Sequel News!

The first chapter of the long promised sequel to A Tempest of Ash is coming out today! And in case you missed it, there's also a spin-off/prequel to this story called What's Past is Prologue, which is now complete (and also part of the reason why this sequel has taken so long to be released). Below is a short preview of the sequel, which is called He That Dies Pays All Debts.


Wally watched the footage of the Red Hood that played on the screen before him with grim displeasure. Beside him, his cousin Bart watched on with a similar concerned face. Having returned from his impromptu adventure into the future, Wally had made the decision to return to the Team on a part time basis, taking back up the mantle of Kid Flash, with Bart being all too happy to return to the name Impulse. This was to be his first official mission back. The goal: gathering information on the Red Hood, a player they knew virtually nothing about. Except, Wally did know a thing or two, and for that matter, so did Bart. In fact he probably knew more. But they were hiding what they knew.