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. . .

The Far Horizon

Chapter 1: The Hellmouth

It was late afternoon as the old Chevy truck turned off the highway, and rumbled along an old dirt road for a few minutes. The ground rose, and they crested a hill. The truck continued for a few minutes until it cruised to a stop at the top of the hill, overlooking the small town of Sunnydale, in Southern California. The place had once been bustling, a busy coastal town with schools and universities, bars and clubs, now it was virtually a ghost town. The vampires had seen to that.

In the passenger seat Faith Lehane leaned forward and peered out the window. Looking down at the town in fascination. It wasn't often she and her partner-in-crime got this type of opportunity, not since Cleveland had they been in a place like this.

"So," she murmured, leaning back in her seat and lighting up a cigarette, "this is the Hellmouth, hey?" She took a drag on the cigarette, wound the window down halfway and blew the smoke out into the night.

"Doesn't look like much does it?" her partner, Dean, drawled lazily, causing Faith to snort in amusement. Dean Winchester, or as Faith liked to call him "Sex on legs" was a Hunter. A demon hunter, to those unfamiliar with the term. His father, wrecked with grief over the death of his wife, dragged him and his baby brother away from their burnt out home and across the country. Spending the next decade chasing demons and all other manner of nasties. From the age of five he learned to fight demons, shoot a gun and research the monsters they were chasing as his father continued to search for the demon that had killed his mother.

He was almost 25 now, and had stepped out of his father's shadow. He hadn't seen his dad in over a year, his little brother was in Stanford, in his first year of Law, and by all accounts doing well too. Dean was on his own. He had brought the lime green 1980 Chevy Truck dirt cheap because it didn't run, fixed the old girl up and started on his own hunting trip across America.

He stopped in small highway towns, following up on weird and unexplained occurrences. More of the time it was ghosts, and more occasionally creatures or demons. He had even met a werewolf once or twice.

He had been on the road for a while when he cruised into Boston on the East Coast of the country, on the trail of a nest of vampires. He arrived just in time to watch from the sidelines, axe in hand, mouth open in shock to observe Faith as she made quick work of the nest. Dusting vampires as if she was born for it.

Which - he later found out - she was.

When the last vampire was dust Faith had turned around, tossing her hair behind her head and giving him a winning smile. "Hey there," she said, her eyes giving him the quick once over, "I'm Faith."

Dean swallowed the lump in his throat, transferred the axe to his left hand and held out his right to shake. "I'm Dean," he said as she stepped forward and shook the offered hand.

She tucked the stake into the waistband of her jeans and crossed her arms over her chest. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

His eyes narrowed, "I could ask you the same question," he said, not liking her attitude one bit.

"I asked you first," Faith snapped right back at him

He sighed annoyed. He didn't think she would freak out at the news that demons and vampires were real, considering he had just seen her kill the whole nest - unlike most of the women he told when he stumbled on a job. No, he just wasn't used to telling people what he did, this was a risky business, and the more people who knew who he was and what he did made it harder.

The less people who knew about the things that went bump in the night, the less people he had to look out for. He looked after his brother – before he went off to law school and abandoned the rest of the family, and he watched his father's back when he used to be around. But he couldn't afford to look after anyone else.

He didn't want to watch anyone else die.

"I'm hunting vampires," he said eventually, figuring he couldn't stall any more.

"I can see that," she said evenly, "The axe is a bit of a giveaway. Maybe I should have asked why?" she admitted.

"My mother was killed by a Demon, my father took up the fight soon after and I've been doing it ever since. Why are you?"

"I was Called to it," she said cryptically, causing him to frown in confusion.

"I'm a Slayer," she clarified, finally unfolding her arms and walking over to him. "The Chosen One."

"Chosen? Chosen for what?"

She laughed, "Wow, you really are a newbie aren't you?" she said with surprise.

"Hey, I am no rookie, I've been doing this since I was five years old. Stop being a condescending bitch," he said in annoyance, then he paused. "What's a Slayer?"

She laughed again. "A Vampire Slayer?" she swept her arms out to indicate the dust on the floor. "I kinda, do this for a living. Only I've never seen a pay check in my life."

