Chapter 6 Dates and Schemes

-November 25h, Hogwarts Courtyard 10:01 A.M.-

"Coulson," Dumbledore said as he came up behind the middle aged man and he turned around to great the Hogwarts Headmaster, "I must applaud your students perfermonce yesterday against the dragon."

Coulson didn't show any emotion as he retained his professioalism, and asked, "Even though you gave her such a low score?"

"I was grading her on her magical knowledge and skill," Dumbledore replied back, "She showed neither of these when she got so physical with the poor mother dragon. So I must ask where did she such a spell to increase her phyiscal might to surpass a dragon?"

"She didn't perform any magic, herself, to do such a feat," Coulson replied, which got a raised eyebrow from Dumbledore, "I'm afraid I can't tell you more than that as it has been 'swept it under the rug,' so to speak. You understand, don't you?

"I afraid I do," Dumbledore replied, "My government has done more than its fair share of 'sweeping things under the rug', as you put it."

"Now if you excuse me, I have a meeting with my 'Champion' about a certain ball that is coming up," Coulson said as he excused himself and straightened his tie.

-November 25h, Hogwarts Great Hall 12:03 P.M.-

Carol was sitting among her fellow 'students' of Shield Academy having lunch and talking about the Yule Ball that was coming in a month.

"So Carol," Jennifer stated to her friend, who was sitting on her right, "Any idea who your date is goin' to be?"

"No," Carol replied as she looked passed her friend and looked at a certain boy sitting in the same row as her, the same boy she had a life size poster hanging on her wall at home, "But I do have my eyes on someone that I wouldn't mind going with."

"Oh, ho," Jennifer said in a teasing manner, "My tomboy best friend has finally noticed a boy! The same girl who led her all boy team all the way to the national championships, in bother soccer and basketball, when she was a wee girl. So tell me all the juicy details do I..."

"Jennifer," Carol shouted in a hushed tone as she covered her friends mouth, as she was blushing like mad.

As Jennifer finally got Carol to remove her friends hand from her mouth and said, "You have a body most girls would sell their soul for and boys would be happy with while hanging from their arms to show off to their friends..."

"Good afternoon ladies," Sirius Potter interupted as he ploped himself right in between Jennifer and Carol.

Carol just had a blank look on her face as she stared at the youngest champion, "You know it's rude to interrupt a conversation like you did, 'little boy?'"

Sirius flinched when Carol called him a little boy and continued on like nothing has happened, "I heard that their is a ball in a month..."

"Pass," Jennifer stated as she stood up with her plate of food and walked away.

"So anyway..." Sirius continued.

"Not interested," Carol said as she followed her friends lead.

Carol stopped as her path was blocked by James Potter, the DADA professor, "Are you going to listen to my sons offer, Ms. Denvers?"

"Not really, Mr. Potter, or is it Professor," Carol replied, "I never really got the difference between addressing the teachers hear in the UK compared to the US. Anyway he was going to ask me to ball and I'm not interested in going with him to the ball. To be blunt, he is not my type."

"You should be honoured that my son is taken an interest in a muggleborn such as yourself," James stated and Sirius was getting up from the table drawing his wand as spectactors watched with interest and Coulson had a hand over his face as if he knew what was going to happen. "He is the boy-who-lived after all."

"Still not interested, and for your information, Americans don't care about blood status, and though technically speaking, by your societies standards, I'm a half-blood who was adopted by a non-magical family," Carol said with a bored expression over her face and tried to pass the elder Potter.

James grabbed Carol's left arm as she tried to pass, out of reflix Carol let go of her plate, with both of her hands, and used an open palm thrust against the elder Potters chest causing him to flinch in pain as he let go of her and slid back from her and the younger Potter cast, "Stupefy," against her and Carol lazily dodged the spell and the elder Potter set up a shield charm just in time. Carol retaliated by lifting her left leg she slammed it down hard enough to cause a slight tremor in the Great Hall, enough for Sirius to lose his balance and fall on his butt, and Carol's plate finally hit the ground scattering her meal onto the ground.

Carol looked down at her plate and sighed as she said, "Now that is a waste of perfectly good food."

"Denvers, to my office now!" Coulson said.

"Yes sir," Carol replied back with a mock salute.

"Dumbledore I expected your staff to act professionally while we were here and not harass their guests," Coulson said to the aged Headmaster, "I expect your Professor will be punished accordingly, along with his son."

"I will deal with them," Dumbledore said, holding in his anger.

As everyone else was distracted with the events that happened in front of them they didn't notice a certain bushy haired bookworm pulled out a flask that was hidden in her uniform and quickly drank from it and put it back before anybody noticed. Except for a gruff looking Candain who noticed the foul oder coming from it from where he was seated, he didn't do or say anything except for pushing up his cowboy style hat with his index finger as he looked on.

Inside Coulson's office, Coulson sat behind his desk and Carol stood in front of him.

