Hrrr... Don't forget, Slam Dunk guys are -sob- not myyyyyy propriety but Inoue-sensei's ooone... -sob sob- I want them ! They're so cute... -dreaming eyes-



He was looking at the sunset. He had felt so lonely this week... All 'cause of this damned twisted ankle...

*A fall in the stairs... A stupid, stupid fall...*

He shake his head... A little fall and he was unable to play... And more, the coach asked him to stay and go to the hospital to be sure he has really nothing ! Of course, it was the prove they cared for him, but... He sighed. Even without him, they won the match... Bah ! They promised to win and keep their promise, that's all... And it had not been an important match... So it was normal they won... Such a team couldn't beat HIS one... Particularly when the smiling Hentai and his lovely Kitsune played ! He laughed softly...

*Yeah ! We're the best ! *

But only seeing the match at TV... Being unable, at least, to be with them, to cheer them... Even the ugly Gorilla or this Old Man...

*I've to find something for them... Especially for...* He smiled.

At least he had his memories...And the sunset was beautiful this evening... A wonderful red... A flaming red, the exact color of his own hair... Mmm... All seems so... Perfect ! It reminded him of... He blushed. Exactly like THIS evening, ten years ago... When all started...


"Ah ! Ah ! Ah ! Michi had such a great idea ! A party in this nightclub... It's been so long since... Eh ! Eh ! Eh! They'll be surprised to see how good the Tensai is when he dances... Ah ! Ah ! "

A very happy Sakuragi laughed. Yohei smiled. To see his friend in such a good mood was one of the things he enjoyed the most in his life... And this one was right.

*But not only 'cause of it, 're so different in those clothes... That'll amaze them. And the fact you're a regular...*

"Hey ! I wondered why they invited the other guys I mean, Shohoku is the best, what need to invite the whole Ryonan, Kainan and Shoyo teams ? Not that I mind, but I feel like..."

Not really listening, Youhei sighed, content. A clear sky and a warm atmosphere... A great party with friends... Life was really perfect...

Sendoh's smile widened. He'd be so pleased when he learnt that Shohoku team would be here too. That in fact that was their idea.

*That's means HE will be here... My firetempter... *

How many times had he dreamt about him ? His hair bright as the flames, his smile, a frank and joyful one, his body... Sendoh closed his eyes. His body... Irradiating power and life, a perfect work of art... And every nights... Every nights he dreamt about it, about what he wanted to do with that so marvellous body... And not only the night...

"Sendoh, we... SENDOH ! "

Opening his eyes, he looked at an angry Koshino. Oh man, such a temper... But he knew it. Smiling remorsefully to his friend, he shrugged.

"Hanno... I'm sorry, Kosh. I was..."

"Sendoh..." Shaking his head, Koshino sighed. "It's HIM again, isn't it ? "

"Eh ? " Sendoh blinked. "How..."

"To see your face is enough to understand WHO you daydream about."


Well... Koshino had been surprised... No, shocked, the very first time Sendoh said him about his love... But he finally accepted it well. And he helped him. Such a passion was really difficult to hide, but Sakuragi was unfortunately... Straight. As he had been himself before... HIM. Now... He was obsessed by the Redhead, trying to meet him every time it was possible... He had even followed him secretly to know where he lived... And he was afraid. Afraid 'cause he was not the only one who had fallen or him. Afraid 'cause he knew THIS one will never forget his love. 'Cause he knew that, somewhere, he was close to Sakuragi. To his Hana-kun. And was good-looking... In other times, he should have been interested himself by... Him. And unconsciously, Hanamichi was not indifferent to this one... To his Kitsune... Sendoh turned his head, glancing at his opponent, in love as in basket...

Rukawa was fully course, he was in the dark, all were persuaded he slept -again ! - But no. he couldn't. Not when he waited for his Do'aho. Being the Redhaired secret lover was not easy... Actually, only Ayako knew about it. She guessed it, as usual. What surprised him was that... She found it normal. She was not shocked that he fall for a guy, neither she was surprised that he fall for the one he called himself 'Do'aho'. She found it... Natural. She was only pleased that he found somebody to love. Happy for him. 'Even if he had not played basket-ball', that was what she said him. 'In every country, every situation, I'm sure you'd fall for him'... And she was right. 'Love at first sight'... Or at first punch. But 'cause of this Akagi girl...

Rukawa grind his teeth. Why... WHY ! First time he loved... And the one he loved love an other ! And worse, hated him because of this one... He even learnt basket for her ! But he has been so pleased to see him on the court, this day... With his childish acts and his loud behaviour... And the first match... The first match...