He's eyes widened. He had never heard of this before. "Tell me more," he said earnestly.

So looked at him closely, he was the most unusual guy she had ever met. She had made the mistake of telling a few guys she had been keen on just exactly what she did. The first had run in the other direction, unable to come to terms with the spiny red demon drooling in front of him, the other had called the cops on her and called her crazy.

She didn't know which one was worse.

She knew Dean was different, he already knew what was out there. He wouldn't call her crazy.

"I don't know how much more there is to tell," she said honestly. "But there is something my Watcher used to say to me. 'Into every generation, there is a chosen one. One girl in all the world. She alone will wield the strength and skill to stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness." She shrugged. "It's a little too 'doom and gloom' for my taste, but as far as intro's go it does alright."

Dean continued to stare at her. "So, this is kind of a …witch thing?" he asked suspiciously. He hated witches.

She shook her head. "No. It's a Slayer thing. Fighting Vampires and demons is what I do. It's a Calling, I'm born to it – I didn't get a choice, not really, and once I knew what was out there I wanted to fight."

"What does it mean by 'strength?"" he asked.

"I'm a fair bit stronger than the average human," she admitted quietly, "it comes with the Slayer gig."

He frowned again, contemplating her answers. "How long have you been doing this?" he asked slowly.

Faith shrugged, "A year, give or take a month or so."

"How old are you?"

"Legal," she said with a cheeky grin.

Dean narrowed his eyes angrily, unamused. "That's not what I meant and you know it."

Faith rolled her eyes with a huff, putting her hands on her hips. "18."

Dean frowned, tapping the side of the axe against his boot, thinking. She knew how to fight – that was obvious – she was tough, and could hold her own. More importantly he found he liked her attitude, she reminded him of himself. He wasn't used to Hunting with anyone beside his family, but he had been in enough scrapes to know that it was better to have someone at your back. He didn't want to put anyone in danger, but he had a feeling that this chick wasn't one to get in trouble often.

He could use the help.

"So, you wanna hunt with me?" he asked her, making up his mind.

Faith looked taken aback, and she frowned at him. "What?" she snapped.

Dean sighed, and waved his axe towards the remnants of the vampires. "I do this too, only I'm not born to it. Normally I hunt alone, but I sure could use some backup."

Faith shrugged "My Watchers been dead for a few months now, I'm pretty much doing my own thing anyway. So, yeah. Why not," she muttered.

Dean smiled. "Awesome."

"But let's get one thing straight," she said seriously.

"What's that?" he asked amused.

"I'm nobody's back up, buddy. You're working with me."

Dean raised his eyebrows, a slow grin spreading across his face. "Yes, ma'am" he said with a mock salute. He liked this girl already.

. . .

It had been almost six months since they had met in the warehouse in Boston. Since then they had criss-crossed the country, following the trails of the things they hunted. Faith – Dean found out- could track vampires and most other demons with her senses alone. Her sight, hearing and sense of smell was more heightened then an average human. (Though not as strong as the things they hunted.) She was faster than he was, stronger than he was, and healed twice as fast. Once he had seen her break her arm, and it had been healed a few days later. It had taken him almost 6 weeks to heal his when he had gone over the handlebars of his bike when he was a kid.

He taught her how to fight and track ghosts, how to tell a witch from a warlock, and how to tell when a werewolf was in town.

He even taught her how to use a gun. The resulting conversation one he wouldn't forget in a hurry. As a general rule the Slayer didn't use guns, tradition weapons being just as effective against demons. But Dean was a Hunter and his father's old rifle, and his various pistols and handguns were his go-to weapon for almost every demon he came across. The range of bullets you could get on the black market ranged from wooden – tipped to silver or Iron.

Faith was more than happy to learn. Handled with respect and care a gun could be useful against those she fought. They were less conspicuous then a broadsword and more accurate than a crossbow.

She was a natural, shooting at a target accurately within a few hours of practice.

The easy friendship that had come naturally to them soon turned into something more. Close living arrangements, and action packed fights filled with danger and death were a recipe for heightened emotions, and more than once they found the night ending in each other's arms.

If was never anything formal, but neither of them were prepared to end it either.

