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In a clear sky a blond boy with a football shaped head was flying a small plane, with a smile he was following another plane where his parents were piloting.

Arnold knew how the dream would end, his parents would move away and be lost in a cloud, so he always closed his eyes before it happened. After a while his potato battery clock start to sound to wake him.


Still sleepy, he managed to disconnect the alarm with one hand and sit on the edge of the bed. As he looked up to see the sky, closed his eyes once more to remember his dream and then sighs.

Suddenly he smiled, remembering that today would go to pick up his new locket, so he shook his head and prepared to go to school.

He was so distracted thinking about the important object, as he went out of the boarding house, didn't realize that Abner with several dogs and cats came in, as it always did, so Arnold loses his balance and falls.

"Man, are you okay?" Arnold heard a familiar voice as he tried to get up.

"Of course Gerald" He answer while composing the fall.

"Really?" Gerald asked with little concern tone.

"Yeah I was a little distracted with my thoughts hehe ..." said this while a small smile on his face.

"Whatever" Gerald said as the two began to walk toward the bus stop. "I just hope you're not distracted in practice today."

"We have practice today?" Arnold asked as they arrive at the stop.

"Man, Don't tell me you forgot?" Asked Gerald exalted. "This Saturday we will have a rematch against Wolfgang Remember?" He sigh and then continued "You were the one who sealed the deal that the winner would get the Gerald Field"

"Yeah right, but today I can't go to the practice ..." Arnold started to say as the bus arrived.

"What? Helga will kill you if you don't go" Gerald cry interrupting Arnold as they took the bus.

"I know, I know, but I have to pick up grandpa's locket and mine too after school" I answer Arnold trying to calm his friend.

"Your locket?" Gerald asked puzzled.

Arnold realized what he recently said and nervously began to said "Oh yeah about that ..." take a breath to calm down and continue with the explanation, "... Do you remember when my grandpa had the locket with my picture that grandma gift him?"

"How could I forget it? Phil showed to everyone" Gerald rolled his eyes.

"That was embarrassing"

"What happened to it?" Gerald asked curiously.

"Well, it was locked and we couldn't change the picture, and when it finally open, a strange thing happened."

"Something strange?" Gerald asked.

"Yes, the lights went out for a moment and the shrine disappeared, so I decided to make a new one but this time with a grandma picture instead a mine one but he wanted a picture of Hedy Lamarr eating a meat sandwich, anyway, recently we went to engrave his name on it, so he asked me to pick it up today. "Arnold just finished speaking when bus stopped in front of the school, hoping that Gerald will forget about the other locket.

"I see, but you still haven't told me about 'your locket' Arni" Gerald emphasized those words as they entered school.

Arnold gives a little sigh and answer "Yes ... well, when we went to leave the locket I saw a locket that interested me a lot with an airplane engraving on the front and I buy it, so we left it too to engrave my name in the back" he concluded in coming to the classroom hoping he would not ask more.

After Gerald heard that the locket had an airplane engraving he thought he was going to put a photo of his parents, as he relates them with the plane, as his best friend, Arnold had told him about their dreams with them, also could see that his friend was getting a little nervous to talk about it, so he decided to leave it.

It was a normal school day, without much trouble, of course to Arnold, a normal day is to be the target of hundreds of spitballs or receive the same insults used by certain blonde classmate with one eyebrow, but he stand it as every day, he knew she wasn't such a bad person, also in every school day he could see her, although he knew she doesn't felt the same way to him, or so he thought.

After school Arnold went straight to collect the lockets, but he had to wait for over a half hour outside the establishment because the owner had gone out to lunch.

Meanwhile in the Gerald Field the rest of the gang was listening Helga as she walked back and forth in front of them.

"Well, now that we're all here ..." She started but was interrupted.

"In fact Helga, Arnold hasn't shown up yet" Phoebe said behind Helga with a small tone of concern.

"WHAT?" Helga cry noticed that Arnold hadn't arrived yet "What can be more important than the practice?"

"I'm sure that if Arnold hadn't arrived he must have a good reason" Phoebe answered while accommodating her glasses.

Suddenly she turned and looked toward Gerald, who looked nervous.

"Well? Where he is spaghetti hair?" She asked practically screaming.

Gerald immediately laughed nervously as he put in a defensive posture by putting his palms in front.

"I'm waiting" Helga still screaming.

"W-w-well, he said that would be occupied with an assignment that his grandfather asked him," replied Gerald, there was no need for them to know what kind of assignment was or the fact that day Arnold seemed very distracted.

"See, Arnold would not miss a practice without a good reason" Phoebe said as Helga turned to see her.

"Well," said calmer now, "Begin with training, and Phoebe, observe them and inform me who doesn't do anything"

"Observing" Phoebe replied in response.

Helga walk a little away from the rest and once she feel that no one can listen she pulls her heart-shaped locket with an Arnold photo.

"Oh Arnold! I hate you for getting us into this problem and yet I love you more than life itself, my beloved"

When Helga finished talking looking over his shoulder as if she was looking for someone.

"And Brainy?" Asked puzzled, "Oh right, Mr. Simmons said he was sick and wouldn't go to school for at least one week"

Helga kept her most prized possession and return to the practice.

Back with Arnold.

When the shop owner finally arrived he didn't take five minutes to pay and run from there to the boarding house.

As he arrived Arnold greeting his grandfather and gave him his locket, in order to reach his room to watch his locket and placed inside some pictures.

At first all what he did was look at the new locket, looked more like a pocket watch, was silver and had engraved in high relief an airplane flying through the clouds, in the back was written in italics Arnold S.

After a moment, he decided to put the pictures, on the left put a picture of his grandparents and on the right side put a picture of his parents with him, before they going to San Lorenzo, he took a moment to admire his new possession.

"Just one thing is missing," he said as he took a paper that was in a drawer under the computer, containing a drawing of her, Arnold take little moment to look at the piece of paper with a warm smile.

"My little one" he said before putting the drawing behind of his parents picture.

Well here's the first chapter of my first fanfic, hey here I leave you something to think, Helga is not the one in Arnold's locket.

Arnold have a new locket which, like Helga, contains a little crush secret, Who could be? Can he keep it safe? What consequences will bring?