Jack struggled to get up, but he couldn't.
Whatever poison was snuck in Cupids teardrops prevented that. He could not possibly escape on his own.
He heard how Jane whimpered in the corner of his cell. Well it's supposed to be a room, it had a nice bed and everything, all set for the lost son to come home at last. But he didn't want to be here and he wasn't going to be allowed out even if he did beat this poison somehow so no matter how nice it looked it still was a cell.
Jane felt horrible. She hadn't meant for this to happen of course, she had tried everything to save him. But even if she had succeeded it would've still been her fault.
She should've gone with her first instinct and kept Jack as far away from herself as possible. And now... Now she was stuck here with him, powerless to help.
Jack wanted to comfort her, she didn't deserve this, but he needed all his energy to stay awake and keep breathing.
"Safia" he thought, "I'm trying to hang on, but... I don't know if I'm strong enough." He didn't know if his oldest friend could hear him, in this moon forsaken liar and in his weekened state, but he hoped that in the verry least she would know to hurry.
He felt the nightmare sand trying to push him to sleep, but he refused to even blink.
If he closed his eyes and gave in to sleep the potion would turn him into a slave, he would not lose this battle. This was one unlike any battle he had ever faced thought. He wouldn't win by using his powers and/or wit. No this time he couldn't get out of trouble whit his usual strategy of trying to talk himself out of it or if that were to fail to just blast his way trough the obstacle. No, this was a battle that required him to stay still and stay in perfect control of himself. Every drop of energy had to be spend with the utmost care. He had to be patient and wait for help to come. This thought made him smile and gave him a real boost.
He had help on the way. There were people who cared about him and had his back. It wasn't hopeless he wasn't alone in this.
The guardians could be here any moment. He would not lose his faith in them. Safia would reach them faster than anything else and they would come for him as he would come for them. Maybe even with extra back up. Who knows.
Jack smile brightened. They would come.

Okay so the stuff that didn't fit in my sumary but has to be said.
Um warnings: Well later in the story a couple of chapters with abduction of course.
No character will die (I hate it when that happens)
No torture, but there will be some serious fighting
and some emotionally heavy moments that come with a dear one being abducted or memories being shown.
Like I said there will be crushes but as for now there will be no pairings if that changes you'll see.
Maybe a little bit of possesiveness and there might be some harsh words said here and there.
If you like this story but don't want to deal with certain aspects of it or want to be emotionally prepared:
I'll ad a (toothless) above the chapter content as long as our friend is held captive,
an (nevile longbottom) when there is man to man fighting
an (elsa) when there is psychological strugle.
and (0_0) -that's meant to be Baymax, if there are moments I think to be really sad.
Why do I give my warnings in the form of other movie personages? Because I like to be different.
Anything I forget? Oh of course this will SPOIL the movie if you haven't seen it yet but if you haven't and don't want to be spoiled why do you read fanfic about it? Don't know but let's play safe okay?
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