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The storm that was Tiger Gala eventually settled and what MASH had just noticed was that Tiger's eye color had changed from the brown pigment it was before to electric blue, and that his pupils had turned from circles to sharp slits, like a the animal where the faunus got his traits from.

"I see you have some sort of history with Mr. Torchwick, I won't make any assumptions on your part Mr. Gala." Ozpin took a sip from his mug and continued. "As long as the mission at hand will be done swiftly and effectively there should be no problems."

"Trust me headmaster, he is my best second year. He'll get the job done even if it kills him." Headmaster Cheshire complimented his student.

Tiger paid no mind to the compliment his superior paid him. Instead Tiger fixed his eyes on Roman's mug shot. It brought back flashes of his past he'd give anything to change and looked at his open right hand.

In mind it was the same hand he'd had since the day he was born, but when looking at that mug shot it reminded him of then. A flash came to him as he could still feel the still beating heart that he ripped out of young boy, while also breaking all of his own fingers on his hands just to get to that vital organ.

A touch on his shoulder brought him back to reality and then turning his head he blinked to see his leader's face who's worried expression made him calm down and reverted his blue eyes and slits back to brown and round pupils.

The two members of MSZT shared a look and a smile with each other and awaited further orders. Tiger wanted to let Magenta think he was okay, but he felt as though killing Roman will lessen the weight of his past, he knew it would make him feel better, it had to.

"Where will my talwar be pointed headmaster?" Tiger inquired.

"I've used my power of future sight young gala. I've seen your target in the south east to vale. Ozpin if i'm not mistaken, there's that cemetary Mt. Glenn." Cheshire mentioned keeping his trademark grin.

Ozpin winced at how bluntly the mistral put the failure of a expansion to the great land of Vale that ended in a massacre.

"Yes, however all entrances are blocked that lead to the city. There's no way they could enter through the city, however the catacombs are believed to be intact. I'll be sending a group of second years after the dance after you eight." Ozpin explained as he began writing details and preparing for the speech he would give tomorrow.

"Enjoy your night sir, we'll camp out at Mt. Glenn, and report anything out of the ordinary, assuming our headmaster's semblance hasn't given us information that's too late or too early." Magenta told Ozpin.

"Nonsense!" Cheshire cheered. "My future sight has shown me my opponent's moves before even they know, and has even shown me your success, Mrs. Valentine."

Magenta nodded her head already used to her headmaster's cheery and very optimistic attitude, she been a student at Abyss academy and has seen her headmaster be pressured, but never once seen him upset or showing any other emotion other than a positive one. No doubt it struck her as odd, as did it with the rest of her team.

"Alright you eight get out there and make us proud." Cheshire chimed and cut off his streaming video of himself and followed by Ozpin dismissing the eight.

The group of huntsmen in training and mercenaries remained in silence until they left beacon grounds and went towards the air docks.

"So...Lightning, scary semblance there." The bear Faunus Harley commented.

Tiger simply confirmed his semblance by creating branching lightning in between his thumb and index finger.

"What did that Roman guy do to piss you off so much? That was a lot of lightning back there. I can still feel my hairs standing on end from that." Harley asked again.

All the members of team MSZT stayed quiet already knowing this story, which peaked the interest of MASH.

"You don't have to say it." Harley insisted.

Magenta was about to say something, as were the two twins if they weren't paying half their attention to their game about a young boy who carries around masks that was very recently remastered in HD.

"I have a good feeling i can trust you all with my past, so i'll tell slash show you what humans have done to me." Tiger informed the group of Faunus. "After all you mentioned that you lost your tail, it's only fair that I show you." Tiger spoke to the Jaguar Faunus.

"Sylvie…" The jaguar faunus muttered.

This struck the group of huntsmen as odd, what could be a sylive?

"Sylvie Jagërjaquez, its my name...Tiger Gala." Sylvie finished.

Tiger and Sylvie shared a look with each other, before Sylvie noticed Amber blushing and chuckling..

"Wh-what's so funny Amber!?" Sylvie stuttered loudly to her partner.

" looked cool when you gave your name, so serious and cool." Amber said quietly while also having a blush.

