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Chapter 1: Letter

It was bright, sunny day… well it was in Japan anyways. If his parents had not decided to bring him along with them (kidnap him) out of nowhere, he could have spent the day in his peaceful, quiet house reading Sherlock Holmes novels, or even spent the day with Ran and her annoying friend Sonoko.

He was currently spending his summer vacation in London, because 'why not' according to his parents. Though he did not have any real statistics to base his thesis on, but his parents were, most likely, the most enthusiastic (insane) and carefree parents ever. He did not really want to prove his theory. He did not think he really needed to research it when he already knew it was true. If you are asking for proof, imagine going to sleep at night in your bed in your room and wake up the next day in an airplane going to God knows where. To him, sadly, it was not much of a shock; this had been a common occurrence since he was four.

If you are wondering who the lucky (unlucky) fellow is, then look no farther, he is Kudo Shinichi, eleven years old and son of the famous Yusaku and Yukiko Kudo. Yusaku Kudo was and is one of the most famous mystery novelists in Japan, but he was also known outside the country as well. He has also solved many cases and was Shinichi's only living rival, always ahead of Shinichi by one step. As for Yukiko Kudo, originally Yukiko Fujimine, she was a famous actress. She was well known all over the world, but after she married Yusaku Kudo, she left acting. However she still had good contacts in the acting world.

While Shinichi feels like his parents, or their fame, smothers him sometimes, he still loves them more than even Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes was what his life revolves around. He was even considering changing his name in the future to Conan. Sherlock was more tempting, but though he wanted to be as good a detective as Sherlock and his father, he wanted his name to be the one people called to solve cases for them. His father knew of his future dream job and made it a mission to test (torment) him as much as possible. He did have to say his father's tests went far and beyond to test Shinichi's limit. He gave Shinichi a freight quite a few times but in the long-term Shinichi began to focus more on solving the case than on his fear.

His mother on the other hand, for lack of better words, was too ecstatic for him. She liked going all around the world but not alone. No. She dragged him and his father along with her wherever she went. They could not help it! She was not a world-class actress for nothing. A few fake tears here, a pout there and she was dragging them to the airport with a big smile on her face. He was not even sure how she could be his mother. He did not doubt that his parents were his parents, but he was sure he got most of his traits from his father. None of the rest of the traits could be seen in his mother so he was unaware of their origin.

Anyways, he was pouting at his fate in the balcony in his room in the hotel they were staying, reading Sherlock Holmes to calm, and entertain himself. Out of nowhere an owl, of all things, landed on the book he was reading and, for some odd reason, had a letter attached to its leg.

Shinichi Kudo

The Royal Horseguards

Room 1214

On the balcony

Was written in english on the outside of the letter. He wondered if it was one of his father's challenges or his mother's pranks to cheer him up; he had a feeling it was neither. He considered, for a mere second, confronting his parents before he opened the letter or if he should even open it at all. He decided that it was probably meant for him, even if he did not know where it came from. He was curious, and he did not care if it killed the cat, because he was human, first of all, and he liked dogs better. He slowly reached out for the letter and softly pulled it off the owl's leg. After he took the letter, the owl flew back to wherever it came from.

He opened it and read:

Mr. Shinichi Kudo

On the balcony

The Royal Horseguards Hotel

2 Whitehall Court

Dear Mr. Kudo,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

He had to read through it a couple of times, not because he did not understand it, but because he simply did not believe it. Not. One. Tiny. Bit. He was considering his options: that a crazy person somehow mailed him this letter, he was finally going insane, or magic really did exist and he was being invited to a school that apparently taught it; none of them was appealing. Sadly he did not know what to do with it. Should he just ignore it or, better yet, burn it. Unfortunately he had a feeling it would not stop his parents from somehow finding out. He was considering the potential damages to himself if he didn't tell them and verses the problems that could arise if he did. In his humble opinion, neither option was in anyway favorable to him. His mom would scream his ears off, and his dad would have the calm calculating look on his face, unless they knew about this letter… If they did, then- there would be hell to pay.

