New monsters new ninja

It was 12:00 in the afternoon when Randy alarm clocked rang and when I mean alarm clock I meant Dark ninja yelling at him to wake up "RANDY RANDY WAKE UP!" he screamed instantly waking up Randy "Huh what when where?"

Randy looked around having hit his head on the ceiling of his strange bed bunk he rubbed his lump on his head he yawned "Dude were gonna be late" Randy drowsily looked at the clock squealing "IM GONNA BE LATE!" he fell out of his bed onto the floor in pain ignoring the small back pain he jumped to getting ready for school quickly taking a shower slipping on soap "Ow" brushing his teeth then putting on his clothes grabbing his backpack and the nomicon his mask of course in his bag but realization dawned he threw it to the floor "no mask no ninja" the other chuckled "what you scared of me now" he was annoyed "no just I don't need you killing anyone or thing" he only got a snicker in reply.

Randy ran downstairs his mom waiting for him with his lunch she was worried for Randy lately he been less then himself as of late "Have a good day at school sweetheart!" Randy ran out the door forgetting his satchel (or sat jell as he said in episode 7) Randy was so late he knew he was gonna be so late he was almost there when he was tackled by a orange haired troll (XD that was for fun) named Howard weinermen "RANDY WHERE YOU BEEN ARE YOU ALRIGHT I SAW THE NEWS!" Randy tried to shut him up to quiet down eventually yelling in his face "SHUT UP JUST SHOOBING SHUT UP!" his hair streaks glowed from his anger and the dark ninja giggled happily at that Howard looked at his friend in sadness and worry "ok" he looked down his lip trembling Randy sighed "Howard" he said guiltily but Howard was already walking away

Randy whined only to hear his darker half chuckle "nice you drove away the only friend you have" Randy growled "Shut up" he giggled more "Just give it up you should be making this town yours telling them who the real ninja is!" Randy held his head only to be called out by Teresa (is that how you spell it?) Teresa came over with Bucky and Stevens who playing his trombone as a kid was thrown in the trash by bash and his goons Randy sighed "hey Teresa" she smiled "hey Randy we haven't seen you in school for the past few days" Randy rubbed the back of his neck "Yeah well wasn't feeling so good" Teresa gave him a look of sympathy "well it's good your back" Teresa smiled "where's Howard?" Randy winced at that "he went to get a snack" she smiled "well I'll see you in class Randy" Stevens and Bucky followed "Feel better soon zing!" he dinged his triangle as he followed the other two.

Randy groaned in annoyance hopefully today school wouldn't be bad today Randy picked up his satchel today was quiet strangely as he knew that no robots or monsters would be coming today since the truth of mcfists death people looked glum and sad Bash looked sad the most he sniffed his buddies tried to cheer him up "come on bash cheer up look it's that shoob you wanna go make fun of his shoes" bash shook his head tears fell Randy walked by "Hey you" Randy stopped frozen his heart feeling like it stopped he hoped that bash wasn't figuring out his secret identity Bash walked over to Randy in his sadness he hugged randy in a big crushing hug "Oh there, there" he patted his back as he cried many people looked at bash in sympathy the TV turned on it was Heidi her makeup run down her cheeks "sad news Norrisville Hannibal mcfist is dead meaning all items or products by mcfists industries will be obsolete and it is a sad day indeed for everyone" Randy felt guilt eating him up the flashback to last night came to mind he shivered and pushed bash away who stopped crying to look at Randy "You don't look so good"

Randy wobbled from side to side "Yeah I'm just great" he said is face turning slightly green Randy threw up in the nearby lunch box Doug came by "Hey that was my lunch box" Randy groaned "shut it Doug" Randy wobbled past the concerned students who made room for him since that day and his sickness they only felt sympathy today was the funeral which is why everyone in Norrisville will be there it was important everyone come Howard was leaning against a locker he looked glum and quite upset "Howard?" Howard looked up at Randy slightly irritated "I thought you wanted me to shut up and leave you alone" Randy sighed "look Howard I was just upset you know and well with the ninja fights and the stress it's just not working out for me" Howard growled "well you don't have to take it out on me if you have issues why don't you just take it out on a monster or something" Randy groaned "don't think there's gonna be anymore monsters didn't you here mcfist Is dead"

