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Harry Potter and the Hangover
By: Razgriz0x

Chapter 5

Unplottable Location

Emerald Green eyes dominated her vision as waves of pleasure crashed throughout her body. She knew those Green eyes... she'd seen them for the past five years... always gazing lovingly at another girl. To say she was jealous of the girl was like saying that Dumbledore forgot more about magic than what was taught at Hogwarts. She wanted those eyes to look at her... to show her the same warmth and love that Granger was shown. However, it seemed that she could only have those eyes in her dreams... and even then, they were not looking at her alone. No.. even in her own dreams, Harry's eyes still looked at Granger... hell it seemed that they looked at a few others who's faces she couldn't make out. But for now, those eyes were looking at her... and she lost herself in them and the pleasure they projected to her soul.

The worst part of these dreams, was the fact that they only reminded her of what she could not have... and whenever she awoke from one... like right now, fingers buried in her wet, hot quim, sheets in need of changing, covered in sweat and breathing heavily after a powerful orgasm... after waking up in such pleasure, she would do something that she had never shown to anyone... not even her parents or sister. No one could know that her icy exterior could melt for him... only here, in the comfort and privacy of her own bedroom... would she ever dare to cry.

She clutched her pillow as tears poured down her cheeks, the aftershocks of pleasure barely neutralized by the sobs of sorrow. She'd always wanted to talk to him, be friends with him. She didn't believe in her families pureblood dogma, she judged by the actions of a person rather than who their ancestors were. This was the reason why she didn't hate Granger... why she wanted to be a part of Harry's group... why she wanted to get away from her family.

Her sister was lost to her. Her own parents had corrupted her, twisting their daughter into a perfect pureblood brat, hell bent on marrying an inbred pig of a pureblood and begetting an heir so that she could help raise it to hate all things not within the pureblood dogma. Her sister had already chosen whom she wanted to beget the little abomination with... Nott. When her sister had announced that she she'd been raped by the pig, a smile on her face and pride in her eyes as she told her family, she couldn't help but feel revolted. And not just because her baby sister was proud of being raped, but that her parents were proud and encouraging of it as well. They'd immediately begun negotiations with House Nott for a marriage contract... she'd never felt so disgusted and betrayed. If they were so happy to trap their youngest daughter as a slave to that pig... what would they do to her.

As her mind raced, a few stray thoughts entered her mind. 'What if I ran away to Harry? Would he accept me after explaining myself? Would he let me explain? Would Granger accept me? Could I share Harry?' Those thoughts brought her mind to an abrupt halt... could she share him? Where had that come from? Running away? The only way would be to go muggle... or maybe... think dammit think... focus... someone else can help... maybe... but who?

And then it dawned on her... the one person who'd been helping Harry and his group ever since first year... but would he help her too? Sure he was biased... but would he help one of his snakes out of the den? Only one way to find out.

She stood, pulled on a dressing gown and walked to her desk. Lighting a candle as she sat, pulling parchment, quill and ink from a drawer, she began writing the letter that would either save her from the hell her family was bent on dragging her down into... or doom her to fall even faster.

Dear Professor Snape,

12 Grimmauld Place

His all too familiar sneer was plastered on his face as he surveyed the room before him. Dumbledore sat at the head of the table, stoically silent, but his eyes betrayed his pondering thoughts... no doubt wondering where Harry was and how to get him back under his control. Moody was sat in a corner near the back of the room... close to the exit, back to a corner, magical eye looking everywhere his real eye could not... 'Got to hand it to the retired auror... he may be paranoid, but he knows how to survive.' Emmaline Vance was conversing loudly with Hestia Jones... both were good at their jobs... but he could tell that they were starting to doubt the order and the stress of their double lives were catching up to them.

The Banshee... Molly was in the kitchen... he wondered if she slept there... whipping up some food for them all. Her husband was attempting to discuss more ridiculous muggle stuff... why the man was obsessed was beyond him, but it only seemed to reinforce the fact that wizards had no common sense. 'What other reason is there for a rubber duck than to be a bath toy for children?'

