(Randy Cunningham 9th grade ninja)

The dark side of the ninja

It was a normal day at Norrisville high same old teachers same old classes and same old "Crash" and same old ninja fighting robot bulls or such "NINJA KICK FLIP!" said the masked scarved hero (other known as randy XD) he jumped over the bull flipping before kicking it in a vital spot that made it crash into the school wall of home ech it sparked before running at randy full speed horns ready to kill (some items I forget names so I will make my own don't judge me) The ninja dodged and hanged from one of the lights on the ceiling "whoa slow down there rodeo bull" he smiled under his mask jumping down he found the chip that was keeping this thing wired and the bull bucked as he wrapped his red scarf from slipping off he punched the box that contained the control he pulled on it wouldn't budge the bull bucked and slammed into the halls almost running over a teacher and her skeleton he steered the bull busting down the doors of the school as the bull bucked him hard Randy held on for his dear ninja life before he finally pulled out the power source the people outside the school or students who were watching the fight cheered as the mighty bull collapsed its glowing red eyes no longer glowing randy smiled in satisfaction "Your welcome people and a SMOKE BOMB!" he threw down said bomb disappearing in a red puff of smoke.

Managing to jump on the roof of the school pulling off his mask in which the suit receded into to reveal a green Jacket purple headed teen Randy Cunningham he stuffed the mask into his backpack next to the red glowing ninja nomicon randy was quite confused it was brighter than usual he decided the nomicon could wait a few hours he should have heeded what the nomicon was trying to tell him it was 9:00 and boy was Randy in trouble he jumped into a bathroom window that was open and went into a stall and walked out as if he was there the whole entire time he sighed as his backpack kept glowing redder and redder he looked at the ninja nomicon and decided well I guess It can't wait he sat on the toilet grabbing the book from his backpack "This better be good nomicon I got English to go to" he said with finality as the book glowed its pages and randy consciousness went into the book.
Ok Sorry if its so short it's a prologue basically to the beginning so what you think it's my first Randy Cunningham 9th grade ninja story hope I wasn't a shoob and messed it up its gonna go so Bruce anyways see you later SMOKE BOMB!