Harry's favorite color was red. There was just something about the color that felt good. It was both powerful and protective. The person in his dreams had fire hair. Harry wished he could have fire hair. Maybe if he was beautiful the Dursleys would like him. Harry knew he scared the neighbors. He was a problem child. There was something off about him. Harry wished he knew what was wrong with him.

If he knew what was wrong maybe he could fix it. Or at least he could try to. Harry always felt a little wrong. There was something that was just not quite the same as everyone else. He knew better than to just compare himself to Dudley. Dudley wasn't quite like the rest of the neighborhood too. But Harry was super different. Maybe it was his eyes? Or his scar? Harry remembered he had once heard Aunt Petunia whisper to herself "he has Lily's eyes." When Harry asked Aunt Petunia who Lily was he was sent to the cupboard. He never asked Aunt Petunia about that Lily person again.

He hoped Lily was the fire person from his dreams. If he could be like his dreams then everything would be okay.