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The SenHanaRu's Temple Tales:

The Beginning


Zeynel frowned. And frowned again. If there was a competition of frowning, sure she would have won it. She would even have been far above the others...

She was angry. Really angry. To disturb her at this moment would have been a very bad idea.

Reading in a ML that there was no enough AkaUo and in an other that there was no AkaAota and that it would be an interesting pairing, she had decided to do something about it... Or, more precisely, as she was damn lazy and wanted to write something more original, she decided to write a AkaUoAota. A threesome. So she would have only one fic to write and could send it to BOTH of the ML.

The fool...

But there was a problem. A serious problem. Not the fact that she turned green every time she thought about the pairing (in other world, her face didn't really changes it's color since she sat on her chair -or more honestly, lay on her bed- to write the fic...). No. It was not that. She could bear that. Bathroom was just behind the door, behind this OPEN door. And she had a bucket near her. Just in case the disgust submerged her so quickly that she would not even had the time to go to the bathroom.

She was a preventive person. With a very strong stomach.

No. No. That was not the problem. It was a problem, but not THE problem. Not the main problem. Definitively not. The main problem which make her growl like a grumbling bear was simpler.

She had absolutely no idea about how to write her fic.

She of colorful curses when she suddenly heard... Well... Something. Something between a scream and the ringing of a bell. Or the tinkling of a little silver bell ? Something beautiful, horrible and hypnotizing at the same time. Something irritating and... Absolutely no human !

As she turned, trying to find the origin of this awful sound, she suddenly fell into darkness.

Not a gentle fall. Not the classical fall either. She felt like she was in a roller caster. Not that she didn't like roller caster. She liked roller caster very much. But not when she had yet horrible thoughts about a certain monsters's threesome in head. Not when those 'thoughts' weakened her usually so strong stomach... Roller caster when you have headache and nausea is definitively NOT a good idea.

Suddenly, there was a light. a warm, soft and appeasing light around her. She fell on the floor softly, a weight on her laps. She remainded blind some seconds from the previous intense light in her eyes. Finally recovering a little, she opened a careful eye. Grass. She was sitting on the grass, she noticed.

It was not normal.

There was no grass on the floor. Not in her room. There had NEVER been any grass on the floor of her room. Neither she had the sky right over her head. There usually was a ceiling here. And walls around her, not trees and flowers.


She definitively was not in her room, she concluded. She didn't knew where she was, but she was not in her room. No more.

That was a beginning...

She was about to call for help (in fact, to shout loudly to voice her displeasure in a not-so-ladyish and elegant way) when she heard something.


It was not the same sound that before. It was more a squeal. A whimper. Or a wail. It went to her laps. Or, more precisely, to the weight on her laps.

She had a bad presentiment.

She raised a hand slowly, putting it on the... Thing. There was material. Or clothes... It was warm. She wondered a little to know if it was a good idea to look at it or not... She had really a BAD presentiment. She HATED bad presentiments. Making up her mind, she lowered her head slowly. She looked at it. And blinked.

Littles hands. It... Has littles hands. Cute littles hands. Big eyes. Cute little feet. Soft skin. AND a little mouth screaming (or wailing ? ) loudly. She blinked again.

And it had red hair...

In one word, a baby. On her laps. Something she wasn't use to. Something she didn't wanted to be use to. At least, not before ten years.

Frowning, she opened her mouth.

"What the hell is THAT ?! "

End of prologue

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