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After Shinichi's parents left his room, he was left to his own thoughts where he kept going over all what his parents told him about the Wizarding world as he blankly stared at the book that a few hours ago held his interest and attention. But now, he started to wonder about all the wonders and secrets the world had to offer.

His otousan told him about fairies, mermaids, and even dragons, creatures that he once thought were fairy tales to enchant the children and give them a sense of wonder, but he never believed those stories because he, unlike most children, understood that if such creatures existed then why had there never been any evidence to support their existence?

Plus, those creatures would have definitely been on display for the entire world to see. His otusan's rebuttal at that time was that those creatures could be well hidden so humans couldn't find them but Shinichi argued back that if they were well hidden then how were they ever found in the first place.

He remembered that they would spent hours arguing until his okasan would have to play out the role of the forgotten and abandoned victim (puppy) whenever she found them arguing over the realism of fairytale creatures (among other things.) While she always provided an act worthy of an Oscar, her cute Shin-chan would still be trying to get his point across to her husband as he tried to stay awake.

Yukiko always wished she could have a camera for those precious moments, as Shin-chan was the most adorable child ever, even when he was arguing the non-existence of fairytale creatures.

Shinichi now knew that those creatures existed, or at least his otousan said he could proof existed, he was not sure what he should do. On one hand he could just refuse and either attempt to forget or have his father erase his memories of the past few hours' events, or he could just accept that magic exists and that some people have the power to read minds and fly on brooms (which still made no sense to him because how can a person be able to not only sit on a broom, but also fly on it.)

While Shinichi was still a bit skeptical about magic, but he would be lying if he didn't admit, at least to himself, that he was fascinated with what he could do with magic and all the books about magic he could get his hands on that would widen his knowledge and might potentially help him solve cases in the future.

To Shinichi's peers, he would seem to be an annoying know-it-all who thinks that everyone is beneath him just because his scores were always the highest. But what they don't know, is that Shinichi would study materials fit for people at high school level or even university level because he loves challenging himself and that was why he learned English and was planning on learning another language in the future.

And now that he knew magic existed, he couldn't help but want to run to his parents room just so he could get his hands on books about magic, but he held himself back because he wanted to be sure before he made a rash decision. His otusan has warned him about the darker side of the magical world and the prejudice against magical creatures, especially to those of mixed origins. It was a world where the "pureness of your blood" determines your social standing and laws can be swayed with how much money you have.

Shinichi's otusan always tried to show Shinichi the good and bad to everything and taught him the importance of have a balanced and unbiased opinion. He taught Shinichi that whenever he looks at problem that he must first gather up all the clues before he came to a conclusion and that patience is key to everything in life. Shinichi lives by those lessons as much as he could, but if people think that it was easy for him to get his otusan to teach him anything, then they are wrong.

When he was younger, Shinichi followed his otusan, almost like a stalker, just so that he could understand how his otusan was able to solve any case that he came across. And his awesome otusan (quo sarcastic tone) would leave simple clues for Shinichi to find that not only helped Shinichi learn, but also pissed Shinichi to no end.

This to Shinichi was nothing but a declaration of war... and a (bitter) reminder of his multiple defeats. Again goes to show that the entire Kudo family... was a bit different from other families.

Shinichi was not one to cower when faced with a challenge and the wizarding world was going to be a major challenge for him, but he still wanted enjoy all it could offer him.

Shinichi decided to tell his parents in the morning that he wanted to go to the magical boarding school.

He would definitely miss Ran and maybe Sonoko… No he was definitely going to miss Ran and dr. Agasa and the ever occurring explosions that used to freak him out but became an everyday occurrence in his neighborhood. He actually relied on them to wake up in the morning because alarm clocks never were able to wake him up, unless he had like 10 in places where he couldn't kick something at them or kick them directly at the wall.

He also wondered if he would be allowed coffee because without it, his entire day would be ruined, but he usually needed coffee only when he spend the night reading instead of sleeping. Still he preferred to have coffee available in case he needed it, but he might have that covered. There were times when he would be in desperate need for coffee, but his okasan would make him hot chocolate instead and nag him for even asking for coffee, but unknown to his okasan, almost every time the cup with hot chocolate would turn into dark coffee in all its glory.

