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The next day Phoebe was having lunch alone thinking about who could be the new Arnold's crush and why he wanted to keep it secret "Why should I care too much who is she?"

Near the end of lunch period Phoebe shook her head to clear her mind and headed for the trash can where she could see someone hiding behind.

"Helga?" Phoebe asked with surprise when she noticed who was there "What are you doing there?"

"Eep" Shouted Helga, making the trash can fall on her "Phoebe, don't scare me like that" She said looking at her friend.

"What are you doing there?" She asked again.

"Me? I'm not doing anything, I just enjoy sitting here" Helga attempt to lying with a nervous smile.

Phoebe turned her head and looked at Arnold, Gerald, Stinky, Lila, Nadine and Rhonda sitting at a nearby table "I see" Then she sighed.

"OK, fine, I was spying them" Helga finally admitted "I just want to know who I face this time Phebs"

"And? Have you found any sign of who might be?" Phoebe asked really interested.

"Not a clue" She said disappointed as she stood up.

"Well, I don't believe he will drop any in front of someone if he wants to keep secret" Said the raven haired.

"I've been thinking about that all day" Helga said as she removed a banana peel from her head.

"Why?" Phoebe asked.

"Just think about it, he has never made a secret any of his crushes" Helga said as both turned to see Arnold "Remember how he was with Lila, Ruth, the substitute teacher and that girl in second grade whose name I forget"

"Her name is Sally" Phoebe responded "But you're right, I've been thinking the same thing, it isn't common in Arnold"

"What makes her so special?" She thought puzzled as she pulled a list of names "Who could it be?"

"You have a list?" Phoebe asked surprised.

"Of course, I need to know ..." Helga began to explain but stopped when she saw Wolfgang approaching and other fifth grades.

"What do you want here?" Helga asked with an angry expression.

"But, look what we have here, are nothing but the fourth grade losers" He teased with an arrogant voice.

"Wolfgang, leave them alone" Arnold's voice suddenly heard behind him.

Wolfgang turned to see Arnold "Oh, isn't football head to the rescue"

"We had a deal, you wouldn't annoy us during the practice's week" Arnold said while the others were coming.

"Hey calm down, we just come here to eat" The fifth graders laughed except Edmund.

He scratched his head and then said "But you said we came here to annoy the fourth graders"

"Shut up Edmund" Wolfgang ordered.

"You'll see, we will take back the Gerald Field" Arnold said with an angry tone.

"You mean the Wolfgang Field" He corrected.

For a moment they just glared at each other until the bell rang "Let's go, we're done here" Wolfgang said as he took Arnold and threw him back hitting Phoebe and making her glasses fall.

"I almost had him" Helga shouted while Arnold took the glasses off the floor.

"Sure Helga" Arnold said as he returned them "Here"

"Come Phoebe, back to class" Everyone began to return to class, Phoebe thanked Arnold with a smile making him blush a little, and no one noticed that except for Lila.

At the Gerald Field after another hard practice Helga addresses the gang "Okay, morning we will practice twice" All began to complain "I need you to give one hundred, no, a two hundred percent in the game"

When she had said this she turned away to talk to Phoebe while others gathered at one end of the field to speak for the intense training.

"Arnold, man, you need to do something about Helga soon" Gerald began as the others start to complain about something.

"My manicure was ruined several times with the bat training" Rhonda said as she looked her nails.

"I think I've lost 10 pounds" Harold complained with his hands on his stomach while all rolled their eyes.

At the end Lila also spoke "Arnold, I have to agree with them, I'm ever so glad that Helga wants to train us but she has been pressing us a lot"

Arnold sighed "I think I'll go talk to her again" He got up to go where Helga and Phoebe were.

Arnold taped the blonde's shoulder "Helga, have a moment?"

"Arnold" Helga shouted in a tone somewhat happy but changed her tone quickly by one annoying "I mean, what is this time Arnoldo?"

"It's just I'm still thinking that you're pressing us too much" Arnold explained as he rubbed his neck.

"And what? Do you think you can do better? I don't think so" Helga argued with her arms crossed.

"Helga come with me for a second," Phoebe said as she took Helga's arm and led away to talk privately.

After a while Helga back with Arnold "Okay, tomorrow is the last day of training, we'll do whatever you say, so don't screw it up" She turned and left the field with her friend leaving Arnold alone.

Gerald came with his friend and asked "How did it go?"

"Well I think, tell the others to see you tomorrow in the park," Arnold said as he prepared to leave the field.

"Where are you going?" Gerald asked curiously.

"I need to find Curly, see you later" Saying this Arnold left his friends behind.

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