Strange things happened around Harry. It did no good to try and explain because no one would ever believe him. There was a no questions policy at the Dursley residence, and no one else made the effort to explain things to Harry either.

By the time he was nine, Harry was sure that he got more haircuts than any other person in his year. It really didn't make sense to him. No matter how much the barber would trim off, his hair would be unruly and wild as ever. He thought back to a year ago when Aunt Petunia had been so mad at his hair that she used a pair of kitchen shears to chop off his hair, leaving just a small fringe to cover his 'freakish scar.' Harry hadn't slept that night, too anxious about the bullying he would get in addition to taunts about his already shabby appearance. Somehow, the next morning, his hair was exactly as it had been before! He'd been given a week in the cupboard as punishment. It just wasn't fair at all. As per usual, no one listened to him, even though Harry had absolutely no idea how his hair could've done that.

Aunt Petunia hated his scar. Harry thought it was the one cool thing about himself. He was too thin, with ashy skin and misfitting clothes and glasses. His lightning bolt shaped scar was a unique thing about him that could be considered interesting rather than unfortunate. Living under the stairs in a dark cupboard was not kind to his overall appearance and his glasses were a mess thanks to Dudley's love of punching him in the nose. Harry was actually amazed that his nose wasn't crooked. While Harry wasn't all that interested in fashion, he was sure that the oversized look of Dudley's cast-offs did nothing to improve the way he was seen by peers and strangers.

Recently, Aunt Petunia had tried to have him wear a horrible brown jumper with orange puff balls. It was something that Dudley had refused to wear now that he was a 'big boy'. Harry thought Dudders was more of a pig in a wig, or perhaps a whale with a toupee? Somehow when Aunt Petunia tried to pull it over his head, the smaller it became, until it might as well of been a doll outfit or something for a hand puppet. Thankfully she had decided the horrid jumper must have shrunk in the wash. Miraculously, Harry hasn't been punished.

It was almost something to celebrate when he wasn't punished. It seemed like everything he did would cause trouble in some way or another. Harry was glad he could still retreat into books and small dark spaces. There, he could dream. He often dreamed about flying on a motorcycle or bright flashes of light and a person with red hair. Harry was a bit embarrassed that he still called the person with red hair his special fire person. For some reason, he felt safe with that color yet he felt tense around the green flashes in his dreams. He always awoke with a headache when he had the nightmares of green light.

AN: A few more scenes of Harry and the Dursley's and then I think he'll be off to Hogwarts. How AU should I make this story? Any preferences?