"Miss Swan, you're on time" Regina states as she opens the door to reveal Emma. Emma nods and waits as Regina's taking in her choice of clothing. If Emma didn't know any better she would think that Regina was checking her out. She got an idea and smiled.

"Of course, and if I may be as bold to point out that you look amazing today" Emma smiled as Regina's eyes quickly met Emma's.

Regina raised an eyebrow and considered Emma for a moment before speaking. "Thank-you dear" She simply says, causing Emma to smile wider.

'This is way different than our relationship in the beginning. She doesn't hate my guts this time' Emma thinks to herself. "You're welcomed" she quickly adds once she notices Regina was waiting for her to say it.

"Come alone Miss Swan. I can't say I approve of your clothing choice today, but I will let it slide giving the short noticed. I'm sure you didn't pack when you dropped Henry off to his home last night"

"Uh…No Madam Mayor, I had no intentions of staying when I brought Henry home" Emma lies. "But after a week, if you allow me to stay, I will go pick up the rest of my things" Emma simply states.

"Good girl" Regina states as she opens the driver side of her car.

Emma frowns. Did Regina just call her a "good girl" ? Well, that's new. Well, at least she wasn't being called an idiot, and she was grateful for that.

"Are you getting in or not Miss Swan?" Regina snaps and Emma realizes that she had been just standing there.

"Yes Sorry" Emma blushes and makes her way into the passenger's seat.

"My sheriff is usually uniformed, however as long as I could remember there has only been one and his uniform is too big for you, so right now, just wear your regular attire, just as long as it's not inappropriate of course"

"Of course" Emma replied. She looked out the window and rolled her eyes as she remembered how Graham tried to make her wear a uniform. She wasn't wearing a uniform, not even for Regina. About 5 minutes of driving later Regina spoke again.

"This is town hall. My office is inside on the third floor, the whole floor is mine" Regina states proudly. Emma already knows this, but she simply nods along. A couple more minutes past and Regina pulls in front of the sheriff's station. "This is the sheriff's station. This is where you will be working, 8 hours a day however you are on call 24/7" Regina states.

Again, Emma already knows this. She's already been through all of this before. But she nods and makes her way out of Regina's car and walks up to the station door. Before she could even make her way inside the door opens and Glass steps out.

"Madam Mayor, I'm so happy you're here" He states as he runs out of the building. "Leroy, he got away, I know you told me to keep him until noon, but he tricked me" Glass rambled on. "He said he had to go to the bathroom, and of course I had to let him out, he snuck up behind me and attached me, and ran out the door, he-"

"Enough" Regina cut him off. "How long has he been gone?" She demands.

"Since 7…last night" He responds as he looks down at his hands cowering away from Regina.

"Leave" Regina simply orders as she points down the sidewalk.

"I'm sorry-" Glass begs.

"Now. You're done here. Miss Swan is taking over, I pray is the slightest bit better than you. How hard is it to lock up on drunk man?" she demands.

Glass says nothing more, he runs down the sidewalk. Emma has to keep from smirking at the man, she still had hard feelings towards the man, and she knew she couldn't trust him. She shouldn't trust Regina either (this version), but she couldn't help it. Everything about the older woman made her happy.

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