Taste of darkness

Randy was forced to jump over buildings and attack any robot nearby that included the vending ones "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" the voice chuckled again "Just giving everyone a taste of the darkness a ninja brings" he said as he all but destroyed a pizza business by scaring away the customers "WELL STOP IT!" he only got a chuckle in reply "lets pay a visit to that mcfist!" Randy was tired and his body needed rest but it was like he had no control of his actions "you may be tired but I can go forever Cunningham learn to exercise" Randy growled in reply "Shut up" Dark Ninja all but flew across the town finding the giant pyramid shaped enterprises the Dark ninja climbed the side of the building using the art of conceal and cutting off security "you know we could have easily used the skylight" he only had a groan in reply "Yeah but then we'd have to deal with those monkey bots" Randy growled "I THOUGHT THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS WAS TO FIGHT!" he only got psychotic laughter in return "Oh Randy Randy, Randy so naïve no we're here to kill mcfist" Randy yelled "NO YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" He got dark laughter "Oh trust me you'll enjoy this as much as I will" Randy fought the darker half but it was all for naught he had no control so now they were crawling through the vents above the lab listening in on the new plans to destroy the ninja.

(Mcfist pov)

"VICEROY!" the robotic armed villain yelled into the intercom "yes sir?" his said employee mad scientist "Why haven't you built a new robot to destroy the ninja!" he screamed "Because sir it appears all our robots sent out have been brutally destroyed" Mcfist all but tossed his phone out the window "I asked you to build a robot to destroy the ninja and what does it do get destroyed by the ninja!" he yells to the nearby mad scientist who seemingly didn't care "Sir the ninjas fighting technique is different" Mcfist of course didn't understand a single thing of what viceroy said about the ninja cause all he heard was the ninja and fight "VICEROY I DON'T PAY YOU TO DILLY DALLY NOW GET BACK IN THERE AND BUILD A ROBOT TO DESTROY THE NINJA!" viceroy groaned in annoyance "fine it may take a hour so hold your horses" with that he went through the sliding door to the lab

(End of Mcfist pov)

Having enough of this dark ninja took that chance to find the lab and take care of viceroy for the time being he jumped onto one of the machines looking down at the blueprints of a hamburger robot that turned into a weapon of mass ninja destruction watching as viceroy was grumbling about not being paid enough Dark ninja shimmied down and took out pieces here and there from the project viceroy was surprised to see the laser arm on it gone "what I thought I built that?" he went to find more pieces dark ninja took his time disassembling the robot the only one he was after was mcfist while viceroy was busy assembling and recalibrating the robot he scaled the wall to mcfists office security was off so no one would even know what happened or why Dark ninja was hanging from the ceiling by the ninja spikes on his wrist he smiled at the very distracted mcfist there were no robo-apes around so he was in the clear but just to be sure he used the art of conceal as he dropped down watching as the man was watching a computer screen of the ninjas latest victory and the damage caused to the normal robots he snickered quietly at that

Quickly making a shuriken silently he grabbed mcfists arms and tied them behind his back with black smoke binds in which he struggled and yelled but silenced when the shuriken was at his throat "Quiet or I cut out your tongue instead of your throat" He nodded gently so as not to cut his neck "Now mcfist I've grown tired of your games and would like it if you stopped attacking me" he quietly nodded "and im also here to pay respects" he was confused before he could say anything his neck was cut into blood seeped through he faced his attacker the ninja his killer before dying of the oxygen loss and blood.

Jumping out the window before anyone could find him he left no trace of evidence as he had brought him and randy back to the house finally receding into randy mind he gave him back control in which randy was frozen stiff his mind was million miles away "y-you killed him" he breathed out "yeah so what the problem with that?" Randy was pissed now "WHATS THE PROBLEM YOU MADE ME KILL A MAN SURE HE TRIED TO KILL ME BUT I NEVER WANTED TO KILL HIM!" Randy yelled mentally at his darker half in which snickered "I didn't hear your protesting" Randy would have been bright red if it wasn't for the mask covering his face he pulled at it "COME OFF GET OFF ME!" he heard laughter "no how about not now and maybe next week cause we'll be busy dismantling every robot coming this week" Randy growled "at least let me sleep and have pajamas on" the other groaned "Fine but only cause I am tired to goodnight Randy" the mask receded from him so he could put on pajamas Randy couldn't believe the events that happened Randy pulled on his pajamas laying in bed drowsily he couldn't stay awake he fell asleep with one thought on his mind I killed mcfist.

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