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Link and Zelda were sleeping in her bed when Zelda felt something happen. She opened her eyes and saw she was on a misty plane. She looked around and saw Din, Farore, and Nayru standing before her.

"Din, Farore, Nayru" exclaimed Zelda

"What do you require of me" she asked kneeling down on one knee

"We have a task for you and your champion Hylia" said Din waving for Zelda to stand

"A great evil has crossed over from our world to the parallel world of Termina" said Farore

"It has put the world's guardians to sleep and has caused the world's moon to fall and destroy it in three days" said Nayru

"We want you and your champion to stop the world's destruction and destroy this evil" said Din

"How are we supposed to do all that in just three days" asked Zelda

"By playing the Song of Time on the Ocarina of Time, you will be able to return to the first day as many times as you need to" said Nayru

"That sounds like it could get tedious" thought Zelda

"What is this evil" asked Zelda

Nayru held out her hand and Majora's Mask appeared above it. "This is it" said Nayru

"Majora's Mask" she said

"It was created by a dark tribe long ago and now has taken over the body of an innocent soul causing him to commit great evil" she said

"It was created by the rouge Sheikah" said Zelda

"Yes" said Nayru nodding her head

"How are we supposed to get to this parallel world" asked Zelda

"You will find your way there in the Lost Woods" said Nayru

"Good luck Hylia" the three of them said together

There was a flash of light and when it was over, Zelda saw she was back in her bed with Link.

"Link, wake up" said Zelda shaking him

"Five more minutes" murmured Link turning over and going back to sleep

An angry look appeared on Zelda's face as she pushed Link out of bed shouting "Wake up Link"

"Ow" exclaimed Link when he hit the floor

"What did you do that for" he shouted

"We have been given a task by the Three Goddesses" said Zelda

She explained everything to Link while they got dressed.

"That sounds tedious" said Link

"I know" agreed Zelda

"Now go get Epona ready while I go tell my father" she said

"Yes, my Goddess" said Link with an exaggerated bow

He then ran out of the room to avoid the pillow Zelda threw at him.

The King knew something was wrong when he saw his daughter come in with her sword and shield.

"What is it" asked the King

"We have been given a task by the Three Goddesses" said Zelda

"We are to save a parallel world from a great evil that has crossed over into it" she said

"Stay safe" said the King

"We will" said Zelda

She then left the throne room and headed towards the stables. She got onto Epona with Link and they then rode off towards Kokiri Forest. It was dark by the time they arrived and decided to stay in Link's old house.

"Did they say where in the Lost Woods we would find this entrance to Termina" asked Link

"No" said Zelda shaking her head

"They just said we would find it in the Lost Woods" she said

"Great" said Link with a sigh

The next morning they set off into the Lost Woods to find the entrance to Termina. It was now midday and they haven't found anything yet.

"I wish they would have given us more directions to find this entrance" said Link

"I'm sure we will find it soon" said Zelda

Just then two fairies shot forward and stop right in front of Epona causing her to rear back scared. Link and Zelda jumped off and landed in a crouch near Epona.

"They didn't fall off" said Tatl with a sigh

"That wasn't nice" shouted Navi

"They could have gotten hurt" she said

"Who cares" said Tatl dismissively

Navi growled and went to attack the two fairies but stopped when someone jumped onto Epona causing her to gallop off.

"That was Majora" exclaimed Zelda

"Follow them Navi" she ordered

"Right" said Navi

She took off after Epona with Link and Zelda following after her. They eventually lost them in a glade.

"Where did they go Navi" asked Link

"In there" said Navi pointing to a hollow

They went through the hollow and came into another glade with giant mushrooms creating a natural staircase leading to another hollow. They jumped up the mushrooms and went through the hollow only to stop short as the path came abruptly to an end.

"Whoa" exclaimed Link trying to keep his balance

Only for Zelda to pull him back.

"Thanks" said Link in relief

"No problem" said Zelda smiling

She then looked down into the chasm.

"I sense a lot of power down there" said Zelda

"I think this is the entrance we were looking for" she said

"Figures we would find it while chasing the bad guy" said Link with a sigh

"At least we came prepared this time" he added

They both took out their Sailcloth and jumped in. Colorful outlines of masks swirled around them before there was a flash of light. When it cleared they found themselves landing on a large flower in an underground glade. On the other side of the glade was Skull Kid lounging in the air with the two fairies that scared Epona floating around him. But Epona was nowhere in sight.