The two shared a moment with each other as the two teams continued walking with the two female faunus mercenaries stealing glances from one another.

While most wouldn't really pay much attention to it, Tiger was calling it that the Wolf Faunus and the Jaguar Faunus had a thing for each other.

Eventually the eight made it and the dust ship took off towards Mt. Glenn. It was an awkward silence until the leader of the mercenary group, the snake faunus of spoke up to strike conversation.

"Tiger, you said you were enslaved by humans. I'm curious what they made you do, there has to be a reason you cover most your body the way you do." The snake asked boldly.

The two twins gripped their gaming devices at the Faunus' question knowing this was a subject that wasn't spoken so lightly. They both fought harder in their games to redirect their anger.

Tiger let out a sigh and lowered the collar of his shirt and lowered it with his finger exposing some of his collarbone, revealing a nasty scar. It was enormous and terrifying even to a girl who witnessed her best friend's tail be chopped out.

It wasn't the type of scar you get from combat, it was something someone did to him. Tiger even took off one of his gloves to reveal another scar in the shape of a hold that seemed to have been turned in a clockwise direct, like a drill.

"Roman is the person who did this and far worse to me, and far more as i'll show you later." Tiger said putting his glove back on.

The group of Faunus knew that those scars were only the surface of the Tiger's problems, whatever Roman did, the Lightning wouldn't rest until he was disposed of.

Harely nudged his leader for her error and gave her look. The snake Faunus showed that she was sorry, but the damage was done.

The Tiger faunus took a seat in a corner and hugged his knees unable to shake off the memories of where those scars came from. Magenta went over to her partner and embraced him, stroking his hair.

The awkward silence didn't last long, for the had arrived at the grim infested mountain. All eight left the dust plane and they scanned the area, for the moment no grimm were in the area. Magenta turned over gold haired team mate.

"Zoloto, use your semblance, what are we dealing with out here?" Magenta ordered.

"Got it." Zoloto answered to his leader, raising his right arm and flexing every muscle in his arm and pounding the ground as hard as he could making the dust and dirt in the ground rise.

The impact shook the ground, even scaring the mercenaries at the golden haired boy's raw power.

"W...what was that?" Amber requested dumbstruck at a human's power.

"My big brother's semblance." Serebro answered with a proud grin of just being related to such a strong monster, even if they were two minutes apart. "Kinetic radar, who needs a bazillion lien military radar when my bro can figure it out for you just by slamming his fist on the ground? Just give him a minute, since this mountain has a ton of grimm in it it'll take a sec to find out how many grimm there are and if there are any people here, namely our target."

"Certainly handy, but how long does it ta-

"Done." Zoloto spoke aloud raising his fist leaving only a small crater the size of his fist.

There was a brief silence before the golden haired brother spoke again.

"In total, there are thousands of grimm here. I may be a human radar, but there are too many going in and out of my range. But putting it simply from just in the ten mile radius alone, the numbers are scary. We're talking hundreds, close to thousands. It's a good thing we aren't here on a extermination job, otherwise we'd be killed before sunset tomorrow." Zoloto briefed everyone.

"Any humans?" Magenta asked.

Zoloto scoffed at his leader. "You know it's hard to distinguish the two, but there's a lot of people ten miles from here. Seems to be exactly what we're looking for. But there's something else."

"What is it?"

"Some girl really, and i mean really far off in the distance is swinging gun, it just stopped, but that's odd."

"Is it close to where we're going? How can you tell if it's so far away?"

"Its making a lot of noise and rumbling the ground."

"Enough!" The snake Faunus shouted. "If that minigun is so far off and not in the direction of all those humans or faunus then it isn't worth looking into. Let's go!"

There was no argument and made the long ten mile walk to the large group of Faunus or humans.

The eight ran into lone grimm which we quickly disposed of by either Tiger's quick draw revolver or The snake Faunus, whip ribbons and then met their end from her katana.

"Alright, we're here." Zoloto declared pointing to a small abandoned town that had white fang swarming the place and carrying boxes into a building. From where they were they had high ground, being where they were was an hill overlooking the abandoned citying.