So he thought the way to test his theory was by sliding the first part of the letter under the door of his parents' room and wait for their reaction. If they throw it away then they thought it was a joke, if not, then they knew but never told him or they were intrigued by it.

He slowly made his way to his parents' room, he was sure they were at this time, neatly folded the letter and slipped it under the door. He then made his way quickly to his room and shut the door. He did not want to seem frazzled when they came to talk to him, so he went back to the balcony and continued to read from where he left off; as if he had not just recieved a letter from a magical school. He actually wanted to ignore the whole issue and throw it in the trash. Magic did not exist and someone sending him a letter in an owl's beak was not going to convince him otherwise, even if he was not sure how the owl knew where he was, or how the letter was too overly specific on his location. He did not ignore the subtle clues but let them sit in the back of his mind as he awaited his parents. He knew that either way, if they were behind the prank or not, they would soon barge into his room.

Yusaku and Yukiko Kudo were preparing themselves to spend the day touring around London and dragging their son along with them, and out of the cocoon he had made for himself in his room. Shinichi's addiction to reading was just as bad as theirs to their own to the jobs. Yusaku, at least occasionally, took a break and Yukiko, retired from acting, has more free time to spare. In fact, he was currently hiding away from his editors in London. He knew they were currently trying to hun… find him in all his favorite places around the globe. He decided to do something more fun this time, and go to a hotel he had never visited before to wait for his editors. So far they had not found him. They had spent almost a three weeks in that hotel and it usually takes at least a month before they find him. So far there had been no news.

Yusaku and Yukiko both loved their son dearly and did not want to leave him alone in their house, even if he was independent and could take care of himself. They still worried about him but they did not want to disturb his studies, so they took his with them on his summer vacations. Not that he was behind his classmates, in fact he was the top of his class, even if he does not put a lot of effort into his studies. He was not a bookworm for nothing, and his brain was more advanced than most children; if not most adults. They feared their son was growing up too fast and they would not get the chance to play with, and spoil him. Plus, they were sure their son loved visiting London, after all, it was the home of Sherlock Holmes. So they took the risk of coming here, even if it was on top of the list of locations that Yusaku's editors' would check him for, because they wanted their son to enjoy his vacation. He sulked up in his room most of the time but when they mentioned Sherlock he was out of his room in second, his eyes lit up with joy and wonder.

Yukiko was the one who noticed the strange paper under their door, she picked it up and wondered who sent it. After she read through it, she was not sure if she should laugh, yell in joy, or cry. Her Shin-chan was growing up so fast and now he was invited to a Wizarding School, She could not decide if she should be happy or sad that her Shin-chan was going to a boarding school away from her. She knew about the Wizarding world from two sources, her husband is one and Toichi Kuroba, who taught her the art of disguise, is the other. Yusaku told her after they got married, but Toichi explained only after she had discovered it by accident; that was a story for another time. She ran to Yusaku and showed him the letter.

He calmly read through it but for a surprised look in his eyes before a smile appeared on his face.

"Do you think he knew, we knew?" Yukiko wondered with a smile.

"He probably does or is speculating and waiting for us to make the first move."

"Oohh Shin-chan is so adorable. He is probably trying to ignore the whole thing and is reading one of the books he bought." Yukiko pouted. Her son could not leave his books and spend time with them. She was reduced to being jealous of books!

Yusaku chuckled a bit at his wife's and son's antics, "He could have thrown it in away or ignored it, but he decided to give it to us because he figured we would know about it anyways. He never really did show any signs that he had any magic, but who knows, he might have shrugged it off without mentioning it to us. "

"Yeah, Shin-chan was always secretive, but it was fun trying to figure out what he was hiding. He is such a bad liar. It is curious that he still has not realized that he was the one who gave us the hints that he was hiding something, most of the time.. " Yukiko's favorite hobby was teasing her Shin-chan; he was so fun to tease. Plus, being serious all time was not good for him.

"Do you want to go talk to him now? Shin-chan is probably sulking in his room now, even if he is reading his annoying books."

"Yeah I think we should. The more time we take the more he will think we are plotting something."

They both headed to their son's room and knocked on his door. A few seconds later, a neutral faced Shinichi opened the door and let them in.

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