"Where's Epona" asked Link

"Why would you want such an unruly horse" asked Skull Kid

"She wouldn't listen to a thing I would say" he said

"That's because she knows who's good and who's bad" said Zelda

"I did you a favor and got rid of her" said Skull Kid

"You what" yelled Link taking out his sword and shield

"You think you can attack me" said Skull Kid laughing

Majora's Mask started releasing power that caused Zelda to hold up her hand and create a barrier. The mark of the Triforce glowed on their hands as there was a flash of golden light and then an explosion that blew everyone back.

Link groaned as he woke up and saw he was on a misty plane.

"What happened" asked Link

"Where are we" he asked

Zelda opened her eyes and recognized where they were.

"Din, Farore, and Nayru must want to talk to us" said Zelda

"You are correct" said Din

Link and Zelda turned around and saw Din, Farore, and Nayru standing there.

"What happened" asked Link

"Majora tried to curse you by turning you two into Deku Scrubs" said Din

"But your power along with the Triforce stopped it" she said

"When you awake you will both find a mask that will allow you to transform into a Deku Scrub when put on" said Nayru

"You will find other similar masks during your quest that will allow you to transform into different races" she said

"When you find them, your power along with the Triforce will copy them for you so both of you will have one" she said

"You must find all the masks if you hope to destroy Majora and save Termina" said Farore

"Good luck" all three of them said

There was a flash of light and when it cleared Link and Zelda found themselves back in the underground glade. They looked around and found the Deku Scrub mask Nayru was talking about next to each of them.

"You're awake" exclaimed Navi

"Are you alright" she asked worried

"We're fine Navi" said Link

"What are those" asked Navi pointing at the masks

Link told Navi everything that the Three Goddess told them.

"Where's Majora" asked Zelda

"Follow me" said Navi

She led them to the other end of the glade and pointed to the door on the hollow.

"He went through here along with those two mean fairies" said Navi

Link opened the door and they walked through a hollow coming out on a ledge and saw another ledge on the other side of the room but no way of getting to it.

"How are we supposed to get across" asked Zelda

"I don't see any switches or anything the Longshot can grab onto" she added

Link looked around and saw they were standing on a flower and saw a similar one on the other ledge.

"I think it's time to use the masks" said Link

"I will go first" he said

"Alright" said Zelda

Link took out the Deku Scrub mask and put it on. He let out a scream of pain as he transformed. He looked like a humanized Deku Scrub wearing green shorts and his hat.

"Are you alright Link" asked Zelda worried

"I'm fine" said Link shaking his head

"That was a very unpleasant experience" he said

"I hope we don't have to use these things much" he added

"I guess it's my turn now" said Zelda

She took out the Deku Scrub mask and put it on. She let out a scream of pain as she transformed. She looked like a humanized Deku Scrub wearing a pink strip of fabric around her chest and white shorts.

"Are you alright Hylia" asked Link

"Yeah" said Zelda

She held her hand and was able to create a barrier. She then slashed her hand and sent out a crescent arc of energy. Remembering how Deku Scrubs attacked, she channeled some of her power to her mouth and a bubble started blowing up. She released it causing the bubble to shoot out.

"Whoa" exclaimed Link

"How did you do that" he asked

"Just channel some of your power to your mouth" said Zelda

Link did that and was able to shoot out a magic bubble.

"Nice" said Link

"You think this flower will help us get across" asked Zelda

"I think so" said Link

"I will try it out first" he said

Link dove into the flower and was shot out of it holding two flowers like propellers. He used them to glide to the other ledge. Zelda giggled thinking Link looked cute doing that.

"You looked cute doing that" said Zelda

"I'm not cute" shouted Link

Zelda giggled as she dove into the flower. She shot out of it and glided to the other ledge. They went through the door and came onto a ledge looking over a chasm. There were multiple islands floating around each with its own flower.

Using the flowers, they were able to cross the chasm to the other side. Once they landed they saw a small withered tree that looked a lot like a Deku Scrub.

"That looks a lot like a Deku Scrub" said Link

"It evens looks like us" he added

"You don't think" he asked

"I sure hope not" said Zelda shivering

They went through the door and came into the basement of a building.

"I think we are finally in Termina" exclaimed Zelda

They ran up the ramp and were about to take off the masks when they heard someone speak.

"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?"

Here is the sequel to Skyward Ocarina that I will write while playing Majora's Mask 3D. I preordered the game and got it the day it came out but I haven't been able to play it until now.