Chapter 2 Off to see the Wizard

Carol looked at herself in the mirror and looked at reflection in the restroom mirror, with the faucet running. For a second she saw what she looked like before the accident that killed her Uncle. Before the accident she had red hair and emereld green eyes. She collapsed to the ground crying and holding her head because of the years of abuse she suffered at the Dursley's came back to haunt her.

"You worthless freak!" Vernons angry voice came.

"Kick her one more time dad!" Dudley's voice came.

"Your worthless parents left you with us, so now you are going to earn you keep!" Petunia's voice came.

She than told herself they couldn't hurt her anymore, remembering the space debris. The reason she looked like she does now is because of the space debris radiation fudementely altered her DNA. Not only giving her various super powers, it also changed her physical appearance, giving her golden blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes, a look that most girls would pay out of the nose for.

-September 1st 6:42 A.M. Outside Well's Fargo Bank-

"Fear the power of Stilt Man!" A man ontop of extandable metal stilts, currently 50 feet in the air. He was currently wearing a full body metal suit, gloves, and a helment the covered the top half of his face and currently having to large bags of cash that he robbed from the bank.

That was Carol, in her Ms. Marvel getup, slowly lowered herself to eyelevel to Stilt Man. She had her hands on her waist and a slightly ticked off look on her face.

"It's not even 7 and you had the gall to rob a bank before I had my breakfest!" She scolded the man.

"Who are you?" the man asked.

The caused Ms. Marvel eyebrow to twitch as she had been a super hero in this city for 2 years now and it's not like she's trying to keep a low profile.

Before Ms. Marvel could do anything a familiar voice cried out, "Timber!"

With that Stilt Man to fall face first toward the pavement but only to be caught by a giant spider web just before he hit the ground and a figure clad in red and blue was clinging to the side of the building.

"Hey M&M," Spider-Man stated in usual happy-go-lucky voice, "How's it hangin?"

This got a, "Hmmph," from Ms. Marvel.

"Some day I'm going to get a laugh out of you," Spider-Man stated with a grin hidden beneth his mask. "Laugh dang it or I'll tell everyone that you have a life size poster of me hanging on your bedroom wall!"

Ms. Marvel blushed at this and started flying away.

A lightbulb went off in Spidey's head, "No way! You really have a life size poster of me in your bedroom! How about a Spider-Man plushy or a lamp?" Spidey half joked as he swung after her.

"Get me down from this thing," A forgotten Stilt Man said from hanging tied up and upside down from a lamp post.

-Hogwarts September 1st 10:59 A.M.-

In his office at Hogwarts Dumbledore sat in his chair unsettled. Trelawney just gave another prophecy a few minutes ago. This is the second prophecy he had heard her give and he feared it's meaning.

'The forgotten child shall return

Given powers from the stars

The child bears the mark of lightning

The Hidden World shall quake and tremble

As the child has powers we know not.'

Dumbledore needed figure out this new prophecy, to make plans for this new prophecy and manipulate it to his favor.

-Hogwarts Express September 1st 11:46 A.M.-

On the train to Hogwarts a 14-year-old teenager who is a mirror image of James Potter, except for his eye whom was his mothers and a star shaped scar on his forehead, is currently sitting in a capartment along with his friends Ronald 'Ron' Weasly and Hermione Granger. The boys name is Sirius Potter. Sirius is currently showing off the various spells that he learned over the summer.

Hermione on the other hand is currently reading a book she managed to borrow from the Potter's personal family library, while half paying atttention to her friends.

"If You-Know-Who shows his ugly face again shows his face again this year he won't know what hit him," Sirius boasted and Ron agreed with him.

That was when the Junior Death Eater Trio, Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle decided to pop in.

"So Scar Head, are you going to enter?" Draco asked arrogontly.

"Enter what?" Ron asked.

"Shut up blood traitor." Draco sneered, "This year I'm going to show the entire school how unworthy you are for the Black fortune!"

"Where have I heard that threat before Ron?" Sirius asked in his usual arragont voice.

"I think he said it last year too," Ron replied, "and the year before that and the year before that too."

"Will you boys stop being so childish," Hermione said putting her 2 cents in, "We all know Draco can't do anything without daddy dearest holding his hand."

This got both to Sirius and Ron to snicker and Draco to see red, "No one asked you mudblood."

A minute later a prefect who was making his rounds noticed the 3 Slytherins hanging upside down in the hallway with large boils covering their faces outside of an empty capartment.

"What in bloody hell happened to you 3," the prefect asked. All he got in return was 3 painful groans.

Meanwhile in the golden trio's capartment Hermione said in a scolding voice, "You 2 are in so much trouble when we get to Hogwarts."

"Like the proffessors are going to punish us," Sirius replied, "They haven't really punished Draco for his actions for the past three years and on top of that I'm the 'boy-who-lived!'"

"Ya, what he said," Ron agreed with him and Hermione mearely rolled her eyes as her two friends relied heavely on Sirius's 'boy-who-lived' status to get out of trouble and to get what they want over the years.

-S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Current Location: ? September 1st 12:01 P.M. Eastern Standard Time-

Steve Rodgers or better known to the world as Captain America is currently in the carriers gymnasiem punching a black punching back. He stopped attacking the punching bag when he noticed Nick Fury in the corner holding a folder.

"Here for a mission sir?" Steve asked.

"In a matter of speaking," Fury responded, "Reports from Great Britain that a group of local terrorists are on the move again. The Queen herself asked us to investigate."

Fury handed the folder to Steve and he opened it up to see the file inside.

"So these 'Death Eaters' are a bunch of British Nazi's," Steve asked.

"In a matter of speaking," Fury replied. "I want you and a team to prevent this threat from growing any larger."

"I pick the team," Steve asked already knowing the team.

"You pick the team."

-Hogwarts after the Sorting-

"Before we begin the feast I'd like to make a few announcements," Dumbledore said in his granfatherly voice from standing in front of his seat at the staff table. "Filch has reminded me for the 563rd time that the Forbidden Forest is off limits to the students. Also this years Quidditch tournament has been cancelled."

This got a bunch of shouting from the four houses in protest and Dumbledore managed to continue.

"The reason is because our school is hosting the TwiWizard Tournament," Dumbledore announced and this got mumorings from most of the pure bloods and more than a few half bloods, "Eternal glory! That's what awaits the student who wins the Triwizard Tournament, but to do this, that student must survive three tasks. Three extremely dangerous tasks." This got more than half of the upper years excited and wanted to join. "But I'm setting the age line of 17-years-of-age because of the treamendous death toll."

"WHAT!" shouted the Weasley twins and emulated by many of those who were close to their 17th birthday but won't be for quite a while.

"We are expecting the other schools Beauxbatons and Dumstrung to show up on Halloween night and I expect for us to show our visitors a warm welcome when they arrive."

-New York City Carol's house 9:01 P.M.-

Carol came into her house after a long day of school, putting a few hours in at her job, and than a couple hours of patrol. When she turned on the lights in the kitchen she saw Captain America, in full uniform, standing in the kitchen.

Not knowing if the man standing in front of her was the genuine article or just some uber fanboy, she got in a fighting position.

"Easy there Carol," Captain America said trying to ease the tension, "I don't mean you any harm."

"How do I know you're the genuine article," Carol shot back.

The Captain mearely gave a cocked smile and replied, "I found your birth parents and they are very much alive." As he said this he got out a folder out from behind him and tossed it to Carol, which she caught.

Not willing to take her eyes off the Captain she glanced at the folder and her eyes widened in shock.

"So are you in?"

Carol gave a slightly evil smile in response.

To Be Continued...

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