The ultimate being chapter 1

Hi my name is Mugen Zensū I was born of nothingness and everything born with power Shinto, power Norse, power biblical, I was created in secret to watch over all by infinity and dream. Granted power of 5 dragons, the remains of god's soul and a Phoenix the agility of youkai with the might of micheal, azazel and the original Mous but all that power I couldn't handle at birth and it was sealed and I was raised by Sirzechs, Azazel, Micheal, Odin,Tsukiyomi, Barqiel, Ajuka, and Ruvel as part of a secret deal. The 7 agreed that for the time being only the 7 of them should know of my existence

Mugen's POV (8 years old)

It's time to start your training with Micheal" Odin said waving at the child. They had started training him physically at the age of six and now two years later he was ready to start his real training.


"Ok Mu let's start working on your holy training." Micheal said

"First lets see you make a light spear" Micheal said.

Concentrating hard I felt something form in my hand opening my eyes a small light spear was in my hand probably a quarter the size it should be but for a first try micheal seemed impressed.

"Now throw it at the practice dummy over there." Micheal instructed. So aimed and threw the spear at the dummy and it hit it mid torso and left a whole around four fifths the size of a regular full sized light spear would have made even though the spear itself had only been one fourth the size of a normal light spear.

Micheal's jaw dropped "Oh my wait never mind" He said.

Mugen's POV (age 9)

So far I have spent 50 days training with each of the seven. I have 3 sets of wings, white bird wings, black bird wings and bat wings.

Mu's POV age 11

I have 10 wings 2 white angel wings, 2 black angel wings, 2 devil wings, and 4 dragon wings two red and two white. Today I learned from Tsukiyomi about swords I want to collect all of these amazing swords from the Biblical sword Excalibur to the Shinto blade Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi.

Mu's POV age 13

I have 7 pairs of wings one pair of angel one fallen angel, one set of Valkyrie wings , 2 sets of devil wings, and 2 sets of dragon wings one pair of crimson wings and one pair of white wings. I also got an idea from Ajuka and Azazel instead of just collecting these magical blades I could combine them well I don't know how yet but I'll figure out a way.

Chapter 1 part 2

Training sacred and... well... Not so sacred

Age 14

Micheal was training me to use my most divine ability, the ability of creation. "Mu let's start with having you create a non living thing that should be simpler... I think I am not really sure how creation works" he admitted. I imagined a spherical diamond I then tried to force the carbon in the air to compress into the diamond it worked kind of I got an uneven rough diamond pebble the size of a grain of sand. Micheal not knowing better tried to praise me but I stopped him telling him that I did it wrong. When he asked me what I meant I said that It hadn't felt quite right. It felt more like manipulation then creation.

Age 15

After successfully gaining the ability of creation (but not control but I sure as hell am not going to tell Micheal that he'd have a panic attack... again) I mean seriously imagine the most overprotective mother you can imagine now compare that with the most relaxed dad you can possibly imagine add the difference to the amount that overprotective mother is protective square it and then multiply by 10 divide by 2 then square it again that is how stressed Micheal gets, he may be immune to the effects of time but I'm wondering how stress hasn't killed him, well at least he is better now then how he used to be (mental cringe at thought of how micheal used to be)


Anyway today Azazel and Odin are teaching me something and they seem pretty excited it seems and Ddraig and Albion seem pretty excited as well for some reason, even fafnir is beginning to stir.

Chapter 1 part 3

Age 16

Micheal is starting to worry that I am spending to much time with Azazel and Odin claiming there perverse natures are bad influences on me and called a meeting


"I Odin demand to know...

"What is...

THE MEANING OF THIS!" Both Odin and Azazel shouted at Micheal in perfectly synced unison upon their simultaneous arrival.

Micheal explains that he is merely worried about how they are affecting me. "How dare you it was because of us that fafnir was unsealed" Odin yelled at Micheal. "We are just trying to make him a more balanced individual, as is our duty" replied Azazel. "Why don't we let Mugen decide" Baraquiel interjected. "What is it that that you want Mu?" Odin said finally starting to regain his composure. As I have been becoming more involved in the affairs of all in secret of course I declare that I wish to continue training from time to time with each of you but my wish has incorporated the needs of all into it for it is now time I start acting in this world I am by no means weak, Baraquiel can I not smite any that oppose you, Baraquiel cringed at Mu's mastery of lightning as god he could literally call bolts from the heavens and rain them down on any foolish enough oppose him.

"I say he is right, as god he should be stopping another war not being babied by all of us all the time" Ruval said. "But where to start?" Ajuka asked out loud. I concentrated and staring at the table created a map of the world. "I have noticed Kokabiel has been trying to start another war and to beat ones enemy one must think as they think." I said.

I have reason to believe that the town of kuoh in Japan is his target as two siblings of the 4 maous currently reside there. Which is why I would like to make my appearance in this world there so when he makes a move I destroy him. Sirzechs started choking on his wine setting his cup down at the mention of Kuoh being under possible attack.

"Then it's decided I said I will go to Kuoh I promise not to quit training though I will come back frequently"

I said.