Hello again fellow ficcers. My apologies for all the dialogue in this chapter, though i hope you find it as good as the first. In this chapter, we're introduced to the chief of D.O.G hq and find out some of what Michael did during the months following the explosion. DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN CATS AND DOGS, ONLY MY OC'S. CATS AND DOGS IS THE PROPERTY OF WARNER BROTHERS HOME ENTERTAINMENT.

After the blindfold was in place, they led him throught a series of doors and hallways, with many twists and turns. After the blindfold was removed, Michael looked around him, squinting against the harsh, flourescent lighting. "What is this, some kind of holding cell?" he asked. "We prefer 'Containment Chamber', but yeah, it is" said Butch, giving him look that meant "no more questions". Catching the unspoken message, Michael nodded, sitting on the floor of the cell once the dogs were outside. Closing the cell door, they headed down the hallway, leaving through a door that Michael assumed was the one they'd come through earlier.

Hours went by. Michael spent that time reviewing what he knew about the case and trying to make sense of it, but questions remained. Who would want Dr. Goldberg dead? Why would they? And how did Sam get involved? The more he tried to make sense of it, the more puzzling it became. Hearing the door opening, Michael looked up to see Butch and the agent called Kowalski entering the cell. "The boss wants to speak with you" said Butch. Stepping out of the cell, he waited for Michael to exit, then closed the door.

The boss turned out to be a corgi named Sutton. "Have a seat, gentlemen" he said, as they walked in. "Sutton!?" Michael asked, staring at the corgi. "Whatever happened to hello?" the corgi asked, grinning at the human. "You know this human, chief?" Kowalski asked. "Obviously" Sutton said. "It's been a while since we last saw each other". "Yep, it sure has" Michael chuckled, sitting on the floor. "So, how's married life treating you?" he asked. In reply, Sutton pulled out a picture of himself, along with seven small puppies, all grouped around a smilling female corgi. Michael stared at the picture, a gentle smile on his face. "That good, huh?"

"Yes" Sutton responded, gazing tenderly at the picture. Stowing it in his desk, he instantly assumed a more serious look. "I assume you're here to ask for some help solving your friend's murder" he said. Frowning, Michael nodded. "First things first. I'm guessing you have evidence to back up your suspicions" Sutton said, eliciting another nod. Michael then dug into his bag, and, pulling out the security tape he'd brought with him, he handed it to the corgi, before pulling out a VCR that grew to full size at the press of a button. "You've completed the shrink-ray I see" Sutton noted. "This is the first prototype that I've made that's actually worked for both shrinking and enlarging something without destablizing the atomic structure of that particular item" said Michael. "The VCR also doubles as a projector, so any time I want to watch VHS tapes and don't have a TV to hook into-" "You just find a blank wall and activate the projector" said Butch. "You got it" said Michael.

"So, if you had the shrink-ray all this time, why didn't you use it in the alley?" Kowalski asked, frowning. "Because I haven't tested it's effects on animals or humans yet" Michael said. "If I tested it on a living subject, and they died as a result, that wouldn't be very good for me, now would it?" "Guess not" Kowalski said, shrugging. After the tape was over, Sutton leaned back in his chair. "Well, I have to admit, it does seem like Sam is guilty. But you're sure that he acted alone?" he asked Michael. "No, I'm not" said Michael, earning a startled gance from Butch. "Why?" Kowalski inquired. "I've gone over the payroll accounts. Sam was only working part-time at the lab, and that was the only work he had, yet bank records indicate he made at least three $50,000.00 deposites during the past two months" Michael answered.

"Could it be a competitor?" asked Butch. Michael shook his head. "I checked online with state police across the country, as well as their banks, and while many of them did have withdrawals of 50,000 or more, none of it could be traced to Sam's account". "What about family?" asked Sutton. Again Michael shook his head. "That was the first thing I checked. Sam didn't have any living relatives, or siblings." "So we don't know who paid him, or how to go about finding them" Butch sighed. Michael grinned at him. "We don't know who paid him, we do have a way of finding out" he said. "How?" Kowalski asked. "The deposits were all wire-transfers"Michael said. "So we trace the numbers on the transfers and we've got our guy" said Butch. "Not exactly" said Sutton. "If we trace the numbers on the transfers, we get the bank account. Finding out who owns the account will a little harder than that". "He's right, Butch" said Kowalski. "My current master is a banker. They aren't exactly forthcoming when it comes to giving out information on who their clients are".

"So how do we find out who Sam was working for that night?" Butch inquired. "I sent an e-mail to a friend of mine who specializes in back-tracing wire transfers" said Michael. "He said it would take some time, but if I could get him Sam's account number, he'd probably be able to trace the money back to the account it came from. In the mean time, I had some of my street sources trace his movements 48 hours prior to that day. It seems that he'dalready made the bomb the week before, and was waiting for the right time".

As this was taking place, on the other side of town, two cats were hunched over a glowing computer screen, their eyes riveted on a small, red dot. "I think it's stopped moving boss" said Calico. "Excellent" chuckled Mr. Tinkles. "Now that we know the location of the formula, we can have the ninjas move in and capture it!" "Capture what, boss?" "THE FORMULA,YOU IDIOT!" Tinkles yelled, swiping at Calico with his paw. "Oh, right, that" Calico muttered. Giving an evil chuckle, Tinkles pressed a red button on the console, watching in satisfaction as the screen lit up.

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