He was no more the only 'secret lover' his Do'aho has. The way this Sendoh smiled to HIM... Openly flirted with HIM... Of course, his Do'aho was so innocent, he never noticed it... Hopefully ! But this too seducing Sendoh... A good basketball player, one the Do'aho -or even himself ! - could admire... A cheerful young, calm, mature, persistent... One his Do'aho could love... One who, he was sure of it, couldn't renounce to his Hana-kun ! Never... He shake his head.

*I will never abandon Hanamichi ! He is mine. Even if he hates me, I...*

He glanced at Sendoh. Ah ! This one observed him ! Again... They looked at each other, afraid to see the other one doing... the first step. That was for this, too... They played one-to-one every evening not only because they loved basketball, because they wanted to improve their skills... No, that was 'cause they wanted to meet each other... Because of Sakuragi. How primal...

Surprised murmurs... What was that, again ? As he looked at the origin of the agitation, Rukawa's eyes widened.

"Hana-kun..." He whispered.

Hanamichi... His Do'aho was here... He was so.. sexy in this clothes... Like if he was naked... But no, no, it was so much more arousing than if he had been naked... His jean... A black jean, fit him perfectly, Rukawa felt like drooling over him. His long, long smooth legs, his ass... Rukawa clenched his fists. He wanted to touch this ass, to caress this body... To slid his hands all over this body... And his chest... With this tight grey thing... only the sleeves were larger, floating... A light material, almost transparent... A VERY short shirt, he could see Hanamichi's skin when he raised his arms. The muscled stomach... It stopped at the small of his back, like if showing this ass... And the large neck... Asking 'kiss me here', "brush your lips again my skin'... Showing the long graceful neck and the broad shoulders... Rukawa bit his lips...

He had to find... Something. Anything to control himself... Especially a certain part of his body... How reacted the others to Hana's new look ? Had anybody noticed his violent reaction ? But no... They'd see nothing. They were too shocked for it. This... Metamorphosis. The childish, awkward boy... Now this sensual young... Sendoh... How Sendoh reacted ? Turning his head anxiously, Rukawa froze. Of course... Sendoh was... As interested as he was himself. His love, his want for the Redhead easy to read on his face... The Koshino guy, Sendoh's best friend, seemed... Flabbergasted. They were not the only ones... Ayako had used her paper-fan on her own head, to be sure it was not a dream. Akagi's eyes widened. Kogure, Ryota and Miyagi were speechless, unable to recognize their clumsy teammate in this seductive young... Kiyota's jaw had fallen open, in a perfect goldfish imitation and Maki... Wasn't that lust in his eyes ? Yeah... And Fujima's eyes were visibly running all over Hanamichi's body, stopping here and there, in some... Interesting places. Hanagata's breath had stop in his throat...

Suddenly, Rukawa turned his head. The girl... Oh NO ! Even the Akagi girl was now looking at his Do'aho. She'd almost those heart-shaped eyes... Like if it was the very first time she'd ever seen him... No, NO !

"Hey, guys ? " Hanamichi was surprised. "Is there a problem ? It's time to go, isn't it ? "

He'd see nothing... Innocent Do'aho... To have the whole teams drooling over him, every eyes focused on him... And he was still unable to even see it ! But it was his charm...

"Grmph..." Akagi snorted. "You're late. Let's go ! "

That was really amazing... And so arousing... Who'd ever think this redhead know what 'dancing' means ? And now he was here... The one every girl... And almost every guy sighed after... One everybody know, here... One of this night world star... But he wasn't even conscious of that. He only danced, with the same passion he used in all his acts...

*And in bed...* Sendoh blushed... *If he knew what I think actually...*

The Redhead was dancing, his hips, his whole body undulating to the music's rhythm... His sensuous movements hypnotized him... As he raised his arms, his short top slid on his skin, revealing a deep navel. Eyeing a drop of sweat slipping on the young's skin to lost itself in it, Sendoh gulped. How he wanted to take him in his arms and kissed it away !

Trying to take his eyes off the mesmerizing view of the so-fascinating Redhead's body, Sendoh grabbed his glass. As he raised it to his lips, he suddenly immobilized himself. Damn ! Empty, again... As he ordered a new drink, he glanced at his companions. Half of them were still looking at Sakuragi... He frowned.

*Damn ! Rukawa was enough ! *

Of course, he was proud of this admiration. Sakuragi owned it, that was sure ! But he couldn't help to feel... Jealous. They praised not his Hana-kun's basket-ball talent or his rapid improvement, but his body, his... Sex-appeal. And it made him nervous.

