Emma watched from the shadows as the woman she secretly loved walked hand in hand with Robin Hood. She watched as the "happy" couple walked under a street light and could see the loving gaze, Regina was giving him. She should be receiving that loving gaze, not him. He didn't love Regina, Emma did. Why couldn't Regina see that? Why wasn't she good enough? Emma had always been there for Regina.

She believed the older woman when no one else did. Emma wiped away a tear that was running down her face with the back of her hand. She thought about all the things she could have done differently to win Regina's affection. Maybe if she was more obedient, maybe if she didn't banter back with the older woman, maybe if…Emma sighed. Maybe if she told Regina how she really felt instead of playing alone with Operation Mongoose in hopes that Regina would realize that Emma was the one who was there for her the whole time.

Emma felt a buzz from her back pocket and pulled out her cell phone, never once taking her eyes off of Regina and Robin until the phone she held in front of her face now demanded her attention as it continued to buzz. Emma glanced at it quickly. 3 missed calls from the pirate, 7 missed calls from her mom, 1 missed call from her father, and 1 text from Henry. She sighed. What did they want from her? Couldn't her heart just break in peace without them bothering her?

Emma was about to read the text from Henry but she heard a scream coming from the down the road. Emma looked where Regina stood and noticed that something, large, and dark was circling around Regina rapidly, as Robin Hood yelled Regina's name and tried to command the darkness to stop.

Emma's heart began racing. She didn't think twice before she ran over to where they were standing. To Regina, to her Regina. To the love of her life. As Emma ran closer she felt a strong wind try to push her back.

"Regina!" she yelled, her voice cracking in the process from all the crying she has been doing.

"Emma! NO! Don't come any closer!" Regina commanded.

Despite Emma's earlier thinking about being more obedient, she rushed forward anyhow. She wasn't going to let anything happen to Regina. She'd rather die first. Emma heard shouts coming from behind her but she ignored them, she knew most likely it was her parents, right now she was more focused on Regina and the darkness that seemed to be sucking all of the light out of her.

'That's It' Emma thought to herself. She wasn't sure what the darkness was, or where it came from, all she knew was that it was trying to consume Regina, and she was not going to let that happen. Regina had worked too hard. Emma rushed forward once more and shoved her hand into the darkness. She gasped at the feeling. It felt like the darkness was asking permission for her to let it in, and like an addiction she wanted it. She made eye connection with Regina. She could see Regina fighting it.

"Emma, no don't do this" Regina pleaded as she shook her head.

Emma swallowed. "I have to. You've worked too hard to become good. I can't let this take you from me" Emma admitted.

Regina looked confused, but she shook her head. "No Emma. You have a savior's heart, you have no idea what will happen to you if you let all this darkness in. This is serious Emma" she yelled.

"So am I" Emma had made up her mind. She knew what she HAD to do. She opened up her hand and sucked all of the darkness in. As the darkness seeped in, something inside of her was fighting it back. She had no idea what was happening. This didn't feel right, but she had to do it. She looked into Regina's eyes, the darkness was leaving Regina and surrounding her. "Please take care of Henry, tell him…tell him I love him….And Regina…" Emma swallowed. The glassy eyes of Regina tugging at her heart. "I just wanted to let you know….that I…that I, I love you" Emma managed to get out. Emma felt light headed, and the scene around her changed. She could no longer see the darkness of the night sky, or the stars that littered the world. She could no longer hear the distant pleas of her loved ones, asking her: 'not to do this' and 'there have to be another way'. All she saw now was darkness, and all she heard was wind. Wind deafening her, making her light headed. She felt herself being lifted off the ground before everything went black.

Emma's eyes fluttered opened, and she immediately noticed that something was off. She sat up quickly and looked around. "No fucking way" She remembered this place. She's lived here before, but how is this possible? She noticed the large window displaying downtown Boston. City lights brightening up her entire living room. Something insults Emma's nose and she turns around and gasps as she lays eyes on a single chocolate cupcake with a birthday candle in it.

Emma's eyes widens, is this…is this déjà vu, because she's sure this has already happened before.

Emma's eyes travel south and she notices the red spaghetti strap dress that is covering her body. She's having trouble comprehending what is going on. One minute, she's in Storybrooke, and the next, she's…here. In her old apartment, but how, and why?

Emma jumps because there is a loud knocking sound at her front door. She rolls her eyes at herself, because really? She cautiously walks to the door, and slowly open's it. When she looks out, there's no one there. Naturally she looks down and her eyes widens.

"Are you Emma Swan?" The little boy asks. HER little boy asks. It's Henry! But he's different, he's shorter, he's younger. She can't believe her eyes because he's the same height he was the first time she saw him…when he came to her door talking about his mother, who was the evil queen. Emma hadn't answered but the familiar phrase registers in her brain as Henry continues to speak. "I'm your son"

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