His attention was turned by the stealthy appearance of the elf... it was filtching the silver forks back from Fletcher... 'I wonder who the better thief is?' Fletcher noticed none of this as he belched loudly... expelling more of his foul smell to the rest of the room. At this moment, the clock struck eight and Dumbledore stood. "I call this meeting of the Order of the Phoenix to order." Everyone stopped talking and looked at him, Molly bustled in with a tray of fruits, bagels, toast and cream cheese. Dumbledore seemed to bask in the attention. "Does anyone have anything to report before we begin?"

Snape stood and all eyes locked on him, "It would seem that the Dark Lord has once again been incapacitated... Pius Thickneese was found dead last night after he'd attempted to wake the Dark Lord and deliver some news that he'd acquired... what that information is however, died with him."

The Order was stunned, Moody was smiling, Jones and Vance looked relieved and confused, Molly looked sick and ready to yell about something. Thankfully Dumbles, 'Good one there Black', cut her off before she could use her banshee powers. "And Tom's condition? Has it changed at all Severus?"

"The Dark Lord was heard begging for Potter to stop whatever torture the boy is putting him through... which I find highly unlikely. The brat couldn't torture a fly... even with magic. Not only is it against the Boy's nature, he'd be too incompetent at it to even make a fly twitch in pain."

He knew the others would now focus on his "contempt" of Potter, and thus he was free to chuckle in his mind at possibly knowing what Harry was doing that was hurting Voldemort.

"It would seem that my fears about Harry are coming to pass. He is more than you realize Severus... do not doubt that Harry is a powerful wizard... but I fear that he has decided to pursue a path that leads to darkness." Dumbles attempted his best disappointed demeanor and grandfather persona... but it didn't work very well.

Many voiced their protest at his words... Molly was strangely silent, the younger crowd denied it vehemently and even the older members denied belief in their leader's words. "There's not a dark bone anywhere in that boy's body Albus and you know it." Moody said as he clumped forward, "That boy is more experienced in fighting against the dark than all but three of us in this room. You expect me to believe he's gone dark? Ridiculous I say."

"Maybe that bitch of a mudblood led him down this path... I always said that Harlot was no good for him Albus... you should have separated them at the earliest opportunity. Why else would poor Harry spurn dear Ginny? Harry is a good boy... he deserves a good life with a woman who can take care of him. The bushy tart should've been dealt with long ago."

Snape raised an eyebrow at that... 'Harry and the Weaselette? Would he ever not have a potion in him? And Molly would have to brew the potions... as young Ginevra can't brew to save her life...' and shuddered at the thought.

"It's possible Molly... Ms. Granger was always hard to persuade in any capacity... her mind and habits are highly organized... but her penchant for gathering information borders on obsessive. It's highly possible that she's been tempted by the knowledge that the dark offers... and she could easily have ensnared Harry to agree with her... dragging the poor boy down the path with her."

Again the younger crowd disputed this as the elders sat by silently. 'Dumbles is laying it on thick today...'

"Severus mentioned Pius Thickneese... Hestia, Emmaline... I'd like you to follow up on his whereabouts over the past day... see if the information he found could lead to Harry. Now... any other news?"

Silence followed, Dumbledore cleared his throat and looked to age at least ten years, "It is with great regret that I must announce that the search for Harry is now a rescue mission. It seems that Ms. Granger along with Ms. Delacour and Nymphadora Tonks, have absconded with young Harry to parts unknown. No doubt with the help of Ms. Delacour's Veela allure and Ms. Tonks' Metamorph abilities and all three's collective knowledge pool. Harry must be found and separated from these young women as soon as possible. I am even considering lethal force... but only as a last resort. I have no wish to end their young lives, but if they are too far gone... for the greater good."

Silence once again followed and even Snape was surprised by declaration... he had to inform Harry that Dumbles was after his... wives... the thought of Potter married still floored him. 'If Albus hurts one of them, he'll not hold back... funny how Albus purports that love is the greatest magic on Earth... but when Harry uses it, Albus labels it as Dark... I guess that just goes to show how little the old goat truly knows about the subject.'

Snape paid little attention to the meeting after that announcement and left quickly afterwards as to avoid having to talk to anyone. Even as he stepped out into the Tonks' residence, his thoughts were on one thing, 'Must inform Harry.' But considering the seven hour time difference... now was most definitely not the best time. He would check up on Narcissa and Bellatrix... Narcissa had hardly left her sleeping sister's side since she'd been informed of her presence... and she would most likely need a little comfort.

