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Chapter 02

Sandra growled, frowning darkly, her eyes screwed dangerously as she skanned her surrounding. Nobody around... Raising her faithful katana TM, she cut an other bush, managing a passage in this f# %ing forest.

One bush, the person responsible of her coming in this strange forest; an other, the persons living here, not even able to help her, just to escape, screaming in terror when they saw her (okay, she was frightening totally dishevelled, her eyes full of blood with the look 'I-wanna-kill-the-first-person-I-met' but it was not an excuse !); an other again, ALL the other persons living in the universe... No, in ALL the universe for not being in her place in this unknow forest.

She was here in her thoughts when she heard something. Or, more exactly, somebody. Somebody loud. Very loud. Somebody swearing.

She smiled wickedly. Somebody was in a worst mood and/or situation than her ! That was comforting.

She changed her pace, heading up for the place where this person was. It was really easy, with all the noise she -yes, it was a 'she', really not the voice of a man despite the vocabulary used. A low voice, but feminine- made.

Here was a girl, near a little stream. Wearing only a bra -above the belt, I mean, she wore also a jean-, she was busy cleaning something (a shirt ?) while raging, cursing furiously. There was something near her, a pile of clothes or something like that.

She was about to go near the girl when she heard something. A giggle. She froze. Who ? It was obviously not the girl ! And it seemed to come from... The pile of clothes ?!

"What... " She exclaimed, surprise.

The girl froze (an habit in this part of the world ? In this strange universe ? A contagious disease ? ) and turned around slowly, fixing her not very warmly...

"What do you want ? " she shouted furiously. "No, let's say... WHO the hell are you ? "

Sandra frowned, growling. who the hell was that... That... that PEST ?! She glare back at the girl. If she wanted to fight, okay, no problem with her... She smirked dangerously, grasping her katana when...


She frowned again. And froze. The girl frowned. And froze. Then, in a single movement, both of them turned toward the... Thing. On the grass. the wailing thing.

"Hana-baby... " The girl sighed desperately. "What's again ? Don't cry ! "

"Baby ? " Sandra murmured. "Hana-baby ? " She repeat again.

The girl just took the wailing pile of clothes -the baby, if she understood correctly- in her arms, it -him ? -.

"Hrrr... "

"Hmm ? " The girl raise her head.

"Could you please... " Sandra began. *be polite, be polite* "Could you say me where I am ? "

The girl looked at her with wide eyes before fixing her thoughtfully. Sandra frowned, her face darkening. What's again ? She just be polite ! Of course, her question was rather strange but... She frowned again.

*She know something ! *

The girl said nothing. Nothing. She just continued to fix her. Sandra's frown increased. (I know, everybody frown in this world, strange ! )

"What... "

" ... "

"You... " Sandra breathed deeply. "Is there something on my face or something like that ? " She said, grinding her teeth.

The girl looked at her silently some endless seconds, narrowing her eyes. Then she opened her mouth:

"You. "

" ? "

"You. "

"What... "

"You're... Not from here, are you ? "

Sandra looked at her with wide-opened eyes. What. Does. That. Mean ?

"First... "

"Yes ? "

"Where is... Here ? " She asked cautiously.

"I dunno. "

"WHAT ! "

Sandra's eyes burned with anger. the girl was making fun of her ! Baby or not, she would, she WOULD...

"You've... Been sent here, too ? "

"What ?! So, you're... " Sandra began, furious. Then froze in the middle of her sentence. " 'Too' ? " She said incredulously.

She looked at the girl. She was still fixing her, eyeing her carefully.

"Explain yourself. "

"You are or not ? " The girl insisted.

Sandra's mind fused like a comet. Enough. She had ENOUGH ! She grabbed the girl by the hair -well, she was shirtless, that was the only way ! - and shake her violently. She was about to shout in her ears when the girl grab her by her shirt, apparently as furious as she was herself -which was, of course, impossible ! -.

"ARGH ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING ! " She cried, furious.

"What ? You're the one who began it ! "

"My Italian-do-it-better's T-shirt ! You're ruining my Italian-do-it-better's T-shirt ! The one Meiko and I had so much difficulty to finish ! "

"I... Ita... Meiko ?! " The girl let her go.

"What ? "

Sandra froze. What again ? The girl looked at her with wide-opened eyes, a shocked, incredulous expression on her face. If she had not been so furious, she would have burst in laugher...

"You and... Meiko ? "

"Of course ! What dyou think I said, you moron ! You almost ruin my T-shirt ! You... " Sandra suddenly kept silence. " You know Meiko ? "

"Of course, but if you said that it's your and Meiko's T-shirt... I mean, your creation... That mean you are... you are... "

"I'm Sandra. "


The girl jumped on her, hugging her tightly (and strangling her in the process... ), a big smile on her face. Sandra blinked. What ?...

"Hey, what are you doing ? "

"San-chan ! I'm soooo happy to meet you ! A normal, real human ! "

"Of course I'm normal ! And real ! And HUMAN ! "

"San-chan ! "

"Hey, stop, STOP ! I CAN'T BREATH ! Beside, HOW dyou know me and WHO are you ? "

"Hmm ? " The girl froze. "I didn't say it ? "


"Oh, right... " The girl struggled, totally indifferent of her shouting. "I'm Zeynel. "

A bird plane just above their heads. A fish jumped in the stream. The girls remained motionless. A squirrel climb on a nearby tree, a nuts in his cute little hands. They remained still. Then...

"ZEY-CHAN ?! "

End of Chapter 01

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