Disclaimer: I do not own nor did I create any of the A-team characters (main or support) nor do I own nor did I create any of the episodes. That credit is due to Stephen J. Cannell and his associates.

Spoiler Alert: None required this is a purely original piece with no episodic reference.

Author's Notes: I experimented with something a little unusual with this story. It's a collection of four stand alone short works that show 4 specific events in Face's life. They span the time from age 7 through 45. There is no Team action or adventure involved just four emotionally charged snapshots of Face's life.

Summary: An encounter in Vietnam.

Moments in Time: by LAGC

Age 20

"Aw Mom, come on I'm too old for this." complained the handsome young man.

"Nonsense. You're never too old for a birthday cake. I baked it myself just for you." replied his blond mother.

The young man sat down at the table, lovingly set with a checkered tablecloth and a centerpiece of cut flowers from their rose garden. His mother set the brightly decorated cake in front of him. His name was written out in icing below the words, "Happy Birthday." Around the salutation twenty mini candles burned symbolizing good wishes and motherly love.

"Come on, son, make a wish and blow the candles out. The wax is going to drip on the cake." his mom said as she sat down. She adjusted the flowery scarf around her neck and smiled proudly at her boy - now a full grown man.

The man closed his blue eyes to make the traditional wish then blew out the candles. His mother handed him a knife so he could cut the cake and serve up their pieces. The pair ate happily and shared their stories. He'd been away at college and had come home to celebrate this day with his mother. He had plenty of friends at school. He even had a steady girl. But the birthday dinner and cake was a family tradition he wasn't ready to abandon.

She had sounded so happy when he had phoned to say he was coming. He knew instantly he had made the right choice. Besides this semester has been grueling and nothing soothed stress like Some special attention from mom.

He thought back to all the times mom had lifted away his fears and pain. The broken arm when he was five. The twisted wrist from Little League when he was in fourth grade. The broken heart when his eighth grade crush dumped him for that high school freshman jock. Mom was always there with a healing hug and kiss. Mom was stability and safety.

Then his mind flashed to some of the other milestones. Mom teaching him to drive. Mom helping him get dressed for the prom and taking pictures at his graduation. Mom crying proudly as he drove of to his first year of college.

Mom was there for it all. This birthday cake, in front of him was a symbol and celebration of all that.

"Thanks Mom. Thanks for everything." he said as he rose and went over to give her a hug. She wholeheartedly returned his embrace. "You're completely and totally welcomed, Baby. Momma will always be here for you."

Suddenly a sharp pain jolted through his shoulder. A loud noise pierced his ears. "What? What was that? MOM!?" Like ghosts in the night, the table and cake faded from his view. His mother melted from his arms.

Jarringly the young soldier was dragged back into reality. No longer was he looking at the loving mother he dreamed about. Now he was nose to nose with his Viet Cong captor. The horrifying truth was that instead of eating birthday cake he was going to visit the "interrogation room".

He could hear his Captain speaking in the language of his tormentor. If the young soldier had been more fluent in Vietnamese he would have understood the exchange,

"Please, not him, not today please. It's his birthday."