Chapter 3

Ultimate Being chapter 3

Before I start this chapter I want to say a couple of things number one is that I appreciate the number of follow/favorites and positive reviews this story has already gotten . The second thing is that Mugen's power of creation can in fact change the past. The third thing is that their will be multiple boosted gear/divine dividing wielders. Fourth thing for some reason and this doesn't just apply to this story I call kalawaner, kalnawar I don't know why but I do think the second sounds better. Anyways on with the story

Part 1 siblings

Mu's POV

On the way to lunch I was wondering about what I was going to do with all the extra space at home and then I somehow got off onto the tangent of wondering why Tia's and Akeno's angel wings were bronze. My train of thought was disrupted when Issei Hyoudou bumped into me and time stopped my and my creation ability activated Issei now had and had now always have had a twin sister named Isabella Ivory Hyoudou, who also wielded the boosted gear (and was now someone who had been my servant since the night Issei became a devil). Unlike Issei "Ivy" didn't obsess about messing with others breasts (because she's a girl and that would be messed up) she was a nymph and loved when her partner played with her breasts.

I don't even know why I go to school I mean for one I am god and also I finished all my work the first day so it wouldn't be a burden later. I thought as I was leaving the school building. I was half way to the gate when I bumped into Akeno my eyes flashed gold my wings came out and time stopped as my power of creation activated when time resumed only any of my and the sevens memories that would be effected had double memories one of the original and one of this new timeline. Everyone else effected would only have the new memories.

When I bumped into Akeno I accidentally created her twin sister Hikari Himejima, who was now someone who had been one of my servants for years. Hikari's only differences from Akeno were, her longer hair that instead of being in a pony tail like Akeno's Hikari's hair was let down and slightly longer than Akeno's, Hikari's breasts are larger, she is taller and more voluptuous, and is sexually opposite to her sister; where Akeno is a masochist Hikari is a major nymphomanic and where Akeno is major sadist Hikari is a slight sexual mudist (she derives pleasure from causing pleasure upon her partner).

(Before I forget Ivy has golden brown hair that goes half way down her back and buxom figure)

Part 2

Mu's POV


The Alchemic Theory

I went to talk to Azazel about why my wings haven't turned gold and why my servants were bronze instead of silver he asked me how I had bound them, kissing.

After some quick calculations he asked if I'd slept with any of them.

No I said defensively with a huge blush. After 5 minutes of thinking

he told me he would be right back

Liquified ether (ether as in the cosmic energy not the highly volatile substance)

Powdered-Red Philosophers stone

Holy Water

Liquid from the fountain of youth

Elixir of Immortality (made by the moon rabbit)

Greek Ambrosia

Greek Ichor

A Golden apple of Immortality found in The Garden of the Hesperides which is guarded by Ladon

He came back with all but two of these items he did not have holy water nor liquified ether which is odd that he didn't have the most and least common things on the list.

I created the last two items and thanked Azazel who said i needed to mix it in a cauldron heated by fire from a dragon king. He also said I should then create a spring or something that would create an endless supply of the resulting liquid. He explained having sex in a pool of the liquid would fully bind that girl to me after the partial bond was made and make me stronger the more girls I bind completely and the more times I had sex in the liquid although the number of girls effected it more than how much I did it but they would both increase my power. It would be amplified by crystals and if a Yggdrasill grew out of it