Hey everyone! This is an idea that's been sitting on my computer for a couple of months so I thought I would share it with you. This is Rose's story of how she became a Death Eater and how she got to be where the prelude begins.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. I only take credit for the character of Rose.

Rose The Death Eater


A sixteen-year-old girl with red hair blinked as the harsh light hit her emerald eyes. With an unfeeling air to her, she surveyed the large courtroom she was brought into. She was unsurprised to see that the majority of the people were scowling at her. The Aurors led her to a chair in the center of the room. When she sat down in it, chains wrapped around her tightly, but the girl barely noticed this discomfort because she just met the tortured emerald eyes that belonged to her brother. The girl was almost glad for the distraction of the new Minister of Magic standing up.

"Order," Kingsley spoke in his deep, calming voice, and the chatter in the courtroom quickly ceased. Looking at the girl, he said, "For the sake of procedure, tell the court your full name and crime."

The girl replied in an emotionless voice, "My name is Rose Potter, and I'm a marked Death Eater."

At her statement, the courtroom erupted in murmuring.

"Order," Kingsley again demanded, and again the courtroom became silent. Kingsley spoke again to Rose, "Inform the court of the reason why you became a Death Eater."

"It was the most logical option," Rose simply stated.

"Elaborate," Kingsley ordered, narrowing his eyes.

"As a member of the Slytherin House, an apprentice to Severus Snape who was a Death Eater, and the younger sister of the Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen One, the Boy-Whose-Titles-Must-Be-Hyphenated, etcetera, it was only logical that I followed in my mentor's footsteps and became a Death Eater."


I know it's short but it's a prelude.

I'm pretty proud of myself for how I came up with Rose's name and the title of this story. Her name is a flower like Lily's and Petunia's, and this is the story of how she rose to become a Death Eater. I think it's clever, at least, even though you may be reading this thinking how lame I am.

If you want me to continue with this story, please review. Right now, most of the story is just an idea in my brain, and I probably won't write the rest down unless someone wants me to. Thank you!