This previous light in Fujima's eyes...Was it still here ? Sendoh's eyes widened. Oh yes... Fujima seemed REALLY interested by the younger boy. He fixed him, undressing the Red-haired with his eyes as he ran a greedy tongue on his lips. But... But... Sendoh blinked. Fujima was... On Hanagata's laps !? And this one had slip his hands under Fujima's shirt, caressing his chest and... His face on his captain's neck, he murmured something, nibbling the delicate skin as he fixed the Redhead, lust obvious in his eyes...

Hanagata and Fujima were together ? And both of them wanted his Hana-kun... And knew that his lover wanted him too... And accepted it ! Sendoh shake his head. THAT was a real danger...

The others... Sendoh froze again. Maki... Oh NO ! This one, too !? the Kainan captain was blatantly observing Sakuragi, seemingly evaluating the youth's body, an appreciative smile on his lips. He looked fondly at him, raising his glass and enjoying his wine as if it was the Red-haired himself he tasted... He was looking possessively at his Hana-kun, as if he owned him ! Sendoh grind his teeth.

"Hum... Sir..."


"Excuse-me... Sir ? "

Sendoh blinked. Someone... Wanted to speak with him ? Turning his head, he faced a young and attractive girl.

"Hrr... Yes ? " Sendoh flashed his famous smile.

"Sir..." The girl blushed. "Your drink..."

"Thank..." Eyeing Maki, Sendoh frowned. "An other glass, please..."


The girl glanced at an empty seat near Sendoh, wondering what this handsome youth's girlfriend looked like... As she moved away, Sendoh took his glass and finished it in one gulp.

*I really need it...*

Hanamichi's soft hair flied with each movements, his bangs covering his forehead. Rukawa's eyes were glued on his body, the hips undulating to the beat of the music, the naked belly... The Redhead was still dancing, hours after most of their friends reached home, moving sensually... He had closed his eyes in pleasure and his face... Oh, his face... This light smile, he was totally lost in the music, the world around him totally forgotten... He enjoyed the situation, a blissful expression easy to read on him...

*The same when making love ? *

Rukawa gulped, closing his eyes tightly. So sexy... And he felt himself light, so light... Perhaps all this alcohol he drank before... But he needed it... And he was not the only one... Sendoh... And his Do'aho had drink a lot too... His lovely Do'aho... And THEM ! All these girls who offered him 'just a glass'... And the guys, too. And the Do'aho accepted all ! With a surprised light in his eyes... Unaware of the effects he had upon them... He was so innocent... Rukawa shivered. Innocent sensuality was the more tempting, the more arousing of all and... It made him fall on his knees, he felt like weakening just by looking at the Redhead. So much power... This passion which created all this emotions in him... And the object of his desire... Like a child, the direct child of the sun ! So bright, the one all wanted to touch... Rukawa frowned. Yeah, ALL...

*How dared he ? *

This Maki... The Kainan captain has not only offered a drink to the Do'aho... When he gave it to him... When he gave it to HIM ! He had DARE to caress his Do'aho's cheek ! Oh ! So lightly... His fingers brushing the 'aho soft skin... Just 'cause he had 'some bangs covering his eyes'... And the Do'aho has just inclined his head, a curious smile on his tempting lips, not understanding... But there was not his usual bravado, no... Not all this 'Tensai' irritating... Or cute, he didn't know... Stuff. No, just this smile, something which made Rukawa wanting to hug him... This gentle, sweet smile, something new on this face, unusual and yet strangely... Appropriate. But for Maki ! And this one... He enjoyed all of it, the bastard...

Now, Rukawa was furious. He wanted to grab the Red-haired, to pin him on the wall and take him here, in front of everybody, to prove to ALL OF THEM that the Do'aho was HIS and only HIS, that he owned him... Just take off his trousers and entered him carnally. To take him violently, nearly breaking his ass, to punish him for accepting... The girls, the drinks... Maki's caress ! He wanted it to be feral...

Trying to control his breath, Rukawa closed his eyes. If he did that... But he wanted so much to do that ! The Do'aho... This innocent, stupid Do'aho ! Sexy, cute... He sighed. No. He couldn't do that. But... Oh, God ! He wanted to do that. A certain part of him especially wanted to do that... And his jean felt so tight... Glancing at the Redhead, he wondered...

*How can he still dancing with all he drinks ? *

God, that was tempting, so tempting... He wanted so much his 'aho... To learn him a new dance... One... The one he craved for. A slow and erotic dance...

