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Chapter One - Uneventful days.

Aiyanna POV

I awoke to a ray of sunshine shining through a gap in my deep purple curtains that were supposed to keep out the light. Groaning I rolled over and grabbed my phone off the bedside locker, I pressed the middle button and nearly smacked myself in the face for almost forgetting what happened last night.

There was a couple of messages from my friends which I replied to quickly, I then went on to snapchat and sent my best friend the ugliest picture I have ever taken, explaining why I didn't want to go to school, letting her know just how much I hated the place in a few choice word and telling her just how jealous I was of her being away on holidays for another week.

I let a couple of tears slide down my cheek remembering the events from the night before. My wonderful ex-boyfriend had called me, drunk and probably high, shouting and screaming about why I didn't try to get him back when I left him. The reason was pretty obvious to me; I was done taking all the shit I didn't deserve.

The reason he had come up with in his tiny pea brain was that I was just another person to give up on him and lie by leaving him and that I never actually cared about him. Of course, it would have to all be my fault.

The fact that he had disappeared for two weeks and changed completely, or the fact that when I ended it he was a complete and utter asshole and actually smiled for the first time since he had come back from his disappearing act, or maybe the fact that he told me he didn't care and never loved me, none of these were reasons; it was my fault and that was that. That was Paul La-fucking-hote all over, a temperamental, arrogant, smartass that I would give anything for.

I shook my head and got all thoughts of Paul out of my head; I got out of bed, quickly showered, applied my everyday make-up, let my hair loose and stood at my wardrobe trying to find something to wear, I finally settled for a pair of denim ripped high waisted skinny jeans that my mom had bought me in Port Angeles over the weekend, I grabbed a cream long sleeved crop top and a colourful printed kimono to go on over it; I rolled up the legs of my jeans to just above my ankles and shoved on my white leather converse.

Sprinting down the stairs I almost ran over my poor mother who was just coming towards the stairs with a banana and an orange in her hand, I grabbed them and threw them into my handbag, gave my mom a big sloppy kiss on the face which made her laugh and tell me to get lost and ran out through the door into my baby.

I smiled as the engine roared to life, there was no way my baby was perfect, she was an old stubborn car but she worked for me and I loved her. I sped down the short road towards my school.

Pulling into the parking lot I noticed his truck parked right in its old spot beside the spot where I always parked. There was no way that little, or should I say big, piece of shit was going to get to me so I ever so smoothly pulled into MY usual spot and didn't even look in the direction of his big stupid truck. Pulling down the overhead mirror I checked my makeup and tried to straighten out my hair.

I hopped out of the car and reached back in across to the passenger seat to pick up my handbag.

"So Aiyanna, since you finally got rid of Paul's sorry ass, how 'bout me and you have some fun baby?"

I knew the lowlifes voice anywhere, Josh White, what an idiot. I pretended to not hear him and pulled my bag out and closed the car door.

But of course he did not get the hint; instead he smacked my ass while trying to ask again

"What do ya say baby?"

Simply telling him to fuck off I started to walk away but I walked into a block wall instead. Stumbling back, I looked up into the eyes of none the other than Paul La-fucking-hote, great this day could not get any worse.

This was the first time I really looked at Paul properly since he came back, he looked tired, and his eyes were filled with exhaustion and anger and love? Oh god I was definitely seeing things now. Paul changed, Paul didn't care anymore. I had to keep telling myself that.

I broke my gaze and looked back at Josh the sleazy asshole, from the corner of my eye I noticed Paul start to shake slightly.

"If you know what's best for you, you will never touch her again White, now fuck off somewhere else before I make you fucking regret what you just did."

He hissed menacingly, coming to stand between me and Josh.

This wasn't okay, he was acting the same as he used to, why was he acting like he cared now? He told me he didn't; I knew he didn't love me anymore. Why was he so strange? And why was I so in love with him still?

"Are you okay Aiya?" His deep voice dragged me from my thoughts. He had always been a great actor, he actually sounded concerned.

"Oh, don't pretend like you care. I can handle myself and I do not need you to stand up for me. That's not your job anymore Paul. I'm not your problem anymore." I hissed at him while shooting him a glare, I turned around and went straight for the front doors of the school leaving him standing there shaking like a volcano that's about to explode.

My first classes passed in a blur, I had not learnt one scrap of information because I could not get Paul out of my head. Why he acted the way he did this morning was still on my mind as I walked towards the cafeteria.

Opening the doors and seeing the huge line for food I thanked God that I had brought the orange and banana my mother gave me. I quickly looked towards the table where I usually sat and spotted some of my friends already there.

I made my way over to the table, ignoring the feeling that someone was watching me. Before sitting down I swept my eyes across the cafeteria and found those familiar chocolate eyes staring back at me. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat and smiled at the table in front of me.

"Hey Aiyanna, are you coming to the party tonight?" Kim directed at me across the table.

I liked Kim, she wasn't too quiet and she wasn't too out there, she got good grades but didn't brag about it, she was friendly, and she was easy to talk to or listen to at any time. She lived just a few minutes away from me and we've got along quite well since we were babies because our parents are good friends.

I smiled at her, told her I was and got involved in the exciting conversation about the party on First Beach. My mind felt clear and I was actually genuinely excited for a night of freedom, not having to care about anything.

The rest of the day came and went in the click of a fingers, it was great when the bell rang to announce the end of the day. I was excited for the weekend, I had not had plans on the weekend in weeks, maybe months, not since Paul. I reminded myself quickly to stop into the healthcare clinic on the way home, I needed a new prescription before the weekend. I lost my train of thought as I noticed that Paul's truck was still next to mine and he was leaning against the front of it staring at me.

Well this is a great start to the weekend. I thought sarcastically as I blatantly glared at him the closer I got.

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