"I must applaud your self restraint against the Potters, all things considered," Coulson said with a hint of emotion.

"I since a but," Carol stated with a bit on annoyance in her voice as she put a hand on on her hip.

"But while we're here, you and the other students must refrain from using your powers to much," Coulson stated, "You don't know the number of strings we had to pull for some of the teens here, such as Kurt or Greer, we don't need more unpleasentness."

"They saw what I did with the dragon," Carol replied, defending herself, "they probably think what I did was the same 'spell' I used against it."

"True," Coulson replied, "Dumbledore is started getting curious and we don't want him snooping where he doesn't need to be. For example he might find about your past, the same past that you are trying to forget."

Carol's eyes widened before she regained composure, "Like he can send me back, it will raise to many questions if he did."

"Even so, keep your head down," Coulson advised, "Don't forget the reason why we are here."

"I'll try to keep from using my abilities while we are here," Carol reassured the man, "You know why I have no real emotional attachments to this place or the people who live here."

"Except the Potters," Coulson stated and Carol gritted her teeth as he said that, "After today I'll have issue of getting the father to back off, for now, but I can't say the same for the other two."

"I know," Carol retorted, "Sexual harrassment of a foriegn student in an internaternal event can cause diplomatic problems, and a bunch of headaches."

Coulson smirked as she said that.

-December 6th, Location ? 2:39 A.M.-

Carol in her Ms. Marvel uniform along with Kurt Wagner, in his X-Men uniform, and Dr. Steven Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme inside a cave standing beside an underground lake.

Kurt looked down in the lake and said, "Vhat is down zere?"

"Inferi," Strange answered, "Dark magic placed upon corpses of the dearly departed to weak havoc on the living. I suspect that they are triggered when we try approaching the place, other than using the boat." Causing the three to look at a rickedy old wooden boat that looked like it could bearley hold them.

"In other words, don't touch the water," Ms. Marvel stated.

"That is correct," Strange replied.

"Vhat are ve vaiting for," Kurt asked as he 'bamfed' over to the center of the lake leaving the other two with a sulfer smell where he once was standing.

Ms. Marvel rolled her eyes as she started flying where he teleported to and Strange followed. As they touched down on the tiny island and in the middle was a basin filled with a strange liquad that appeared to almost like water, but it was thicker than it should be.

"I suppose this is some sort of trap too," Ms. Marvel stated as peered inside to see a locket at the bottom of the basin.

"You are indeed correct," Strange answered as his hands glowed over the basin. "Undoing the curse upon this is no easy feet."

"Can you do it?" Kurt asked as he looked nervously at the lake.

"Aye, but it'll take time," Strange replied as he worked his magic..

"Take your time," Ms. Marvel said, "It's not like this place gives me a bad feeling or anything."

"You can say zat again, OW!" Kurt cried out as he rubbed the back of his head from Carol's slap in the back of his head.

"Exactly why do we want to destroy this locket again?" Ms. Marvel asked, ignoring the glares from the blue furred mutant.

"Because Britains so called 'Dark Lord' anchored his soul to this plane of existance by using a dark ritual to split his soul and put them in 7 differents items on the physical plane. So long as they are intact he can never move on. Though he is not on the same level of threat as most of my job come by, I cannot allow such foul magic to exist in the first place!"

"Oh and here I thought he would have created some sort of magical weapon of mass destruction, that would have spread a lot of terror" Ms. Marvel replied in a sarcastic tone as she looked around. "And you brought us along, why?"

"I may need your assistance if things, how do you kids these days put it, turn hairy."

Ms. Marvel snorted and Kurt was laughing nervously as he tried to hide behind the blonde girl.

"Finished," Strange stated as the glow around his hands faded and the liquid drained from the basin and as Ms. Marvel picked it up the lid opened up a note appaired inside of it.

The note read 'To the Dark Lord, I know I will be dead long before you read this but I want you to know that it was I who discovered your secret. I have stolen the real Horcrux and intend to destroy it as soon as I can. I face death in the hope that when you meet your match you will be mortal once more. R.A.B.'

"So ve came all zis vay for nothing," Kurt said in frustration and kicked a rock in frustration and before anyone could react the rock fell into the lake causing the inferi to moving toward the island.

"KURT!" Ms. Marvel yelled out as the copses started coming toward them and try and drag them down into the watery depths. Ms. Marvel shot out a golden beam of energy towards the oncoming horde, causing many to become immobile and Strange put up a purple dome over them to protect them from the oncoming horde.

"Nightcrawler, get us out of here," Strange ordered and the boy nooded as he grabbed hold of both of his companions but nothing happened.

"Sorry guys but somethings blocking my 'porting," Kurt stated.

"Of course, the badguys never make it easy," Ms. Marvel said with frustration laced in her voice.