"Oh no..."

"He left..."

"He's so cute..."

"Say that you want to go with him, be honest..."

"Not you ? "

Earing the girls stupids giggles, Rukawa shake his head. What again ? Who... Sakuragi ! Yeah, he was... Going away. How strange... Now that he had stop to dance, he had some difficulty to walk normally...

As he hurried to follow the Redhead, he bumped into somebody and nearly fell in the process... Who... Sendoh ! Rukawa screwed up his eyes.

*He try to fallow my Do'aho, too...*

Rukawa's jaw clenched. Oh YES ! A punch in the belly... THAT was a good idea. He was about to do it when they hear something.

"Look at this boy..."

"How ! Cute one... Want to play with us ? "

"Don't be shy... Come on ! "

"What ? " Hanamichi... Hanamichi's voice !? "Mmmrr... No fight toniiiight... Am not in the state..."

"Oh ! But we don't want to fight."

"Not this kind of fight..."

"If you're gentle, pretty boy..."

Suddenly very pale, Rukawa and Sendoh glanced at each other. There was not the moment to quarrel ! Normally, Hanamichi would have resolved the problem alone, headbutting those guys or something like that. But with all he drank previously... They run to join the Redhead in time, for once forgetting their rivalry.

Three guys... Something really easy to deal with for the self-proclaimed Tensai. But not tonight... They were laughing, exchanging smutty remarks with each other, their voices loud and vulgar.

"Ouch ! Ow, guys, I said you..."

One of them had brutally pushed Hanamichi on the wall. The Redhaired had almost lost his breath when his back hurt it...

*No ! He's not totally healed ! *

Furor and anxiety submerged Rukawa as he punched this bugger with all his weight. Sendoh saw red too, his fist nearly dislocating the guy's jaw one second after Rukawa's one...

"Kitsune ? Smiley ? " Hanamichi was stunned. His nemesis and the smiley boy... Helped him !?... Sure, that was a dream...

Seeing the two menacing youths, the two others guys glanced at each other. Of course, they were strong... But those two handsome boys too... Three with the sexy Red-haired... And they were furious. The way they looked at HIM, they really liked him... And not 'friendly' ! And wanted to make them pay for what they intent... Picking up their friend, they choose to ran away...

Hanamichi straightened himself. Seeing the boys moving, Rukawa felt relieved. He had nothing... Only this intrigued look on his cute face as he eyed them.

"Hrr... Guys ? "

"You're Okay ? They didn't hurt you ? " Sendoh asked.

"Oh yeah... No prob'... Not the day to fight, I... Oups ! " Stumbling, he almost fell on the dirty street, Sendoh catching him at the last second. "Thank, man ! "


"Teme, Kitsune ! 'Was not in the mood to fight with those guys, but you..."

"Do'aho. What they wanted was not 'fight'..."

"Hrr ? What dyou say... I KNOW this kind of guys... 'Am use to it, that just..."

Rukawa blinked. The Do'aho... Didn't understand what these guys wanted to do ? Innocent Do'aho... Of course, he had drink so much. And of course, he was not use to it. How could the guys know how beautiful was his body in his usual scruffy clothes ? Glancing at Sendoh, Rukawa nodded. They were less drunk than his... or their (for the night, he could accept the idea) Redhead...


" ? Kitsune, what..."

"We walk you home."

" ? Sendoh ? "

Seeing his rivals's determinate faces, Hanamichi blinked...


The young man laughed. Yeah ! At that time, he was always dreaming about walking Haruko home and finally... Those guys had... But he was unaware of that. Their love, how sexy they were... He had only sighed, feeling too tired to protest. He didn't want to fight at this moment... He felt so good. 'At least, nobody will disturb me again...' That was the only thing he had in his mind...

But it was not all. They had not just 'walk him home'. He blushed. That was... Memories to keep him warm when he was alone. 'Cause at home...

End of Part I

Part I is finish ! Hourah ! That was harder that what I think first... I hope that it please you ! And now, Part II ! The lemon part ! How they ended in bed ! The part Sendoh and Rukawa wanted so much...

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Hey ! Do you like seeing all the guys drooling over Hanamichi ? Rukawa is so cute when jealous... Hanamichi had no choice, he HAD to end in a yaoi story... If it had not been Rukawa and Sendoh, it should have been Maki or Fujima and Hanagata... Eh ! Eh ! Sendoh and Rukawa saved Hanamichi's virginity ! Not for a long time... And for themselfs, but...



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