Chapter One

The Hulk stumbled through an unknown forest. He didn't know where he was going, only knowing he had to find somewhere safe. He thought he was safe with the metal man, but They found them. He didn't know what They were called or even who They were, he just know that whenever They came, his puny Bruce was scared, angry, and hurt. Hulk didn't like it when puny Bruce was scared, anger, or hurt. So, Hulk did what he always did. He forced his way out and protected his puny Bruce. Hulk didn't like it when They hurt him, but better him than his puny Bruce.

So there he was stumbling through this forest when he felt something crawling on his skin. Angry, Hulk started swatting at himself trying to dislodge whatever was on him. Then it stopped. Hulk looked around wondering what happened when he saw Her. He remembered from puny Bruce's memory that She would be a female (plus she smelt like one too). She was a tiny thing, even smaller than his puny Bruce. She had long, thick, messy hair that looked like the ground and Her skin was similar to his puny Bruce, darken from the sun. It was Her eyes that captivated Hulk though. Her eyes were green like him. No, that wasn't right. They were darker than him. Prettier.

"Are you okay?" he heard Her ask. Hulk likes her voice. It's soft and quiet. Not loud like They were. "I think your bleeding, has someone hurt you?" He heard Her speak again. It took him a second to process Her question and to follow where those pretty green eyes were looking. She was right, he was still bleeding. Hulk wasn't worried though, Hulk healed fast. So he told Her that. She smiled. Hulk liked her smile. It wasn't scary or mean looking. It was nice, like Her eyes and voice. "I'm glad you heal fast. My name is Ana. What's yours?" Her, no, Ana asked. Hulk grunted his reply, "Hulk."

Ana smiled again. Hulk was happy, he made Ana smile. "Well Hulk, you seem a bit dirty and it's best to get that blood of you. I have a lake behind my house, would you like to rinse off?" Ana asked extending her hand out to him. Hulk thought he'd do anything to see Ana's smile. So, he agreed and took a step forwards following Ana down a dirt path and towards a new, bright start.


Anastasia Potter-Black was enjoying the simple life. After running from England and their demands, she set about setting up a life for herself. First, she decided to get her story out there. While the Ministry in England would probably ban her from ever publishing her book in the magical world, they couldn't stop her from publishing it in the mundane world. Oh they could try but by the time they caught wind of it too many mundanes would have read her story and there was nothing they could do about it. Of course to the mundane world it would only be a work of fiction and they would never believe it could exists and she'd of course change things up (no need to draw attention to herself). Therefore, Harry James Potter and J. K. Rowling was born. She planned to write a book for each year of Hogwarts with herself being male. She had read in her mum's journal that if she had been a boy they planned to name her Harry after her grandfather so she thought it would be appropriate name for her books, but J. K. Rowling was a bit harder to think up. It was actually Remus that helped her pick it out. J stood for Jasmine in honor of her father and mother, K stood for Kyra the name Sirius wanted if he had a little girl, and Rowling was her mum's mother's maiden name.

What she wasn't expecting was how popular the books would be nor how long it would take for the Ministry to catch wind of things. Oh she remembers fondly on the day that the Ministry found out about the books (they didn't find out until the 4th one was released!). But, everything was legal and there was no way they would be able to obliviate all the mundanes or stop her from continuing to release them. So now she was a couple million dollars richer and she still had the 6th and 7th year books to publish.

She was working on finishing up 7th year when her wards alerted her to an intruder. She apparated to where they wards were breached, but when she arrived she was surprised to find a giant green humanoid figure entering her wards without hardly any effort. A quick skim of the figures mind and trusting her own instincts told Ana that this creature was not a threat, so without further ado she approached the creature. The creature noticed her approach and turn to her in an aggressive stance. Ana quickly stopped, but made sure that she kept her posture relaxed and open not to threaten or startled the creature any more than it already was. Ana notice that as he examined her, he seemed to relax his stance. So she decided it was safe to approach him again, as she drew closer she noticed he was bleeding. Before she could think twice about it, her saving people thing kicked in and she asked if he was alright.

When the creature didn't respond, she thought she'd try one more time before deducting either he didn't want to talk or simply couldn't. This time though, she got a response. "Healing. Not hurt. Strong." While speaking in broken sentences, he seemed altogether intelligent enough. So she express her happiness that he was alright, introduced her name and asked for his in return.

Hulk. Such a simple name, yet it spoke of strength. Seeing that Hulk has relaxed completely Ana felt it safe to step closer asking him if he wished to clean up and bit. Expecting Hulk to run away Ana was slightly startled, though pleased, when he stepped towards her and started to follow her down the dirt path back to her house.

'The simple life was getting boring anyways' Ana thought with a smile.

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