Feeding the Mark

Don't care that I killed that kid. He was a Styne. No good. Monster. Had to die. If not now, then later. Better to end it now. End it and...

Feed the Mark.

Don't care that I left Cas beaten and bloody and confused. Remember that alley, "friend?" Well, payback is hell, ain't it, Cas? What goes around comes around. Stay outta my way or I'll...

Feed the Mark.

Sam. Good old Sammy. The next if he doesn't listen. Doesn't obey. Don't care that he's my brother. Don't care that I used to care.

Feed the Mark.

Kill the monsters.

Kill 'em all.

Feed the Mark.

Kill the evil.


...kill me.

No! Black eyes. An eternity of black eyes.

Forever killing.

The last great mass murderer.

Tra la la.

Just feeding the Mark.