As his thoughts drifted to the blonde woman, Severus Snape began to analyze his situation in life. His childhood was horrible yes, the psychological scars ran deep... but he'd found solace as a child and teen in magic, potions and those Green eyes. When he'd buggered his long friendship with her, he'd made the mistake of pursuing that which she stood against to spite her. Only when he'd heard that thrice-damned prophecy had he come to his senses and realized his error... but then it was too late and he was trapped betwixt the two leaders of the war... Scylla and Charybdis could learn from the two of them.

After Lily's death, he had vowed on her grave to protect her son... and at first he'd failed. He redeemed himself once Harry had reached Hogwarts, even if he was still a 'greasy git' to everyone. Severus couldn't help but smile at the thought that things had only gotten better once Lucius was killed. His Godson had been taken to task by his mother several times... and Severus had helped by convincing him to give the muggle world a true look instead of stubbornly remaining ignorant... like a Gryffindor might act. Draco may not be best friends with Harry now... but they were civil to each other... and it seemed that a tentative friendship had begun to form.

Of course Severus had no problem providing 'comfort' to the widow Black... she'd been pleasant company in and out of school... but now their relationship had advanced... and Snape was seen more and more often with a smile on his face... though it quickly disappeared in the presence of others. His overall demeanor had changed... Cissa was good for him and he for her... and Draco. Yes... it seemed that Cissa could use some more comforting this morning... and Severus was more than happy to provide.

It wasn't until later in the morning that an owl found him in the sitting room. A familiar, elegant handwriting stared up at him... 'What could she want?'

Jump City, Titan Tower

Robin had been awake for hours... and considering that he'd actually slept in after his date with Starfire the night before... He wondered if he were too dedicated to training and crime fighting. Koriand'r was a wonderful girl... she'd always had a positive outlook on life that seemed to nullify his brooding and paranoia... to a point. Ditzy to a certain point and socially awkward (at least with Earth customs), she always seemed to need protection... at least until she was in a fight. When fighting, Dick had never seen someone so ruthless and graceful... no Kori could take care of herself and needed no protection. It also helped that she was more than willing to have sex with him... which was amazingly mind-blowing. And the reason he'd slept in till six this morning.

As Robin headed to his room after a long workout in the gym, he stopped by the kitchen/common room of the tower... and there he found Beast Boy, sitting on the couch playing a video game... 'Minecraft? I never knew BB was into indy games'. From the looks of things, Garfield was upset. He was always quiet when he got upset. So, with caution born from his time and training in Gotham, Robin approached his team member. "So you're back. I got your initial report... take me through it now that you've had time to calm down."

Robin watched BB play the lethargic game for another ten minutes, it seemed BB was intent on mining every single block on the map, before BB sighed, paused the game and set the controller down. "She's married Robin. Raven got married, in Vegas... and she was smiling... laughing... hell she giggled... and she couldn't keep her eyes off him. Then... she saw me... and Tara." Robin stiffened at the mention of the Markovian Princess, 'Why was she in Vegas?'

"I know you're wondering why she was with me..." Robin nodded slowly, "We happened to bump into each other... and didn't immediately try to kill each other. We talked... we apologized... we ate lunch, took in a show and some dinner... then found Raven. There was nothing romantic about it... I guess we just decided to act like old friends who were catching up. Anyway... when Raven saw her... she got angry." Robin stiffened again "And she was in control of her anger... I could tell she was angry... but it was directed... not out of control like we've always seen. She was freely displaying her emotion Robin... and... she looked so free."

Robin watched the green boy as he pulled his legs up to himself and wrapped his arms around his knees. "She may not come back you know... she said that she would decide whether or not to quit the team... and I couldn't help but think that it was the Harry guy's fault... so I lashed out with some words that I was my fat mouth had never said... and now I think I may have driven her away from all of us. It wasn't until the plane ride back that I took the time to think and analyze what I'd seen... remember how I said she looked free... as if a huge weight was lifted off her shoulders. She always seemed so down and indifferent here with us... but now... it seems that Harry Potter has somehow freed her from a burden that she had always refused to share with anyone... even us."

