magic like I did?"

"I don't think any of the Myrtle's or the Green's have had magical children that attended Hogwarts or exhibited magic like you did. When you were little, things just seemed to happen around you. Your clothes wouldn't need to be mended and food seemed to last longer around you, even if Dad couldn't bring much home at any given week. It was quite a relief to be honest, you were our little good luck charm amongst all this stress."

"aww Mum" blushed Myrtle. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"You could set the table. Tell me what your magical alley was like though! I'm fascinated."

Myrtle's mum was a smart woman. She knew that Myrtle just wanted to be valued so she did her best to listen and care for her child as best as she could.

"- and then I made water come out of my wand. Water! It was such an amazing feeling I don't think I'll ever forget it" gushed Myrtle.

"That's wonderful dear!" said Mrs. Myrtle. Mr. Myrtle nodded his head in agreement. While Mrs. Myrtle was a woman who would speak her mind, Mr. Myrtle was a more reserved man. He was quite proud of Myrtle, but he kept quiet, letting his wife direct the conversation.

"Did you get all of your supplies Myrtle?"

"No, I wasn't able to. Hornby ruined the day for me and I came home."

"What do you still need?"

"I need my books, writing materials, and potion supplies."

"I'm surprised you didn't purchase your books first thing!"

"I figured that it was more important to first fit into magical society with proper attire."

"Oh you're so smart dear. Perhaps I may join you next Saturday" Mr. Myrtle nodded along in agreement.

Myrtle smiled "I'd be ever so happy if you did. I hope you find it as wonderful as I did."

As promised, Mrs. Myrtle accompanied Myrtle to Diagon Alley the following Saturday. She wanted to be sure that her child could feel safe after that nasty encounter with Hornby.

Mrs. Myrtle was quite impressed by the various shops and snippets of conversations she overheard. To think that newt's eyes and enchanted goods were actual commodities was such a fantastical discovery. While she didn't care much for the apothecary (too dark and damp for her tastes) and the cauldron shop was rather dull, the bookstore was absolutely, well, magical! Myrtle had inherited the love of books from Mrs. Myrtle. The pair spent hours searching the shelves, looking for both the required texts, as well as books that intrigued them. By the time they left the store, they were 21 Galleons lighter and 13 books heavier. The quill store was less interesting after seeing all the lovely books but they managed to find a nice set of quills for Myrtle to practice with before school starteed. All in all it was quite a successful trip.

The two celebrated their day with a sundae at the darling ice cream shop on the corner. Even after the shopping spree, Myrtle still had leftover Galleons. Mrs. Myrtle suggested that Myrtle consider a pet. Myrtle wasn't so sure about the idea. Animals never seemed to like Myrtle very much, and it seemed like an unnecessary expense. A pet could be a nice companion, yes, but wouldn't it make more sense to save the remaining Galleons for school? Mrs. Myrtle conceded and the two returned home.

That night Myrtle went to bed with a smile. Things were finally starting to look up. There were books to be read and ideas to be learned. Everything was going to work out.

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