Iago looked around, these new recruits surrounding him were nothing but a meager gathering of boys. Most of them had probably never been so far away from their parents. Pathetic, he thought to himself, I enlisted to be a part of the best, strongest army in the world, and these are my comrads? We wouldn't be able to fight off one trained soldier, let alone a whole army!

As Iago let his eyes wander the group, a particular face caught his attention. Maybe it was the chiseled jaw or the regal nose, but something about this recruit made him stand out among the rest. Maybe it was the fact that he looked more like a man, however he managed to keep a youthful glow around himself. Iago's eyes traveled away from the man's face and down his body. First the strong neck, it'd be hard to strangle him, he mused then the broad shoulders, revealing the modest muscles hidden by his tunic. Iago knew those muscles would easily double in size after a bit of training. Next Iago admired his slim waist, emphasized by the belt he wore and the sturdy legs that revealed themselves below them. Just turn a little he began to chant in his mind, turn and let me see that-

"So, these are the unlucky bastards they sent us today. What a pitiful lot, scattered about like some unwanted garbage." The officer who approached them didn't look amused. In fact, Iago thought he might even be hungover by the way he squinted in the sunlight. This is just humiliating. I wanted to gain experience and respect, and he's the man I have to take orders from?

As if answering Iago's thoughts. The officer continued, "My name is Remus and I will be your commanding officer. Once you have completed basic training with me you will be shipped off to Jupiter-knows where to protect this country. If you don't think you can be that far away from your mommy, maybe this line of business isn't for you. If that's the case, I suggest you kill yourself now, with your honor still intact. Here is my sword." Remus unsheathed his broadsword and plunged it into the ground between him and the recruits. Out of the corner of his eye, Iago watched as the boys around him squirmed. Stupid, cowardly, whiney, babies. My dogs back home are smarter than any of you and I haven't even trained them yet! This is so shameful. If these boys wanted to go humiliate themselves, why did they have to drag me and thick-neck with them. Instinctively Iago looked back at the angel-faced man behind him.