As Beast Boy fell silent, Robin began to analyze and breakdown the information. Raven had once confided in him, with an oath to keep it strictly between them... magically reinforced with her magic... about her parentage and the reason she kept such a tight control on her emotions. Had Harry Potter freed her from that need of control... or was he hastening the destruction of this world... 'NO... that's Batman talking... withhold judgment till you meet him Dick... Raven will bring him here. You're her friend... one of many and she will not abandon her friends.' So it seemed that all evidence pointed to Harry Potter being a good thing for her... and if Raven was happy... then he'd support her.

Beast Boy was once again Mining... maybe it was cathartic in a way... and Robin left without a word... He needed a shower... and maybe he'd be able to slip back into bed with Kori if he hurried. Raven's marriage could wait till she returned.


He knew he wasn't dead... if he were the world would be white and look vaguely like King's Cross... but this world was cast in perpetual twilight. The large landmass he stood upon had an abundance of flora... Purple Casablanca Lilies, White Moon Flowers and a smattering of Evening Primrose dotted the landscape. 'Got to thank Neville for all that extra studying in Herbology.'

Noticing a winding dirt path, Harry began walking inland... his intrigue over the fact that he could easily see the edges of the landmass/island but no water surrounding it was put aside for later, having decided to explore wherever his dream had sent him. It all seemed familiar to him... and yet so alien at the same time. His thoughts were interrupted as he crested a small hill and was met with the sight of several versions of the newest girl to enter his life... all in different color cloaks.

Almost as one, the multi-colored Ravens turned to look at him... He couldn't help but notice the differences between them all. they remained silent as he walked into their midst... slowly looking into the face of each and every one of them. He spotted a royal purple cloaked Raven with the same indifferent gaze as the rest of them... 'There's my girl.'

Striding up to her with a purpose, Harry reached up to cup her face and kissed the clearly surprised Raven hard and passionately on the lips. Her eyes fluttered closed as she surrendered to him, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him back with all that she was... the small smiles on the other Ravens went unnoticed.

As the kiss ended, Raven took a moment to dwell on the love and passion he'd conveyed with not only that kiss but his eyes as well... then her brain engaged, "Harry? How are you here? I know for a fact that I left that mirror back in my safe at Titan Tower... How did you get into Nevermore?"

"Is that what this place is called? The name fits I guess... So, Rachel... I take it that this is your mindscape?" He looked around once more, taking in the dark beauty of his surroundings.

"Yes... this is my mind... and these are my emotions." Rachel gestured to the other Ravens.

"Let me guess..." Harry then turned and slowly went to each and every Raven, looked them over from head to toe. After he'd gone to each one, he came back to Rachel, "Red is your Anger, Yellow is your Knowledge, Grey is your Fear, Green is your Bravery, Pink is your Happiness, Violet is your Lust, Orange is your Rudeness and Brown is your Laziness... And you are the real Rachel from which all these emotions are derived... How'd I do?"

Rachel just kissed him again, the others all snickered. "You guessed right on all of us... but that still doesn't tell us how you got here." Yellow spoke up... and even though Rachel was enjoying the love from their husband, she still wanted to know.

Breaking the kiss, Harry turned to the Yellow cloaked Raven, "I honestly don't know... Maybe it's because we're married... but I think it may be more than that... The only place this reminded me of was of my mindscape... and that place I went while Riddle tried to possess me."

"We remember that..." Red spoke up, voice filled with irritation, "Kicking him out of your head was fun."

Harry stared at her in disbelief, "How'd you know about that? Hell, how'd you get into my head to kick him out?" A little anger and betrayal laced his voice.

Rachel grabbed his head and looked into his eyes, "I wasn't trying to enter your mind to hurt you Harry. Nor was I looking for information on you... But you and I have shared more than you know." And so, after leading Harry to a large couch, she began to explain to him about her experiences.

Harry patiently waited and listened, his mind working at ludicrous speed... everything seemed to go plaid for a few minutes as he began to process all the information. Only when he'd gathered his thoughts did he speak again, "So, do you think that because of these experiences... that maybe we share a deeper bond than that of husband and wife? Do you think it's possible we can share or link our mindscapes? If so would telepathic communication be possible? And do you know of any other effects this may have had on us?"