Howard turned "how did they even explain how he died" Randy felt something stir in his gut the symbol on his body glowed a little the red and black streaks were more pronounced now Randy turned "no not even a trace of how" Howard leaned against a locker "I know who did it people are saying the ninja did as his throat was slit not even a trace of a struggle just one clean cut" Randy froze turning to Debby kang she smirked "hello Randy" Randy shook nervously "oh what if it was I don't know an assassin no way the ninja would do such a thing" Debby snickered "And assassin isn't as quiet or quick enough to kill someone than a ninja it definitely was him" Randy turned away "well what do ya know first period time to go bye!"

Randy ran the other direction leaving Howard and Debby in the dust "is he okay?" Howard whistled innocently "Uh he's fine just really upset that mcfist is dead you know" Debby rubbed her chin "Hmm okay then well see you later Howard" Howard rubbed the sweat from his brow as he went to the same class Randy had possibly run to either that or is now hiding in the boys bathroom.

Randy indeed was in the bathroom but only to see the darker half in the mirror snickering "what your problem you just need to accept that you killed him and move on with your life it's not like anybody's gonna know you did it" Randy splashed his face with water the Dragon consuming the Norisu nine symbol glowed brightly red he hissed at the pain it caused him "why won't you leave me alone there's nothing left to destroy" The other only smirked "that's what you think the sorcerers still here and he still has power over stankage there's other villains that could come into light remember Julian's other half he's still around" Randy realized he was right the sorcerer didn't need mcfist and viceroy to set himself free he could easily cause chaos just from his prison and there are other power hungry shoobs out there who'll want a piece of the ninja and Julian he's still around and after the sorcerers ball's (OK OK I AM LAUGHING SO HARD AT THAT READ LAST SENTENCE YOU'LL SEE WHY!) Randy sniffed "your right about that but doesn't mean I won't stop them" the other laughed "look who's talking you could barely beat them before I came" Randy glared at the other the streaks in red glowing "Shut up now I better go to class or else people will get suspicious" the other chuckled "well then hope you don't get an F on your last grade and your mom might ground you" Randy sighed and headed straight for the class "Randy Cunningham you're late" droned the teacher "sorry I just had to get a pencil and my books" Howard looked and Randy strangely it was like half the period when he came back "Please take a seat and write the notes Mr. Cunningham I've excused you from last week's homework seeing as you were sick" Randy immediately took his seat next to Howard not liking the stares he was getting by Debby kang and the rest "What the Juice is your problem?" Howard rounded the question on the face down on desk Randy "it's nothing just very tired" Howard was very worried for Randy now he's not his usual self anymore since that day he all but collapsed in school "Anyways we have a project to do its about the heroes of Norrisville" Randy tuned out Howard and the class itself looking around he felt eyes on him like he was being watched he looked out the window nearly falling out of his chair seeing a robed white eyes man with a long scarf it was black in color and a green glowing gem clasped the cloak together its eyes narrowed at Randy "Howard! Pst" Howard ignored Randy for a minute "Howard!" he turned "what is it now Cunningham" Randy noticed the area become foggy and green "There's a creepy cloaked dude at the window!" Howard looked over at said window seeing nothing "Cunningham I think you finally lost your cheese" Randy growled "what are you talking about I did not look he's right there!" the white glowing eyes cloaked mysterie person only stared back at Randy and Howard looked straight at him "I don't know what you're seeing but I think you need to see the nurse again cause you've completely lost your cheese" Randy couldn't believe it could know one see him he was right there plain as day

"They can't see me only you can Randy and you'll be seeing me a lot more ninja" the last of his words were spoke nastily and darkly ending with a dark chuckle