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Link and Zelda groaned as they woke up and saw they were not wearing the Fierce Deity and Hylia Masks anymore. They looked around and saw they were in Termina Field. They saw that the four Guardians were still around Clock Town and the Skull Kid was near them. The four Guardians bellowed out something before they started walking back to their regions.

"They didn't forget me" said the Skull Kid

"What did they say" asked Link

"We forgive you and you are still our friend" said Zelda

The Skull Kid walked up to Link and Zelda and looked at them closely.

"Thank you for saving me" said the Skull Kid

"Have we met before" he asked

"I think I remember seeing you before" he added

"I don't think so" said Link

"Do you want to be friends" asked the Skull Kid

But before Link or Zelda could answer him they all heard a voice say, "All the evil is gone now"

They all turned towards the voice and saw it was the Happy Mask Salesman holding Majora's Mask. Zelda quickly shot two arrows at the Happy Mask Salesman's knees causing him to fall to the ground screaming in pain dropping Majora's Mask.

"You" growled Zelda

"You are the cause of all of this" she said

"I didn't do anything" screamed the Happy Mask Salesman

"You unsealed that mask and brought it into this world" said Zelda

"Now you will pay for what you have done" she said her power swirling around her

She charged some of her power into her sword and stabbed the Happy Mask Salesman in the heart killing him. She then stabbed Majora's Mask vaporizing it.

"I feel better now" said Zelda smiling

The Skull Kid took a few steps back before he ran away.

"I think you scared him" said Link

"Serves him right" huffed Navi

"Good" said Zelda nodding her head

"Maybe now he will learn to not take things that do not belong to him" she said

She then held out her hand her mark of the Triforce glowing.

"You know what I want to do now right" asked Zelda

"Yes" said Link grabbing Zelda's hand his mark of the Triforce glowing.

The Triforce appeared as Link and Zelda closed their eyes. There was then a golden flash of light.

At the Deku Palace, the Deku Butler's Son entered the throne room only to be tackled to the ground by the Deku Princess.

"You're back" shouted the Deku Princess hugging him

She then started kissing him.

At the Goron Village, Darmani entered the Goron Shrine to the cheering of Gorons.

"All hail our new Patriarch, Darmani" exclaimed one of the Gorons

All the Gorons started cheering at that.

Lulu had just finished getting ready and opened the door to her dressing room only to see Mikau standing there.

"Mikau" exclaimed Lulu

"Is that really you" she asked

"Yes" said Mikau smiling

Lulu hugged Mikau and started crying into his shoulder.

"They brought you back just like they said they would" said Lulu

"We can now raise our children together" said Mikau

They then both kissed.

Link and Zelda opened their eyes smiling as the Triforce disappeared. They then went into Clock Town. Along the way Link looked and saw they still had all four transformation masks including the last one they just got.

"We still have all four transformation masks" said Link

"Including that last one we just got" he added

"We are going to have to find a safe place to hide them when we get home" said Zelda

They watched the Indigo-Go's performance and attended Kafei's and Anju's wedding.

As Link and Zelda were getting ready to leave Lulu, Mikau, Anju, and Kafei walked up to them.

"Thank you for bringing Mikau back to me" said Lulu

"You're welcome" said Zelda smiling

"Thank you for everything you have done for us" said Anju bowing

"We both hope that you both have very long and happy lives together" said Link

"What are you going to do now" asked Kafei

"Time for us to go home" said Link

"Have a safe journey" said Mikau

"Thank you" said Link and Zelda

They both got onto Epona and rode off.

Once they were in Termina Field, Link asked "So Hylia, how do we get back to Hyrule"

"Let's try the forest" said Zelda

"Ok" said Link

After riding through the forest for a while they went through a mist that caused them to shiver.

"I think we just entered Hyrule" said Zelda

After riding for a little while more they exited the Lost Woods and came into Kokiri Forest.

"It's the Kokiri Forest" said Link

"We're home" he exclaimed

They spent the night in Link's old house before they left to go Hyrule Castle the next day. Once Epona was safely at the stables they went to the throne room.

"We have returned father" said Zelda

"You are back already" asked the King

"It has only been a few days" he added

"Not for us" thought Link

"That great evil stood no chance against us" said Zelda smiling

"I'm glad that you have returned safely" said the King

"Thank you" said Zelda

A few days later Link and Zelda were getting their Loftwings ready to hide the masks. They took off and picked up the treasure chests in their talons before shooting up piecing the cloud barrier. Once they were above it they flew towards one of the tiny islands.

They landed on the tiny island and Zelda held out her hand causing a barrier to appear and shatter revealing two treasure chests that were already there. Link and Zelda picked up the two treasure chests that their Loftwings dropped and brought them over to the other two.

They then put the Deku Scrub, Goron, Zora, Fierce Deity, and Hylia Masks in their own separate treasure chest. They then walked to the edge of the island and turned around. Zelda held out her hands and closed her eyes while an opaque barrier appeared around the island. Then a translucent barrier appeared around the opaque barrier hiding it from view making it look like there was nothing on the island.

"There, now we are the only ones that can get them" said Zelda opening her eyes

"Hopefully we will never need them again" said Link

Then both Link and Zelda dove off the tiny island and blew a sharp whistle having their Loftwings catch them before flying back down to Hyrule.