Rachel smiled and once more kissed her husband. "I believe that our bond is deep... I not sure of the name yet, but I'm willing to bet that Hermione would love to help me research it. As for other effects... When we performed the cleansing ritual while consummating our marriage... my emotions were able to follow the echo of that link that you had with Riddle. They were basically able to attack him and gather information at the same time."

"I put him through the ringer while Yellow subtly copied as much knowledge from his memories as she could. We know how he stayed alive last time... we know how to make him mortal... and we want to help you kill him... master." Red blushed furiously, her hood could barely hide the glow of her cheeks.

Harry stared in awe at the Ravens before him... He stood and walked over to Red... leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips... as he pulled away, she and Lust were both panting with need. He then went and proceeded to kiss Yellow as he had kissed Red.

Harry took his seat next to Rachel, leaving Lust heavily panting and drooling slightly. "So let's hear it... how'd he survive?"

"Horcruxes. A vessel, usually an inanimate object of self-importance, in which one commits ultimate evil to split their soul and secret it into said vessel. He made seven of them... though he thinks he only made six. A Diary... which apparently was destroyed according to his knowledge. A family Ring, his mother's Locket, a golden Cup, a silver Diadem and his Snake familiar. But he made one unintentionally on the night of Halloween... 1981. Though that one was cleansed that night in the ministry... after he possessed you. Your Scar is so faded now, love."

Harry shot a hand to his scar, which was indeed faded and lighter. One now had to actually look in order to see it, no longer the angry red of a curse scar. His eyes widened and he felt sick at the thought of having carried a piece of Tom's soul in his head for almost sixteen years. "You're certain it's gone? Wait... you said that I have an echo of the connection to Tom... So that was severed when the, Horcrux, was exorcised from my scar?"

Raven smiled reassuringly. "Yes love, it has been exorcised and your connection cut... though with how long it was there, it was bound to have left some sort of impression. Nothing you can't handle."

Harry seemed to ponder this for a while, Lust however had made her way over to the couch, sat beside Harry and began to cuddle into him, thus distracting him from any further thoughts on such serious issues. "Hhhhhaaaarrrrryyyyyyy. I want you... you kissed Red, Yellow and Rachel... kiss me? Pllllleeaassssssse?" She sensually began to rub her body against Harry.

Harry looked into Lusts lidded eyes for a moment, then looked at the other emotions. His gaze finally centered on Rachel, and she nodded while smiling at him, "I was wondering if this could happen. The only way I think it could be better is if my sister-wives could join us."

Taking that as her blessing, Harry gave her a lopsided grin, then leaned down to capture Lust's lips... and from there it quickly devolved into wet, naked passion. Each of the emotions divested themselves of all clothes save their cloaks and began to pleasure themselves and each other. All the while, Harry was driving into Lust with abandon, loosing her tongue to scream perversions that would make even an exhibitionist blush.

Rachel had never felt such pleasure... not even in their previous copulations. No, Harry was now directly stimulating her Lust... the pleasure was blinding and all encompassing. She truly loved this man, she'd bound herself to him at their wedding... but now she literally swore off all other men. No male would ever hold her heart and soul like Harry... save any sons that she bore for him. And bear children she would... in time, she promised she give him as many as he wanted and that she would love them with all she was... for that was how Harry loved her.

After composing herself, she noticed that Harry had already made it through half of her emotions... Lust, Bravery, Laziness, Rudeness and Happy were all passed out, cum leaking heavily from their satisfied pussies and smiles on all their faces. Harry though was still going strong, Fear was currently screaming in ecstasy as he performed cunnilingus on her... 'Gotta love that Parseltongue.'

But what surprised her the most was her Anger... it was currently trying to match Harry's performance... on Rachel's on sensitive slit. She'd never thought that Red could be so submissive... "How am I doing Mistress?" Rachel's eyes widened further... Anger had completely given over control of herself so easily to Rachel... It felt so good to be in control of what was once her most volatile and wild emotion.