"Ms. Marvel, make a whole in the ceiling," Strange ordered. She looked up and saw that the Sorcerer Surpreme made a whole in his dome.

"On it," Ms. Marvel replied as she poured on the juice to make the hole big enough for them.

As soon as Ms. Marvel saw moonlight she cut back on her beams and grabbed Kurt and then she followed Strange as he levitated out of the cave.

"Ve should have ze Hulk instead of me," Kurt laughed at his lack of contribution. "OW!" Ms. Marvel slapped him in the back again.

"We should do something about them," Ms. Marvel stated, "We don't want someone accidently coming onto this place and falling for the this trap."

"Agreed," Strange said, "But cleansing this place of its dark magic will require some time."

"This place won't going anywhere," Ms. Marvel replied, "Plus we need to find out who R.A.B. is."

-December 6th, Shield Jet: Girls Dorms 7:39 A.M.-

Carol is currently under her covers, on her side, when she felt someone poked her in the shoulder and she swatted it away as she groaned and then she turned over on her other side to continue sleeping. That was when she felt the poke again.

"Go away," Carol mumbled in her sleep as she swatted the hand away again.

"It's time to get up," a familiar feminane voice whispered in her ear.

"Go away Jess," Carol mumbled, "Some of us where up to at least 3:30 last night."

"The Potter boy is here asking for you," Jessica answered.

"Tell him to go away," came Carol's mumbled replied.

"We did," Jessica stated in a matter of fact tone, "Luke's this close to throwing the kid into the lake for making him miss his game."

"It's recorded."

"I know."

"What does the boy want now?"

"Same as the last dozen times."

"The answer is still no." Carol stated as she curled up in her bed.

"He brought a bushle of roses."

"Tell him I already have a date for the ball." Carol said as lazily opened one eye.

"You so don't," Jessica replied in a monotone voice with a mischeavous grin.

"Yes be he doesen't know that."

"Doesn't he know that know?"

"Nope," Carol replied as she now sitting up in her bed, stretching.

"On another note," Jessica changing the subject, "Have you figured out the egg yet? I can't believe I just said that."

Carol got up and walked toward her locker and she opened it, grabbed the golden egg, before tossing it to Jessica, "Listen it underwater. I'm going to change so Luke doesn't do anything stupid with the Goatwarts 'Champion.'"

Jessica giggled at the misproununcation but didn't say anything.

-Outside the Jet-

Sirius Potter is currently in a shouting match with Luke Cage, with Ron Weasley by his side. It was also gathering a crowd from each of the schools.

"Stop blocking my path to my one true love," Sirius shouted at the black wall of muscle that is Luke Cage. "She needs a real man to protect her!"

Luke snorted in amusement, "I'm not protecting her kid. I am protecting you."

"Like she could hurt me," Sirius said doubtfully.

"Do you remember what she did to that dragon?" Luke asked, "She passed it under 30 seconds without a single scratch on her! She actually hurt the dragon more than it hurt her. You on the other hand spent the 2 nights in the hospital recovering from dragon burns and the dragon nest nearly completly destoryed and you got a lucky shot in."

"She is my future bride!" Sirius countered.

"Pass," Carol said in a bored tone as she walked out of the jet, along with Jessica.

Startled Sirius, but Ron was quick on the uptake, "Pass what do you mean pass? He's the greatest wizard since Dumbledore!"

"Really? Because all I see is a little boy who believes himself to be a man," Carol replied as she used a bad french accent to say 'little boy.'

"I'm not a little boy," Sirius shouted, "I defeated You-Know-Who!"

"Who," Jessica questioned.

"The Juggernaut," Peter asked.

"Who," Sirius asked.

"Caine Marko, step-brother of Xavier," Kurt answered.

"No, the Dark Lord, You-Know-Who," Ron stated.

"Sauron?" Jessica asked again.

"NO!" Sirius and Ron replied in unison.

"The Dark Lord V-v-voldemort," Sirius stuttered

"Oh, why didn't you say so in the first place," Peter said.

"I did!" Sirius responded.

"No you said, 'You-Know-Who', and we did not know who this 'You-Know-Who,' is this V-v-voldemort," Peter replied with a fake stuttering. "In fact I don't know any Dark Lords with their names starting with 3 V's."

"I think he means Voldement," Carol stated noticing the flinching of the 2 Hogwarts students, "Seriesuly? You claim you have defeated this big bad as an infant and you can't even say his name properly! I bet they won't last 10 minutes in New York."

This caused several of the Americans to chuckle.

"The Dark Lord is the most dangerous man since the 1940's," Sirius shouted.

"How about Von Doom?" asked Greer.

"Who?" came Sirius's and Ron's reply. Greer mearley raised an eyebrow at this.

Carol face palmed as turned around and headed back into the jet.

"Wait!" Sirius shouted but Carol continued on walking, "I want you to go to the Yule Ball with me."

"I don't date children," came Carol's response.

To Be Continued...