They made their way inland, visiting the Great Lakes, Ohio and Illinois. Then they travelled south, over the Appalachians and through Virginia and the Carolina's. The weather turned and with it they decided to head west. Through the bible belt of the southern states, through the deserts of Nevada and Arizona into southern California. Where they had found their latest assignment.

Sunnydale, California.

The quaint little seaside town was home to one of the most destructive forces on Earth. A Hellmouth. There was only one other in North America, in Cleveland, Ohio which they had visited late the year before.

Sunnydale had once a bustling small town with a population of thousands, but it was also a town with a very big secret. It was a Hellmouth, a place - Dean explained to Faith as they stopped for the night along Highway 66 – was a convergence of magical energy. In the shadow of a Hellmouth the weird and wonderful gathered. . Attracting the things that go bump in the night, vampires, demons and all matter of other nasties. It wasn't uncommon for strange things to happen, things unexplainable using normal science.

This one was rumoured to be run by vampires, and Faith and Dean were determined to find out why.

Looking down on the town from the top of the hill it didn't look like much. But driving through was another story altogether.

There was nobody around as Dean drove through the town. Faith had her head turned around to look out the window, watching as they passed burnt out and abandoned cars, boarded up shops, and dark alleyways. The sun was starting to set. They needed to find a safe place to stay the night soon – or risk being preyed upon by the undead population of the city.

"Tell me again what you're father's journal said about this place." Faith asked, turning her head around and giving him a smile.

"Apparently this vampire, who is over a thousand years old has spent years trying to open the Hellmouth. He was trapped underground after an earthquake hit the region in the 30's. But a few years ago he got out. And has tried to open the Hellmouth ever since."

"Half the town are vampires aren't they?" Faith confirmed.

"Yeah, there are very few human's left, only a few hundred out of ten thousand."

Businesses' closed before sundown, people no longer roamed the streets at night, even the kids stayed inside and did their homework. To walk the town at night was a death sentence for everyone but a select few.

They drove a little further, passing a coffee shop closed for the night.

"Go down here," Faith said quietly. Dean nodded, slowing and turning down a smaller street. They past an unused cinema, and an old club called 'The Bronze" In the dwindling sunlight it was deserted, but Faith new this would be the hotspot for the undead when night finally fell.

Dean continued to drive, they headed out of the commercial part of town, passing the school, and some houses. Dean turned down another street and stopped in the driveway of a house that was looking a little worse for wear. The grass at the front of the house was overgrown, weeds running rampant. Paint was peeling from the doorway, tiles were missing from the room, one of the windows was smashed, and the rest were covered with wooden planks.

He turned the key, letting the ignition die. Faith opened the door and hopped out, grabbing their bags from the tray as Dean grabbed the weapons. He locked the car and together they walked up the driveway to the house. It was locked, but Dean made short work with a lock pick and a bit of patience.

When the door was finally opened, they found the house looked even worse on the inside. Half the ceiling had caved in, walls were kicked in, and there was rubbish all over the front part of the house. There was a moth eaten couch in one of the back rooms, together they dragged it into the dining room, next to the kitchen.

Dean went out the back and reconnected the gas. Faith took the saucepan from their bag, and a can of soup and started heating up dinner on the stove as Dean walked around the house, salting the window ledges and doorways.

When the soup heated they sat on the couch and started to eat. It wasn't much, but with the bread they had bought at a roadhouse that morning it was edible, and filled them up.

Tomorrow they would have time to buy a proper meal.

Maybe even some pie.

Faith and Dean ate in comfortable silence, they were used to it. Time on the road meant they knew each other pretty good now, and were comfortable in each other's presence. After they finished Faith washed the dishes and put them back in the bag, then she curled up next to Dean on the couch and put her head on his shoulder. They were both tired. "Wake me up in a few hours," she muttered, closing her eyes.

"Yeah," he agreed quietly, kissing the top of her head and putting his arm around her waist, holding her against him. He closed his eyes and settled back into the couch, falling asleep next to her.

. . .

A few hours later, Dean shook Faith awake. She groaned and stirred, coming awake with a yawn. They got up, Faith ran her hands through her hair.