"That's good Pet... but I never told you to stop..." She quickly began to tongue my wet quim, but it was too late, "For stopping without permission... Harry will fuck you last... and you will not cum until I say so... is that clear Pet?" A muffled affirmative whimper was all I received... after all her tongue was buried inside me... and Harry sated Fear and was working on Knowledge... This was the best dream she'd ever had... Rachel hoped it would never end.

LexCorp, Metropolis

Lex Luthor stared out the window of his office... his thoughts casting back to a recent evening in Vegas. As he processed the information of how he'd lost a rigged game to a nobody, he recalled each and every hand... and cursed himself for putting up the deed to the Bellagio. It was a stupid and desperate move to put the boy that had shown up and destroyed his winning streak, no matter that it was due to cheating, in his place. Everything he'd tried had failed, Mercy had tried to convince Lex to leave, only for him to lash out at her... He'd gone and fired her in his anger and desperation... and he was paying for it now.

He'd lost millions to the brat... millions and the Bellagio. Lex was not the only one to lose control over a business that night. As Lex replayed the memories... slightly fuzzy from the alcohol... he saw that the owners of the Excalibur, Caeser's Palace, Luxor and Palazzo had also put their casinos on the line... and the kid had won them all. He couldn't have been more than sixteen, drunk as a skunk... same with those girls he was with... and should have been easy pickings for Lex and the veteran players... but it seemed that Lady Luck was with him alone that night.

Lex's thoughts stopped a moment... 'Focus... the girls... yes... there. A Teen Titan... Raven. Interesting.' Lex's smirk grew as a plan for revenge formed in his mind... He'd get payback on the brat... and the Titan would forever be ostracized from both society and the League... yes... Lex's revenge would be complete... and he wouldn't even have to kill them. Hell, they were only teenagers... even Lex Luthor had standards.

- The Next Morning -

Harry's Penthouse

Her logical mind and force of habit had wake up early in the morning... well... actually she'd given herself a bit of a lie in... but eight o'clock was still early after the night of passion she'd had. Thankfully there was no hangover this time... though the pleasant ache of her center, still warm and full, was present. Carefully extracting herself from her husband's arms, she made her way to the ladies bathroom... a quick performance of her morning ablutions and she came back. She smiled at the sight of her new family asleep on the bed... quickly she found a silk kimono, wrapped it about herself... loosely tied of course... and made her way to the kitchen.

Upon arriving, she stopped dead at what awaited her... its eyes stared directly into hers, a moment of panic rushed through her before Fawkes greeted her with a serene and quiet song. She immediately smiled and felt safe. "Hullo Fawkes. What brings you here? Did the whiskered wanker send you?"

Not really expecting an answer from the phoenix, Hermione was surprised when Fawkes shook his head in a negative fashion. She was surprised further when Harry came up behind her, "Mione luv, you alright? You seemed worried for a moment... Oh... 'lo Fawkes."

Once more the Phoenix replied in song... then seemed to beckon Harry closer. She watched as Harry padded over to the firebird... still naked, 'I love looking at that tight ass of his... focus girl.', and stared directly into the avian's eyes.

Hermione once more began to worry as it seemed that Harry froze in place... it almost seemed that he stopped breathing. Her sister-wives arrived in various states of dress soon after Harry froze in place... but Hermione never took her eyes off her husband. She even explained what happened to the others... and continued watching her love.

She released a breath, that she wasn't aware of holding, when Harry smirked and starting laughing. "Harry?"

"Sorry Mione... Fawkes was just telling me why he's here... It would seem that the whiskered goat finally crossed a line and Fawkes left him... Something about potioning me to fall for Weaslette and become his obedient puppet once more." Fawkes bobbed his head in the affirmative.

"Well, I'm gonna go put some clothes on... I'll be back in mo." Harry kissed his wives and returned to their bedroom. The girls all looked at one another, shrugged and began moving around the kitchen to get a start on breakfast... only to remember that they had only to call room service. They once again giggled, made their way to the living room while Nym placed a call for breakfast.

"So... anyone have a plan for what to do next?" Mione had fixed them all a cuppa while they waited for room service and Harry... she noticed Rachel blush. "A quick question... do you prefer Rachel or Raven?" The pale girl looked up at her... pondered for a moment... then shrugged, "Either is fine by me... but I love how Harry calls me Rachel... it makes me feel loved... so I guess Rachel."

