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Ugh my head hurts, where am I. I looked around and saw Freddie's bedroom. He was laying in an armchair next to the bed and Carly was laying in the bed next to me. What happened last night? I shook Carly awake so I could question her about what was going on.

She sat up rubbing her eyes.

"Sam, you're awake" she said.

"Yeah, so what happened last night?" I asked.

" You don't remember?" she said curiously.

"Well, no" I replied.

"You got kinda drunk.." She said.

"Yeah I kinda figured" I said bluntly. She rolled her eyes and carried on.

" got sort of flirty with Bradly Halifax" She told me. I looked down ashamed.

"Oh. How did Freddie react" I asked worried.

"not too good. Worst part was Bradly was teasing him about it and umm... You were kinda encouraging it" I looked up regretful. "It was okay until Bradly started trying it on with you. Causing Freddie to try and stop him. Then you said something not so great."

"what, what I say?!" I asked.

" you said that, his unbearable presences was the reason his farther left and that he couldn't bare to live with a worthless loser son like him." She explained. I was speechless, how could i say something so hurtful to Freddie. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me, I can't live without him. Yet I was able to treat him so shit. I wouldn't be amazed if he chose to leave me without looking back.

"Anything else..." I was scared of the answer.

"Well after you said that he stormed out, then you went into a room with Brad. I think you might of you know done it if Freddie hadn't come back for you. Even though you didn't want him to." she said.

"He came back after everything I said." I was in tears, i looked over at Freddie. I couldn't believe it.

"Yeah well he loves you Sam, he really does. He's a good guy and he really cares about you. You know no matter what he'll be there for you. Because you need him and you both know that." she said. Her words really hit me, I knew I was being foolish saying I didn't need Freddie before because it was such a lie.

"I'm going to take a shower okay, maybe you should wake up Freddie and thank him for not leaving you last night." Carly informed me.

Then walked to the bathroom.

I sat on Freddie's bed staring at my feet wondering what my next move was.

"Morning Princess.." Freddie said taking me by surprise. I looked up to see him giving me that smile only he could that made me feel okay.

"Morning...Carly told me what happened. I can't believe I acted like that. I'm so sorry Freddie. You don't deserve that." I paused. " You don't deserve me.."

"Don't be stupid Sam I love you, and sure we can both be stupid sometimes. But who cares because... Your worth it." He said.

" NO I'm not, I'm horrible. You should be with someone else." I tried to tell him. He ushered me to his lap. I sat down and he said-

" I don't want anyone else, your worth it to me okay. And look you're right I will always be there for you when you need me, but I can't help that, and though you may try neither can you." He said with a smile.

" Well, good because I can't imagine what I'd do without you." I said.

" That's okay Princess you don't have to..." He said and snuggled me into him tightly.

"I'm sorry by the way" I said into his chest. " For how i acted last night, I didn't mean what I said about your dad, I was just so drunk and stupid."

" That's okay baby, I know you didn't mean it." He replied.

" Good...I love you Freddie..."

"Love you too you too..."

Peace to the pigeon lovers and Seddie followers. Good day to you!