They grabbed their weapons, Faith put her trusty stake into the pocket of her leather jacket, and Dean grabbed his shotgun and stuffed a hunting knife in the sheath at the small of his back. They walked outside, and Dean closed the door behind them.

They headed into the centre of town. Now that it was dark there was nobody on the streets. High above them the full moon shone brightly. Dean parked the car in an alleyway behind a little shop It was only a few minutes' walk to the center of town. They knew the Bronze was a vampire hotspot, and decided to avoid it for time being. Tonight was strictly recon.

Or so they thought.

They had only been walking for a little while before they were surrounded. The vampires coming out of the shadows, grinning fiercely. Dean and Faith both stopped.

"Well, that didn't work," Dean muttered with a sigh as Faith laughed quietly.

"Well boy's look what we got here!" one of them said around a mouthful of fangs, "Dinner!" His bright yellow eyes roaming over Faith's curves as he smiled. The vampire was tall, close to Dean's height but with twice as much bulk. His goonies, spread out behind him, were a rag-tag mix.

Dean pulled his gun from the waistband of his jeans and clicked the safety off. Wooden tipped bullets were loaded into the pistol, all he had to do was get the heart. For the moment he kept the bun pointed to the floor. He waited, no use shooting before he had worked out who to shoot first.

Beside him Faith hadn't moved. She crossed her arms over her chest, and tilted her head to the side. Regarding the men with disinterest. "Was that meant to be intimidating? Cause it's just falling short. Do you want a do-over?"

"What?" the vampire asked, confused.

Faith smirked, and pulled the stake from her jacket pocket. "I guess not."

The vampires backed up, a few looked scared. The leaders eyes widened in shock. "You're a Slayer!" he hissed angrily, biting back a growl.

"You've heard of me?" Faith said with a grin, tilting her head to the side and flicking her hair over her shoulder. "Aww, shucks, fellas."

The vampire could do nothing but growl as Faith leaped forward, surprising it with her speed as she attacked. Dean followed, targeting a vampire on the left who looked like he wanted to do nothing but run, raising raised his pistol, and firing. That vampire died quickly, a bullet in the heart, but there were still a half dozen ready and waiting.

Faith was quick, the vampire she was fighting was not quick enough. He stumbled, earning a stake in the heart for his troubles. Faith stepped back with a smile and turned to the next one.

A female vampire snarled angrily and attacked Dean, her mouth opened wide, fangs glistening in the moonlight. She grabbed him around the shoulders, and slammed him into the wall. He yelled, the gun dropping from his hand and skittering across the floor. Digging long sharp nails into his shoulders the vampire bit down at the exposed flesh at the base of his neck. Dean cried out and grabbed at her arms. Blood was pouring down his neck, but he kept his cool. Using all his strength he managed to push her body away from his. As a small gap formed between them he quickly used his free hand to reach down and grab the knife from the small of his back and plunge it into her chest. It was metal, and couldn't kill her but that didn't mean it didn't hurt like crazy. The vampire screamed and stumbled back.

Dean gasped, and put a hand over his bleeding neck, backing up. He was breathing hard. He put his knife back in his pocket and grabbed the discarded gun from the floor. He straightened, aimed the gun right at the vampire's chest and fired quickly. The wooden tipped bullet flew through the air at lightning speed and buried itself in her heart. She screamed, before exploding into a pile of dust.

On the other side of the alley Faith was battling the last two vampires. Piles of dust covered the floor between them. Dean rushed over to help, he pulled the bigger vampire away from her, placed his pistol against the vampire's chest and fired again. Dust filled the air and Dean stepped back, coughing and shaking his hand in front of his face to clear it.

Meanwhile Faith had killed the last vampire but staking it in the heart. When she turned around she was breathing hard, but she was smiling. She flicked the hair out of her face, "I needed that," she said with a smirk, pocketing the stake.

She walked over, reaching up and touching his neck. "You ok?" she asked with a wince.

He nodded. "I'll be fine," he said quickly, not wanting to make a fuss of it.

"Pity," a harsh, raspy voice said from behind them.