Hermione nodded and sipped her tea before posing the question once more... this time the answer came from their husband, "We're heading back to Britain, Taking care of Riddle and the Nibblets, Neutering Dumbledore and his puppets and then we'll turn the Ministry of Minions into a madhouse... then leave. I'm thinking a 'round the world vacation... with stops at several magical and mundane sights. After a few years... maybe we'll settle down and start expanding our family. At least that my basic outline for the next five to ten years... but I think you wanted more specifics on the upcoming school year?"

Hermione and the other girls seemed to be off in dreamland... thoughts of a world tour heavily occupying most of their processing power. Nym was looking forward to being with Harry and seeing all the different mundane sights of the world... and maybe adding some advanced/master transfiguration to her repertoire. Fleur was practically drooling at the thought of all the clothes shopping she would be able to do... and expanding her charms knowledge from all the different cultures. Rachel was looking forward to all the protected magical sites and finding more information on the powers of darkness... Dark didn't mean evil... just not that of the light. Hermione though was drooling over the thought of all the libraries and museums she could visit... as well as all the time she'd be with Harry and learning beside her sister-wives.

The thought of expanding their family in later years brought forth deep blushes from all of them as they recalled the previous night's activities.

"You sound so sure of yourself Harry... Do we even have a place to start in terms of vanquishing Voldemort?"

"Yes... in fact we do... You see-" Harry cut off when the communication mirror pinged... "Hold that thought... I don't want to have to explain more than once..." He went to answer the mirror.

Hermione and the others sat for a while and waited patiently... soon Harry returned only to be interrupted by the arrival of breakfast. Once the food was delivered and being partaken of did he speak once more, "Moony and Zatanna are on their way... we'll be conferencing with Sev, Andy and a few others once they arrive."

Hermione nodded and finished her breakfast before heading off to shower for the day. Waiting for the others to show wasn't too hard... she could be patient... Harry joining her in the shower really helped with that part... Moony would no doubt arrive before they were finished... but she didn't care... all thought beyond Harry's cock buried within her was quashed by her carnal pleasure. Over and over he took her... over and over she was brought to heaven... it never hurt... how could it not hurt... that much sex... no proper lubri- oh wait... she heard him cast a spell... wandless Lubrication spell and local Healing charm... god I love this man... yes... fill me... fill my womb... I wanna feel his seed sloshing around all day... yes.. ram me... rut me... breed me... fuck me... love me... oh Harry... Harry... "HAAARRRREEEEEEE!"... Bliss... wonderful orgasmic bliss. "I love you Harry."


"So Harry... care to tell me how you came to be married to my daughter? Care to tell me how you married her and the others? Care to tell me NOW?" Andromeda was not all that happy... her daughter was married to a sixteen year old... and three other women. While she was happy for her daughter finding happiness... she was mad that it happened without her... she wanted to see her daughter's big beautiful wedding day... not here about her eloping in Vegas... 'Stupid Elvis impersonators.'

Harry had the decency to blush and began explaining what all had happened to them in Vegas... mollifying Andy, Ted, Jean-Paul, Appoline, Dan and Emma in the process... seeing as all the parents were there... having been gathered for the conference call to Vegas.

In turn, Harry was told about all that had been happening in Britain. Dumbledore's bumbling Order... Voldemort killing his own followers and incapacitation... and the Ministries further fuck ups.

Harry pondered and processed the information... silence reigned as they all awaited his thoughts... "Ok... I think I know what's going on and what our next step is... Severus.." Snape focused at the sound of his name, "Get her out of there as soon as possible... tell her parents that she's been chosen for early apprenticeship in potions or something... She was never mean to me or my girls... and she never followed the crowd... I'll see what I can do for her after you've delayed her parents from selling her off." Snape nodded in response... his mind already conjuring the surest way to delay the parents and get the girl away from them.

"Cissa, Andy... go to Gringotts and find Bellatrix's marriage contract... if she was willing to do this... I'll give her a chance... she didn't intend to kill Sirius... I saw her hit him with a stunner... she was horrified when he fell into the Veil..." The sisters nodded to each other, then to Harry.