"I'll let you guys know if I see Roman." Magenta announced taking her sniper rifle off her shoulder and wrapping the sling around her forearm. The slender girl feel on her stomach with a 'huff' and pointed her rifle at the direction of the building the faunus were carrying boxes of unknown content.

"All of you rest for now, I could snipe Roman from here if I get the chance." Magenta added.

"No way!" Tiger stated clenching his pistol in hand. "The only one that will kill him is me and this pistol, dead center in his stupid head." Tiger said gritting his teeth.

"There's no way i'm dropping my guard out here either, No way i'm taking orders from a human either." The snake faunus hissed.

"You're seriously doing this right now?" Magenta spoke with a clearly pissed at the Faunus' attitude and somewhat stubborn nature. "I've already told you that you can trust me, just because i'm from Atlas doesn't mean that I hate Faunus. I respect Tiger and he's a Faunus!" Magenta spat at the other leader shooting daggers at her.

"Just because one Faunus is dumb enough to trust you isn't a reason for me to trust you! All those grimm were killed by your subordinate and me! We aren't your servants miss leader."

"Mauve enough." Harley warned his leader holding her shoulder which was shaken off as she stepped closer to the human, sizing herself up.

Magenta stepped up abandoning her rifle to look the girl in the eyes. The two were equal height, neither backing off.

"I'm not going to fight you, we have a mission and I won't jeapordize it just because you hate me for no reason." Magenta argued.

"I don't care if you want to fight, i can't stand you ordering me around like you own me!" The human leader wanted to say something, but the snake faunus continued. "But what i hate is that you're just leading that Tiger faunus on! You should know that only four Tiger faunus are alive in the whole world, because you humans killed almost all of them in the war. I bet you and your human radar over there and his brother plan to kill us all after Roman is dead, saying to the human headmaster that we were KIA." Mauve accused.

Magenta ran her fingers through her hair just to process what insane accusations the faunus in front of her.

"You're crazy, i've been with Tiger for two years and the only times I regret were the times he's jumped in front of us to take a hit." Magenta stole a glance from the Tiger Faunus that was leaning against a tree three meters away.

Magenta hugged herself to cope with all the times Tiger had been hospitalized because she had made a mistake in a plan of attack and he alone suffered for it.

"If I really didn't care about him and hated him like you say I do, then I would have killed him already, but i don't. I...I love him." Magenta admitted.

Mauve wore a sickened expression, while the other members of her team were shocked at the human's bold confession.

"You sick freak…" The snake faunus began gripping her sword. "Humans and Faunus can NEVER BE TOGETHER!" She shouted swinging her sword aiming to slice the pink haired girl's jugular.

The silver haired brother glared at the sword bringing it to an abrupt halt inches from it target.

"You don't touch my leader and you don't hurt my friend either you hypocrite!" Serebro angrily stated.

"What did you do to me human, and what did you call me?!" Mauve yelled back to the human holding the sword without touching it.

"I used my semblance, telekinesis." Serebro stated. "I called you a hypocrite, you accuse us of wanting to hurt Tiger when you were about to make the world have one less Tiger Faunus!" The twin pointed at where Magenta was.

The snake looked towards the human she intended to strike and looked in horror at what she had nearly done. Her sword had struck Tiger Gala on his collarbone. The only thing that would have saved Tiger was that he was taller than Magenta.

Then it struck her that Tiger wasn't wearing his cloak or the shirt beneath it. All of it was exposed, his past and his sins. The majority of Tiger's torso was covered scar tissue. some scars intersecting with others. All the snake's katana did was add to the painting of Tiger's body where Roman used stroke where he saw fit.

The girl backed up mortified drawing her sword back and covering her mouth in horror. Magenta knew where this was going, the thanked Tiger for getting in the middle regrettingly, but made a mental note to get him back for getting in the way later.

'They're so many.' The faunus thought in complete terror trying to comprehend how painful it must have been to have such deep scars.

"I don't have a gallbladder." Tiger pointed out pointing to the scar where his liver would be. "It was yanked out of me when I was twelve. That was the third most painful experience I've ever felt. The second was when they boy's brother ripping out the stitchings from my gallbladder being yanked out, because I killed him after he ripped out that part of my liver. Just so my baby sister Ivory could have a birthday cake the next day, I ripped out the boy's heart with my bare hands, then…I crushed it in my hands as he was begging for me to give it back to him."

