Hey, y'all. I actually wrote this for a class this semester, and I'm not really sure if it's any good, but I figured I would upload it because like maybe it would make up for me never updating stories ever? Anyway, hope you enjoy.

I'm not scared of much – that's the truth. I've never been afraid during a fight. All of those times that I pretended to be afraid of being lost or "noises" to alert the guards weren't real. And I've never had to worry about being scared of the dark. But when that big, slobbering bison lifted off the ground with me on its back… Well, it wasn't my favorite moment. It was like, all of a sudden, I was blind. Which, well, I am. But I am not about to let Twinkle Toes and Prissy Pants and Sokka (I haven't really come up with a name for him yet) know that I am scared.

Besides, it isn't too bad. Mostly I'm happy, really. I'm free. Really, truly free. Not just sneaking out. Not bending behind my parents' backs. I am completely free of all of their stupid, pointless rules.

I couldn't believe that they had actually let me leave. I mean, after all of the things my parents said and everything –

Ugh, fine, fine. Okay. No, my parents hadn't exactly said that they were all right with me leaving. But then again, I had never said that I was all right with the various rules they had forced upon me. They never asked what I thought.

They think… they think that I am some weak little girl. They think I need to be protected, shut up in the some stupid high tower like a little princess. They don't understand that am not, never have been, that princess.

Who am I? Well, I'm not entirely sure yet, but I'm not going to figure it out sitting in my father's house and sipping tea and pretending I don't exist.

I don't think people realize that when others pretend that you don't exist, sometimes you just start to believe it yourself. Like, if nobody but my parents and their guards and their servants know that I'm alive, what am I even living for?

Anyway, here I am with the Avatar. Not that he is a big deal or whatever. I mean, he isn't any better than me. His earth-bending certainly isn't as good as mine. Although, I suppose that is the point… But Twinkle Toes, as bad as his earth-bending may be, is finally going to help me see the world. (No, not actually, obviously.)

I'm done with people seeing me as the poor little blind girl who needs help with everything. Sure, I can't read or write or any of that, but who needs that? I can bend better than anybody I've ever met! If everyone would just think of me as a guy – a strong, tough guy… well, that would make my life easier. Aang wasn't any tougher than I was. Or stronger. In fact, his voice was probably higher than mine! And yet nobody questions it when he wants to travel the world. Stupid Avatar.

If I was Avatar… wow, if I was Avatar. Nobody ever would have doubted my strength. Ever. They would have trusted me, put power in me, rather than hiding me away.

I can handle that. I can handle the power and the responsibilities and all of that. I am strong enough to take care of myself and to help other people. And as much as I don't want to admit it… Twinkle Toes is going to help me with that. Without him, I would probably still be sitting at home under supervision of my father's guards right now.

I am the Blind Bandit, and people are going to remember me for that. I am not going to sit back and pretend I'm a weak little girl any longer. As much as I need Aang's help, he needs mine, too. And, now, we're in this together.

That's all for now folks. Review, if you feel so inclined. Thanks for reading.