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All was well in Arendelle. It was a sunny peaceful afternoon. Over all, the village seemed to be in piece, after the fiasco of the "Eternal Winter" was over with. Everyone was happy that they had their Queen back, and that she seemed happy, and at piece with herself and her powers. The two royal sisters were getting along better than ever. Anna was starting a relationship with Kristoff, and the agreed to start out slow, go on a few dates and midnight walks here and there. Elsa was happy that Anna was happy, and not rushing and jumping into things like marriage. Olaf, Sven, and Kristoff were living at the castle with the two sisters, and were loving every minute of it, especially Olaf. Kristoff still went and say his troll family a few times a week. They always asked about Anna and him. They also asked about the Queen; they all wanted to know how she was doing. He, of course, would do his best to answer all, if not, most of their questions, after all, quite a few of them were really embarrassing.

All of a sudden, the piece was disturbed. It started to snow, the temperature dropped, not by a lot, and it started to get really windy. That would have been normal, had it not been in the middle of summer. It had alarmed quite a few people, the ones who lived in the castle especially. Because of recent events, a lot of people were thinking, and even asking aloud: Is there something wrong with the Queen? Is Queen Elsa okay? I hope something bad didn't happen to her.

Anna was thinking pretty much the same thing. She immediately ran to go find Elsa. Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf caught up with her shortly after, thinking the same thing. They eventually found a confused and a little nervous/scared Elsa running to the entrance of the castle.

"Elsa!" Anna screamed, worried, for her sister's attention.

Elsa immediately stopped in her place, and turned around to face the person who called her, both with worried expressions on their faces.


The villagers all had very similar ideas. The entire village, and by entire village, I mean the entire village, started running to the castle. They all exchanged some worried glances, and small conversations with one another. They were all so worried for their Queen; they couldn't even stop their children from following them with the same ideas and thoughts. Some were even carrying their babies who, surprisingly enough, also had worried expressions on their faces. (Those are some smart babies, but really, with what the whole village, including them, had been through, who could blame them?)

When they had managed to get to the gates, the strongest men went to the front and busted open the gates. (Hey, don't underestimate what people are capable of when their worried. Especially if it's an older sister worried about her younger brother, or a village who thinks their Queen is in trouble.) When the gates were open, they found the occupants, including the staff, all gathered in the plaza, looking at Elsa with worried expressions on their faces. Elsa almost looked scared.

Now that the entire village was gathered in the plaza, everyone started shouting questions, mainly directed at their Queen.
Kristoff stood in-between the two (the ones who live in the castle, and the rest of the village), and shouted, "QUIET!"

Everyone instantly stopped asking their questions, and went silent.

"Thank you." Kristoff then turned around to face Elsa and asked, "Queen Elsa is something wrong? Did something happen? Are you okay?"

"Kristoff, how many times have I told you? Call me Elsa. And, I don't know." Elsa replied.

One of the castle staff asked, "My Queen, forgive me for asking, but what do you mean, you do not know?"

Elsa then replied a little worried, her voice shaking ever so slightly, "Well, I'm not doing this."

To say that this worried everyone was an understatement.

A loud, but soft, female voice then spoke out, "Do not worry." The voice seeming to have a bit of an echo to it.

Everyone jumped as the silence was interrupted by the strange, loud voice that no one recognized.

Everyone then started looking around for the owner of the new voice.

"Do not bother looking around, for I am not among you." The voice explained. (What's up with me talking to them formally? XD)

That confused everyone. Everyone was still looking around, some for the owner of the voice still, others for hope of further explanation.

"Please do not fret, for I do not mean you any harm. I just wish to show you something." The voice continued.

"Uhh.. What do you wish to show us?" Anna called out a little scared.

"Please know that I am a little hesitant about telling you, out of fear that you will not wish to see it." The voice replied a bit nervously.

"Will you please tell us?" Elsa joined in.

The voice complied, a little hesitant, "Alright. I wish to show you a movie. Now before you ask, a movie is like a bunch a moving pictures, or paintings, with sound, like someone speaking or running."
Olaf, jumping in, excited, then confused, "Alright! That sounds like fun! Wait, what's this movie going to be about?"

"You see, Olaf, that's what I'm hesitant to tell you about, out of fear that you will not comply." The voice responded to the ever-so happy, hyper, and excited, like always (Just the way we like him :-D) Olaf.

"Whoa, wait. Hang on, how do you know his name is Olaf?" Anna questioned with an accusing glare.

"Aw man. I was gonna say that." Kristoff stated a little upset.

"Well you gotta be faster next time." Anna retorted.

The voice remained silent; choosing to not answer.

Olaf gasped and raised his head, much like he did after Anna had thawed. Then excitedly asked, "Am I in the movie?"

The voice, deciding to respond this time, said, "Why, yes Olaf. You are. In fact, I believe all of you make an appearance at least once. But this movie is mainly focused on you 5, plus Hans."

Many looked disgusted at the mention of Hans's name being said.

The voice, amused, then said, "Don't worry about him. He's in The Southern Iles working in the Horses stables picking up horse poop."

Manny laughed, and said things like, "Ewww" "Gross" "Serves him right" "Well he got what he deserves" "That's disgusting" and so on.

Then Kristoff spoke out, "Wait. The 5 of us?"

"You, Elsa, Anna, Sven, and Olaf. Duh." The voice spoke out matter-of-factly.

The voice then noticed something, "Oh, I'm sorry. You're all cold. I didn't realize. Please. Set into the castle, and into the Ballroom. I have everything set up for you to watch the movie there."

Since nearly everyone was shivering slightly, because of the temperature steadly dropping, except for Elsa, complied, and made their way to the Ballroom. The ones who lived in the castle went first.