"Why would you rip out his heart?" Amber asked mortified.

"W-what's the first?" Sylvie the Jaguar faunus asked instantly regretting asking.

Tiger looked at the two with empty, emotionless eyes while putting his shirt back on showing his back to the mercenaries before showing a few scars on his back from stabbings. Tiger sighed knowing the reason was excrement.

"I did it, because Roman said it was a bonus along with being fed enough, he would also get Ivory a birthday cake." Tiger began to shake from frustration of the next part of this story. "The first was killing my own siblings...all four of them because I lost fights." Tiger sobbed silently. "That's the price you pay...when you're a slave and when you lose a fight in a fight to the death, for men like Roman's entertainment."

A grim silence fell upon the eight with the only audible thing being heard was Tiger's crying.

"They all died...because of me…" Tiger cried in his own hands. "For dust's sake, my own brothers and sisters… Ivory was shot in the head, Green was drowned, Ebony had her neck broken, for fuck's sake Rajah was set on fire! He..all of them were only little brothers and sisters...they all died because I lost." Tiger began to shake from how hard he began to cry.

"That makes no sense...why did they die because you lost, why wouldn't your opponent just kill you?" Harley asked.

Tiger stopped crying, just registering what the bear Faunus had just spoke to him. He then began to chuckle and then laugh hysterically.

"Kill me? Because that would be too much of a kindness, my owner was Roman Torchwick, being owned by the devil would have been better than Roman. After I lost he would torture me on end after killing my sister, then he would burn into my brain that I killed my them instead of them that did the deed."

"But you know you didn't do it. You didn't kill them." Harley tried to reassure Tiger.

This only made Tiger laugh even harder. "Are you kidding? It was my lose, it should have been me that died...but Roman believed I was like an investment that would get better over time. All I had to do with grit my teeth or push myself harder, but I couldn't my opponents knocked me out and for sometime after I lost, my own siblings would resent me losing, except for Ivory. She was always such a sweetheart...she was the youngest, so Roman killed her last."

Silence fell on them for a while before Tiger regained his composure and couldn't cry anymore. Then he faced the group of stunned mercenaries. "My name is Tiger Gala, i'm the one who will kill Roman Torchwick, because he made me kill two hundred and fifty five faunus children. For five whole years I killed on the weekly for the entertainment of horrible men." The guilty Faunus admitted.

Tiger placed his hand under his shirt where Mauve had struck him and gritted his teeth. He jumped and growled in pain, it took a quick second for the people who had not know Tiger long to realize what he had done to himself. Smoke rose from Tiger's shirt, he had burned the wound shut with the heat from Lightning.

"I'm...i'm sorry that happened to you, for what it's worth, i'd help you get Roman if you'd let me. Also my name is Amber Shaïma." The wolf Faunus told the tiger.

Tiger averted his gaze.

"Why would you help a killer? I'm practically a monster."

"The fact that you want to be a huntsmen is proof that you aren't a monster. You were just dealt a shitty hand." Sylvie reassured placing her hand on Tiger Faunus' shoulder. "A huntsman as you know helps people and kills grimm, they're the real monsters. I can tell that you did what you had to do, just so you could let your brothers and sisters be kids, even if it were just for a little longer."

This statement actually brought the guilty Faunus some comfort, those were his intentions back then. Tiger noticed Magenta on the ground with her weapon with her, the leader's hands were shaking as was she sweating.

"Hey Magenta, breathe out girl." Tiger reminded the girl.

It was odd, usually Magenta knew all there was to know about marksmanship and she could pop a boarbatusk's head from a mile and a half away nine out of ten times, and tenth time is because she sneezed or misfired.

Tiger looked where the sniper was pointing her rifle, what the Tiger saw he almost couldn't comprehend. He had been searching for so many years, he couldn't believe it. That stupid orange hair that covered his eye, that douche bag hat and cane. It was him!