He sometimes though his otusan took pity on him and switched the content, but he dismissed that theory because his otusan was not always present in the same room, but Shinichi usually doesn't care how he gets his coffee as long as he gets his tank filled with oil (at least that's how his okasan put it) and while Shinichi didn't enjoy being compared to car, but he could really deny the accuracy of the comparison.

Shinichi decided to head to bed early as he was getting tired, but before that he needed a light read before he slept.

Meanwhile Yukiko and Yusaku were both dealing with the past events of the day in different ways.

Yukiko was watching TV shows as she analyzed each actor's/actress's performance and sorted out the flaws or acting mistakes and thought of ways they could have directed the actors better or filmed the scene from a better angle or how with better lighting they could have elevated some scenes' impact. Basically she was trying to distract herself, but she was failing miserably. All she could think about was her little Shin-chan and what his decision was going to be.

Yukiko wanted to be supportive regardless of his decision, but either way it would have a major impact on Shinichi's future.

If he decided to forget about magic, then he could continue on with his life, but she worried that he would come to regret it one day because he would still have his magic. One day might come where he loses control over his magic and he might hurt people, and she knew it would break her son. Shinichi was all about justice and finding the one truth, but if he ever crossed to the dark side, even if unintentionally, it would be very hard for him to find his way back because while her Shinichi was strong, he can be easily broken if the right buttons are pushed.

On the other hand if he decides to learn magic, then he would be far away from her for too long. Yukiko and Yusaku both love their son greatly, but they did not want to drag their son along with them around the world; they decided to respect his decision and let him stay in Japan, so that he can have a stable life. While they would never admit it to their son, but they sometimes regret that decision because they started to notice that they are missing too much of his childhood and his independence makes them feel negligent and unreliable.

Yukiko also worried that her Shin-chan might put himself in danger, excluding the fact that he was already a danger magnet considering how many people might have tried to kidnap him, but were never seen or heard from ever again… meaning that they were behind bars… maybe. She knew her son practically would dive in danger if her Yusaku wasn't there to knock some sense into him, and she knew Sirius's story really bothered Shinichi, but it wouldn't stop him from pursuing justice even if it might get him hurt.

While Yokiko continued to ran scenarios in her head regard Shinichi and surprisingly the TV she was still watching, Yusaku was dealing with the situation in a more calm relaxed manner.

Yusaku was simply writing his story (that was a month overdue) as he creatively described the gruesome death of one characters, who coincidentally happened to resemble an old manipulative bastard he happened to know. Writing was his only way to vent, otherwise he would explode and that could be potentially dangerous at the moment.

Yusaku was worried for his son's safety if he got involved in the Wizarding world, and he knew his son would most likely decide to go to Hogwarts because he knew how Shinichi thought. Yusaku knew his son might get manipulated along with the rest of students by Dumbledore, even after his warnings, but again he would not prevent Shinichi from making his own decisions and his own mistakes because Yusaku wanted him to make his own mistakes and learn from them.

The thing that worried Yusaku the most though, was that if Dumbledore discovered Shinichi's gift that he might try to use him or eliminate him just so Shinichi wouldn't expose the Dumbledore hidden behind the image of a kind caring grandfather. That terrified Yusaku because he wasn't sure his son would be able to fight Dumbledore's influence or his schemes on his own.

He also planned to teach Shinichi Occlumency, before anything else, to at least give him some form protection. Yusaku knew it might be hard for Shinichi to learn in such a short time, but he wasn't his son for nothing, (plus he knew his son was a major bookworm, like himself, and that he would buy all the books in the library if he could.)

Yusaku when back to writing his book and again came up with creative ways to kill people and those people usually were people who tried to harm his family in some way (like those idiots who tried to kidnap his son but they were never seen or heard from again… because they were either in prison or in some country far far away with no memories at all… at least some of them and the rest… well they were in worst situations.)

The next day came after a restless night for Yukiko and Yusaku, and with Shinichi's decision as he settled down in his parents room and told them," I want to go to Hogwarts."

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