Authors note: Hi this is a story basically that should eventually show what Freddie really would do for Sam. Lets imagine their both around 17 and have been dating for at least a year and a half. This is just an opening, hope you enjoy!

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Sam and Freddie stormed into Carly's apartment, screaming.

"WHY I DON'T NEED YOU TO!?" Sam screeched at Freddie.

"So what do you want me to do then? Not care about you? Just let you get hurt?" Freddie asked in a rather aggressive tone.

"Yes, i want you to stop worrying about me, i can take care of myself Freddie, I don't need you !" She replied

"Okay then Sam, fine i don't care!, look after yourself!" Freddie told her.

"I'll try, but i know for certain that even if, I stabbed you. On purpose, a billion times, you would still be here making sure i didn't end up in prison, or a tad in trouble!" Sam replied.

"Is that so?, okay then, guess when time arises I'll make sure to push you further in the gutter!" Freddie said and gave her a look of anger.

"yeah right, I'd like to see that" Sam muttered loudly.

"okay, so how you guys doing?" Carly who had been watching questioned.


The next few days Sam and Freddie hardly spoke to one another. They granted each other with foul expressions. Carly knew soon enough they' make up and things would be back to normal. Soon enough. She hoped. She hated when here friends were fighting. At these times she'd miss trying to make conversation with them when they had their tongs down the other ones throat.

This couldn't last she'd come to terms with the fact that their relationship could sometimes seem like they wanted to kill the other one but in reality they really, really did love one another.

Just then their friend Wendy walked over to them, with a giddy look on her face.

"Hey you guys, just wanted to make sure you were aware of the party going down at my place tomorrow! I want all three of you to come, everyone else is. Its gunna be great!" Said Wendy. Then she rushed away to talk to another group of people.

" Do you think you'll go?" Freddie asked me.

" Maybe, I'm not so sure" Carly answered. Thinking about the possibility of going to the party. Then Sam suddenly turned to the two of them.

"Well I'm defiantly going!" Sam said looking directly at Freddie. Then She turned and walked away. This was defiantly going to end up being an interesting party...

Well thank you for making it this far! There is so much more interesting stuff to come in the next chapter. I should be posting it as soon as!

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