Tiger looked back at his leader who had began to squeeze the trigger, making a running start towards City's Love barrel, Tiger kicked it upwards just in time when the shot had been fired. Magenta gave Tiger a very annoyed look, but Tiger was staring at Roman as he crouched down.

Everyone down in the abandoned town heard the shot and were looking for its source, luckily nobody had seen Magenta or Tiger.

"What the hell, I had him!" Magenta hissed silently as to not be detected.

"I said i'd be the one to kill him, now shut up, all those guys down there are white fang, they might be able to hear us." Tiger said placing his hand over his leader's mouth.

The girl tried to argue with her partner, but it fell on deaf ears as Tiger started down Roman all the way from his location. Tiger took his hand off Magenta's mouth so he wouldn't be touching her. His semblance was reacting to his emotions now, lightning sparking and erupting out of his aura. The tips of white began to glow white like Tiger's aura as well and his eyes becoming electric blue.

The raging faunus became livid that this man was still breathing, while his own siblings barely got to taste life. Tiger's grip on his talwar broke the skin of his palm causing him to bleed, he growled through his teeth like the very animal he had his traits from, like a Tiger. His neck arched and lowered repeatedly as did the volume of his growling until it exploded with one thing blowing the top off.

'I love you, big brother.' The last words of Ivory Gala, a white tiger awoke Tiger for battle.

Tiger let out the loudest Tiger roar he had ever made in his whole life echoing throughout Mt Glenn. This was not him giving into his animal instincts the power and fury of this roar itself personified Tiger frustration and sadness of his youth.

This let the few Faunus who weren't disoriented from Tiger's roar know their location. With a huff Tiger launched himself from his hiding place and down hill with his talwar drawn and his hood raised covering his ears. The white fang had seen the very pissed off hooded swordsman.

The terrorist group's guns were fired aiming at Tiger's vitals, which Tiger easily blocked the bullets and dust rounds with the flat of the talwar or sliced in half. The stripped faunus paid a quick visit to each member of the white fang, knocking them out with a quick yet powerful blow to their ear or a blow to the back of their heads with the back of Maya. Then for extra measure sliced the firearms that had been stolen for malevolent purposes.

Gala had made sure to incapacitate each and every white fang there was, to emphasise that his days killing Faunus were over and done with. Then finally Tiger had turned to face his dragon, Roman Torchwich letting his pressure and hate be known through his staring gaze towards this villain.

"Do you remember me?" The lightning walked slowly toward Roman with his free hand grasping and clocking the hammer back of Jungala.

"Can't say I do kid, but I gotta say you really better hope these guys wake up, otherwise i'll get real pissed." Roman smugly replied taking out it cigar he was tasting out of his mouth and crushing it on the ground.

Tiger closed his eyes allowing a breeze that was rolling by to unmask him and move his hood back, allowing Roman to get a good look at the Faunus from so long ago.

Roman's eyes went wide in disbelief that he was seeing someone he did business with before. Then came his own hysterical laughter, doubling over from how hard he was laughing.

"Awww, big kitty's here to get back at me for killing his baby sister, what was her name again? Irony?" Roman taunted, making a gun with his hand and pulling the trigger on his own head.

Tiger had, had enough and fired a shot knocking off Roman's hat with his quick draw. This made take Tiger seriously.

"Sorry to say big cat, but I don't do business with old clients." Roman stated pointing his Cudgel at Tiger. "Join your sister."

Roman fired a dust cannon shot to Tiger who knew of this weapon's power and sheathed his sword while Roman began to aim at the Faunus. The shoot came ringing through Tiger's ears signaling him to draw his blade similarly to how one draws a katana while coating the blade in his lightning. Only the swordsman spun himself around, raising his blade high with momentum from drawing the blade, then brought it down right before the cannonball entered Tiger's reach. The sword and met dust powered shot and easily sliced it two like a knife cutting fruit.

This surprised Roman as Tiger raised his head to meet his sight just as the now split dust shot exploded behind the Faunus. The fury of lightning being clearly seen in Tiger's eyes.

"Do business? Ha, no Roman...I'm here to kill you." Tiger said pointing his blade at Roman challenging him to a duel to the death.

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