It's moments later when they arrive at the helipad of the hospital, Harvey stands up and lets Mick and Robert wheel Donna out. When he himself steps out he takes note of all the doctors waiting outside. He feels Mick grab his shoulder, "Hey mate, they are going to take good care of her now, but unfortunately you will have to wait in the waiting room now." "Yes I understand, just tell me, what is going to happen to her?" He feels the man who's about his own age tense slightly, "Well, they're probably going to check for internal bleeding and damages to her organs due to the contusion rate and her neck will receive the proper treatment of course." He nods slowly, Harvey is glad that Donna will get help now, he remembers feeling so helpless back at the firm and doesn't ever want to feel like that again. He follows Mick downstairs and thanks him and Robert for everything.

Harvey has been sitting in the waiting room impatiently tapping his foot for an hour when Mike, Rachel, Jessica and Louis run inside. "Harvey, what did they tell you? Is she going to be okay?!" The distress on Mike's face is clear for anyone looking and Harvey grabs the boy by both his arms and pulls him into a hug. He hears the boy let out a surprised gasp when he's suddenly in a tight embrace by his 'brother'. It's that moment Harvey feels the world fall down around him, all of the emotions he has tried to hide from Donna for the last hour come rushing forward and he feels the sobs leave his body and he pulls Mike closer. "They haven't told me much yet. Mentally she seems to be doing okay, but physically…". "Harvey, a doctor is coming over." Harvey removes himself from the embrace and straightens up. "Mr. Specter, my name is Dr. Smith." the woman in front of him protrudes her hand to shake his. "You are listed as Ms. Paulson's emergency contact, so I'm obliged to report any updates on her care to you when her family isn't present. Your father-in-law has called the hospital permitting us to do so." From the corner of his eye he sees Louis give him a strange look, "Yes, they should get here in a few hours. How is she doing? Has anything happened?". He can't help but notice the pitiful look the woman gives him and immediately fears the worst. "We were able to identify all of her injuries and have set up a care plan for your wife. If you will follow me, we can speak in a private room." "Can we all come?" Harvey halts in his step as he hears Louis' voice. "Immediate family only, please." "They are family." This time he feels four heads turning at him. "In what relation? Your father-in-law only mentioned a son-in-law?" Dr. Smith immediately asks. "Mike is my brother and Rachel is his wife. Jessica and Louis are our friends but Donna would want them there. Can they please come too?" Harvey sees Dr. Smith look at all of them suspiciously but eventually relaxes her face. "All right, but be quiet about it." He feels himself let out a small smile and feels Mike pat him on his back.

They enter a small room and sit down on the couches. "Okay, so we have assessed all of her injuries and come to certain conclusions." Dr. Smith sees five faces looking impatiently at her and continues her line of questioning, "First, I have been informed that her injuries are due to assault, how did that come about?" Throwing a curious glance at Harvey, Dr. Smith can only hope that he wasn't the cause of her injuries, he seems like a loving husband. "We work at a law firm and we recently discovered that one of our colleagues ordered multiple killings. Donna, always wanting to help, went to him and tried to get him to confess, he didn't react well." Rachel replies and looks at the rest of the group slowly.

"I have spoken to the paramedics and they briefed me on the medical state on arrival. As they already suspected she has suffered major trauma to her neck. Three of seven of her vertebrae are fractured. Her cheekbone is broken and the supraorbital ridge is partly shattered. Due to the extensive rate of her contusion we were concerned about possible internal bleeding, luckily we weren't able to find any." Dr. Smith has learned that especially with lawyers they want to be given the news straight up without beating around the bush.

Harvey feels both relieved and scared oddly enough, he is relieved because now that they know what is wrong they can help her, but he is also scared because it has just been confirmed that Donna is seriously injured. "What are you going to do now? Operations? What is expected for recovery time?" Again Harvey sees Dr. Smith look at him with pity.

"Her cheekbone and supraorbital ridge require surgery and after that an expected recovery time of 6-8 weeks. In those 8 weeks she will also undergo traction and wear a halo brace for her neck, after that she will wear a cervical collar. We are very cautious about her neck, as any wrong doing could immobilise her entire body. She won't be moved at all for the first few weeks for the risk of hitting a nerve. Her contusion recovery could take up to a year if complications arise." Harvey feels his world crumble, Donna will go through pure torture. Dr. Smith sees the look on Harvey's face and tries to reassure the distraught man, "Fortunately for Donna, she won't be in a lot of pain the first few weeks because she has no feeling in her neck. It's when her bones start healing when she'll be in pain because the bones will go back to their original place and that she will feel. After that her neck will start to heal like any broken bone and she'll have to wear a cervical collar for a bit longer but she will be able to move the rest of her body with that. I think it's pretty clear that she will not be moving much for the next few months, but just to remind you, no physical activities until she's cleared completely." Harvey feels himself blush a bit and when he looks at Dr. Smith he can tell that she at least slightly intended to shame him.

"Can I…" He really doesn't want to ask the following question in front of everyone else, but he really wants to know. "Can I kiss her?" He sees a small smile form on the woman's face. "As long as you are careful of her facial injuries and she doesn't harm her neck or throat in the process, I don't see why not. I recommend you to be cautious about the subject though, her entire upper body is restricted in a brace, so she might not feel up to it." The moment he asked Dr. Smith his question he saw four heads turn to look at him, this exactly the reason why he didn't want to ask the question in the first place. "When can we see her?" Mike may be tactless sometimes but he always has his back. "Not yet, she is still in surgery right now." Although Harvey feels bummed, he knows that the doctors are doing everything they can.