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Epilogue : Family


The return back to Storybrooke was one strange journey. After going back to Camelot to thank Queen Guinevere and her Knights for their short hospitality – and one promise from Snow to visit again in the future – they had been escorted back to shore by Galahad and Merlin.

The warlock received a well-deserved punch to the jaw delivered by Emma, and Regina and Selene couldn't help but chuckle at the sight. Both had suffered at his hand, either willing or not, and both would have gladly given him an encore if they hadn't already been on the Jolly's deck.

Killian took the wheel, Selene at his side as he taught her things of the sea that she either knew already thanks to her memories, or had forgotten. They both looked in their element on the water and many an onlooker could see that they got on like a house on fire.

They were set to open a portal via a small vial given by Merlin himself a little before sunset, and Selene moved away from the pirate captain to join the Charmings for the meal they had improvised on deck. It consisted in a loaf of bread and some fruits they had received from Avalon, but the companionship was unsurprisingly the best thing about the gathering.

Selene sat down next to Robin and Snow, the first clasping her shoulder in a welcoming way once she did. She flashed him a radiant smile which he returned, before Snow asked her what she wanted to taste.

Turned out she didn't like the taste of pears. At all. Which amused Regina to no end since that was definitely an original trait. The look on Emma's face told it all. She a-dored pears.

"So, Selene, have you thought about what you'd do once in Storybrooke?" asked Robin once everyone had finished their frugal meal.

She shrugged, her cheeks becoming slightly tinted with pink. "I have…not."

Regina sighed. "Everyone in the city has a role to play. Snow here is Mayor…though we share the burden sometimes. Emma is Sheriff, as you know, and David and Killian are her deputies. Robin and his men handle the refugees' camp."

Selene computed the information, seemingly taking her time to review all functions she had witnessed in Storybrooke, whether it was with her own eyes or Emma's. After some time, she looked up and said quietly, "I think I'd like to teach people how to sail."

There was a heavy silence after that, and she blushed deeper, not knowing if they were criticising her choice or not.

After a moment, David surprised her with a "And you will do that perfectly" that warmed her heart.

Killian opened the portal as the last light of the day faded over the horizon. With a trained flick of his wrist he led the Jolly into its depths, and after the gush of wind that tried to take over the group, they erupted into Storybrooke's bay, the outline of town being drawn into the fading sunlight.

Some sort of relief washed over Selene as she looked at her new home. She was so glad to be back, she was so looking forward to seeing Henry again. And at the same time, she dreaded the moment she'd be introduced to all the population there. And their judgmental gazes.

"Selene!" She looked up at the call and saw Killian move away from the wheel. "Lead her back to dock, will you?"

She smiled brightly and ran up the stairs, earning herself a chuckle as he patted her shoulder on his way to Emma, who was standing near the railing, eyeing the horizon with a look of nostalgia in her eyes.

Selene touched the wood of the wheel and sighed. This was what she loved. Sailing. Her blue eyes went to both her creators – because there was no more denying that Hook had a part in her character as well – and smile upon seeing them arms around each other, Emma's head tucked on Killian's shoulder.

Reunited. They were finally reunited.

It made her happy.

Somehow, ever since saving Emma, she had come to peace with her conflicting feelings for the handsome pirate. His smile still made her stomach do flips, but she had slowly started to see him more as a brotherly-figure than as a potential lover.

She knew in her deepest heart that she'd long for his touch for a long time since, but she was okay with it. It was the only part of her curse that had remained, and she was willing to live with it.

"Selene," came the call not long after. She still had her eyes locked onto Emma and Killian, and she had not noticed Snow and David creeping up on her until that moment.

She acknowledged them with a smile both returned. She was surprised to see that the Prince was more at ease with her than before, and it made her happy to think that he had perhaps started to trust her more.

"We were wondering," the Princess continued, "if you'd join us at Granny's tonight. For a nightcap."

Selene's smile widened. "I'd love to. But are you certain?"

"Yes," David answered, "we are. You're part of the family now."

Something washed over her at his words. Family. What a sweet-tasting word.

Selene docked the Jolly Roger as if she had done that all her life. Killian let her, his critical eyes appraising her work as well as a smile. Even Emma looked pleased to see her doing something she liked.

The dock was empty, save for two lonely figures, one Selene recognized with a pang of happiness in her heart.


The name was shouted by none other than Regina, and once the plank was settled and she could disembark, she was the first to launch herself at her son.

Emma followed closely, and she hugged the teenager with more force than Selene thought he could take. But he gave her as much as he received, and she thought his grey eyes were glistening with tears when he turned to hug his grand-parents.

Everyone had their share. Robin and Killian were given more 'manly' hugs that put smiles on all faces, and when he turned to Selene, his smile was as bright as the Moon itself.

"Thanks for bringing them back safe," he said in a very grown-up tone, and Selene was glad for his frail arms around her at that moment, 'cause she felt like fainting.

Henry kept his hand in hers as they were led by Regina and Robin back towards town, and when they got in sight of the figure that had accompanied Henry, Selene's eyes widened.

Robin obviously knew him, as he shook his hand in passing. He was not much older than her, and apparently favoured leather jackets as well. He had unusual features, with short mousy hair and brown eyes, but there was an aura around him, something that intrigued her.

He fell into steps with them and said simply "Nice ou'fit."

Selene met his eyes and smirked, a sight reminiscent of another pirate walking among the group, and the man swallowed visibly. "Thanks. I'm Selene."

"Will. Scarle'".


They both missed Henry's knowing smile, but all of a sudden, Selene's future in Storybrooke seemed brighter than ever…