"As for the rest of you... keep safe and keep a low profile. We'll be back in country soon. But after a little rest, we'll be taking the fight to Voldemort. I've got a plan on how to keep him down while we destroy his immortality. Thanks to Rachel here... we now know what needs to be done." Everyone's eyes popped at the plan of attack... Harry knew how to make the Dork Lard mortal... and he was very confident it would work.

After some more conversation between parents and children, the conference ended... "Start packing Moony... we're leaving tonight." "But Harry, our tickets aren't good for another three days."

"Ah... well it seems that Lex Luthor bet his personal business jet and his secretary/bodyguard. It seems that Miss Graves has been standing by and waiting for new orders for the past few days... My memory is returning and I find it fascinating that I accomplished so much in such a short time... Will you be joining us Zatanna?"

"No... my show lasts another week... I'd like to though..." "If you need the money I'll pay you to cancel the show... you work for me anyway... since I own Caeser's Palace." Zatanna thought for a moment, looking at Remus made her decision, "Very Well. I'll go pack... and inform the League that I'm headed on a personal assignment."

Harry looked contemplative for a moment, "Will the League interfere in our plans? I mean if it comes down to it... you could be our liaison to the League." "I think they'll leave us be if I tell them I'm investigating a disturbance... no don't Batman has tabs on the situation already..."

"And since Brucy-boy has nothing better to do other than play detective with the world... I'm not surprised." That rose Zatanna's eyebrows, "How-"

"How do I know that Bruce Wayne is Batman? Simple... that suit, the gadgets and the vehicles need money... lots of money... and Bruce has the past necessary to fuel his desire for justice... I commend him for refusing to kill... and think he's an idiot for refusing to kill. But to each their own." His casual reveal and dismissal of the famous Dark Knight of Gotham had almost everyone staring at him as if he'd grown a second head. The dumbfound looks quickly melted when Harry began packing. Soon the group was on its way to McCarran Int'l Airport where Harry's new Jet was fueled up and ready to go. Miss Graves certainly earned her salary.

Within a few hours of the conference, Harry and Co. were headed back to Britain, Andy and Cissa had retrieved the contract from the Goblins and, thanks to Harry stopping in at the Vegas Gringotts branch, Severus was delivering news of the early apprenticeship as well as a substantial financial offer for the marriage contract of girl who'd contacted him.

Unplottable Location

Dante Greengrass considered himself a shrewd business man and a cunning politician. He knew all the right circles to swim in and all the palms to grease in order to get what he wanted... He was also a greedy bastard and couldn't wait to cash in on his daughter's marriages. So when Severus Snape turned up with an offer that was ten times the highest offer so far and an early apprenticeship for his eldest daughter... he jumped at the chance to make more money... He'd drive up the price from this Lord Slytherin by stating that Daphne's value was raised by the apprenticeship... he was so eager to sign the document and be rid of his daughter that he failed to notice the exact placement of the decimal point that would determine the amount of money he'd receive.

Severus stood by as he watched the pathetic parents congratulate their daughter on being chosen to marry a Lord... and getting the recognition for an early mastery... then practically kick her out the door with only a single trunk for all her worldly possessions... The tears her 'family' shed almost seemed real.

Daphne Greengrass... sixteen years old... sold to the highest bidder by her parents... to Lord Slytherin no less. In Daphne's mind... she was crying... wailing really, at the injustice of the world... How dare her parents sell her to be the plaything of the Dark Lord... for who else could be the Lord Slytherin. She solemnly glared at the Professor who'd been chosen to deliver her to Hell... "Fear not Miss Greengrass... I'm sure that you'll be pleasantly surprised about whom you're contracted with... I know for a fact that he is interested in meeting you and getting to know you before he makes his decision on the contract... He has yet to sign it after all."

This news mollified Daphne... according to Snape... it wasn't Voldemort... but then who could it possibly be? A flash of Green eyes in her mind caused a mild blush to form as she hoped against hope that he might come for her... a fool's dream no doubt.

With that thought... Professor Snape took her by the arm and they disapparated into the night with a muted pop.

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