Faith and Dean turned around, startled. Only to find another group of vampires blocking their exit. Dean felt a chill run down his spine. Ten vampires, he didn't know if he and Faith could take that many on, especially because he was injured now.

Faith and Dean glanced at one another, making sure they were on the same page. Dean nodded reassuringly, and Faith smiled. She wasn't going to die tonight. Together they readied their weapons. Faith pulling her stake out of her pocket and Dean reloading the pistol.

The vampires were content to sit and wait, they weren't worried, they outnumbered our heroes two to one.

The leader stepped forward, and Faith gripped the stake a little harder, shifting her stance, reading herself to attack.

Suddenly a growl sounded from above and behind them. For the second time in as many minutes Faith and Dean turned around in shock.

On the top of the brick wall behind them a large, growling grey wolf crouched in readiness. Yellow eyes gleaming in the moonlight. Faith's eyes widened.

"What the hell?" Dean muttered.

The wolf jumped.

Faith grabbed Dean's arm and pulled him down to the ground. The wolf jumped over them, landing on the ground in a crouch before launching itself at the vampires. There were growls and screams as the wolf tore into them with teeth and claws. Faith grabbed her stake, following the trail the wolf left. Staking the vampires as they lay moaning and bleeding on the ground.

Within minutes all the vampires were dead. The wolf trotted away and stopped at the mouth the alley, its muzzle covered with blood. It turned its head and growled low in its throat.

Dean grabbed Faith's arm, pointing the gun at the wolf just in case the animal made a lunge towards them. "It's a werewolf. Don't move. They have no control in this form," he explained.

Faith glanced to the sky where the full moon was shining bright. "So why did it attack the vamps and not us?" she asked.

"Werewolves and vampires are natural enemies." Dean explained.

The wolf continued to watch them, but it didn't move. In the distance the sound of an engine filled their ears. Slowly it got louder until a dark van stopped at the entrance to the alley. The door slid open and a tall, young man got out, holding a tranquilizer gun to his shoulder.

The driver's door opened and a middle aged man wearing a pair of glassed stepped out. "Oz" he yelled.

The wolf turned around, a growl rumbling from his throat and took a step forward. The tranquilizer gun was levelled at the wolf, the trigger pulled, and two feather tipped dart's appeared in the wolf's shoulder. The wolf growled again before stumbling, falling to the ground in a slump.

The older gentlemen raced around the edge of the van towards them. "Get in," he yelled at Faith and Dean. This time they noticed his British accent. "Get in the van." He yelled again.

He bent down beside the wolf, lifting him up into his arms with the help of the other man. Faith and Dean looked at each other before they raced over, jumping in the back as the two men lifted the wolf between them and placed it on the floor of the van between the feet, careful not to bang his head on the floor. Both men jumped in the front, before speeding off down the street.

. . .

High above them, crouched down low against the roof two pairs of yellow eyes watched the drama as it unfolded. Neither made a move to interfere as their comrades were cut down and dusted. First by the two hunters, and then by a wolf.

It wasn't until the dark van had driven around the corner and out of sight that they finally made a move. Getting up from the crouch they had been resting in and jumping to the ground.

The taller one walked forward, kicking at a pile of dust with her hot pink stilettos. "This wasn't the plan!" she said with a pout, crossing her arms over her chest and turning to face her companion.

Darla ignored her. Stepping over the piles of dust that used to be her associates and picking up a discarded wooden stake. The blonde vampire frowned. "What do you make of this?" she asked, handing Harmony the wooden weapon.

The younger vampire frowned, turning it over in her hands. "It's a…stake? Oh. My. God! Don't they know who we are! This could kill us!"

Darla gave the younger blonde an annoyed look and took the stake back, "I gathered that was the intended idea," she said dryly. "Tell me Harmony, have you ever met a Slayer before?"

"I, don't think so?"

"Well, tighten those bra straps hun because you're about to." She put the stake in her pocket and started striding down the street.

"Oh, wait up!" Harmony gasped, carefully trotting forward on her sky high heels before she could walk beside the older vampire.

"We have to tell the Master what we saw tonight." Darla told her as she continued to walk quickly down the street. "We can't have a Slayer running around town, ruining everything he has built these past few years."

Harmony nodded in agreement.