Bloom walked away from the rest of the winx and specialist when her phone began to ring while they where hanging out in the Fruity music bar. Coming back a few moments later, "Hey I have to go."

"What Bloom where are you going." asked Stella as everyone looked at her worried.

"That was my mom. Her sister is really sick she asked me to go with her to keep a eye on her. I should only be gone a few day at most."

"Well hurry back." said Sky pulling her into a hug.

"Don't worry I will." walking out of the building before climbing into a car, with an egal whos wings are closed, painted on the door before driving away. "I thought I told you to meet me down the street."

"We need you now."

"I left a long time ago Hill."

"We wouldn't have called you if we didn't need you."

"You mean that he needs me. The only reason I came was because he called in Puerto Rico."

"I know you don't have to help but we need you to." reaching behind her seat, "I even brought your old uniform."

"I really hope you have someone to sew me into this."

"Vanessa what are you doing here Bloom said you both where going out of town because your sister was really ill." said Stella as Blooms Step mom walked into the shop the next day.

"Stella I don't have a sister anymore, she died ten years ago."

"Wait so Bloom lied to us." said Flora hearing what was being said. Followed by the other winx and the specialist. "Why would she lie?"

"Maybe something has happened on her home plant."

"No she would have told us that." said Stella looking over at Tecna and Timmy leaning over a computer, "Hey what are you two doing."

"We created this magic software that should show us whats happening to Bloom in real time, if you want we could fire it up and see whats going on."

"Do it. Vanessa do you know why she might lie."

"Not really. When she was younger there was a time in her life where we didn't know much about what was going on but that was years before she even meet you. I need to run. Please let me know if you know whats happening." getting a yes from Stella before walking out the door.

"Its up." said Tecna "It appears shes wearing some kind of uniform and is going down stairs."

"Director would you care to explain why you sent AD Hill to get me. I have been off SHIELDS pay roll for years and I don't have plans to return any time soon."

"Do you remember what you said to me after New Mexico."

"Yes I told you that I don' think we should leave the fate of the world up to Tony Stark and we should use our resources to look into using the tesseract to defend ourselves."

"Well after you went underground I talked to the world security counsel and they aggred with you. For the past three years Doctor Selving has been working with it to create weapons but it is acting up."

"SO why did you call me in."

"A little over a year ago you can to me and told me about what you really are and I think you might be able to tell us what the hell is going on." walking into the room "Wheres agent Barton."

"You mean the Hawk. He up in his Nest."

"I don't under stand. What is Bloom wearing." said Sky.

"Its called a cat suit. It looks like she had to poor herself into it its so tight. How could she be comfortable."

"Don't ask me, I don't . . . Look." pointing to the screen at Lokis suden apperence in the room. Watch as he kill the men shotting at him before using his septor to take control of Barton, Bloom and then Selving, "Why are they helping him."

"Sky I don't think that there doing it of there own choice did you see how they fought agenst him until he used this septer and touched there chest at that point they started to work for him." said Timmy

"So you think that he has taken control of Bloom." said Flora

"I do. I think you should call Faragonda she will want to know whats going on."

"I'm already on it. . . ." said Stella walking away on the phone before coming back a few minutes later with her, "What did I miss."

"Nothing much really just a gun fight in a tounal a car accident and a plane coming down."

"I don't understand how Bloom could be involved in this."

"Because they offered her something that the best doctors in the world cound not." said her mother who had come in without them relising, "When she was younger much younger she was concitered a child prodagy within a month of taking on a new skill or activity she had mastered it. She was in a building when a plane crashed into it."

"Vanessa what happened." asked Stella

"The force of it broke her back and even after seven surgeriys she still had no feeling below that point, the doctors had given her three months to live when he." pointing to Furys image on the screen, "showed up in her hospital room and offered her a chance to heal. It was a seaurm that would cause her body to heal itself at a exponential rate."

"She took the offer." said Sky.

"Yes. There was a condition. That after she would have to help them, but her time was up a year before she even meet Stella."

Eventually Mrs Faragonda spoke up, "Why had she never mention this before. And who are these people."

"The same reason she lied to me and her father she wasn't allowed to tell us or our own protection. The people who she went up agenst are very dangerous as it what she dose."

"Your her mother you coulden't stop her."

"You know Bloom just as well I as do. If you tell her no or she can't do something she runs right for it. Even if I wanted to there was nothing I could do to stop her."

"Wait what do you meen if you wanted to."

"Before the accident there was this light in her eyes. She was happy and loved her life but after it was gone she would put o a brave face but I could see she wasn't just dieing physically but mentally as well. But after she Joined SHEILD the light was back she loved helping people and the people she worked with loved her and looked out for her. I never had any reason to not want her to work there."

They sat around the computer for the rest of the day and part of the next watching her move around a underground room. After three days of watching her they saw the events in Germany they watched Loki fight Captain America. Where she was on the other side of the city, they watched her kill three gaurds before her and Barton stole the iridium. Eventually after Fury idgnoring Her calls he told her he had not heard from Bloom in over a year.

"Hes lieing to you." said Sky

"But we can't prove that."

"There has to be some way to prove it."

"But there isn't."

They only left the room to change and to go on coffee runs and to get food, when she fought Natasha after she had beet Barton they know that there was more to her then she ever told them.

She was out for a majority of Clint and Natashas conversation "No don't do this to yourself Clint this is Loki. This is monsters and majic and nothing we where ever trained for."

"Loki did he get away?"

"Yes. Don't suppose you know where."

"I didn't need to know didn't ask."

"Do me a favor if you two plan to go at it then knock me out again first." said Bloom who was tied down to the bed just like he was.

"Your awake."

"Hey Flower child how you feelin." said Clint referring to his old nick name for her

"I could ask you the same thing bird brain. . . wheres Loki we need to stop him."

"Don't know." said Natasha unlatching the cuffs as Clint handed her a glass of water. "You two need to level out."

"I know but I won't lie I would probably sleep better after I put a arrow throw Loki's eye."

"You can do that only after a go mid evil on his ass."

"Now you both are sounding like yourself."

"But you don't. . . Your a spy, not a soldier. Now you want to wade into a war. Why? What did Loki do to you?"

"He didn't. I just . . . I've been compromised. I got red in my ledger, I would like to wipe it out."

"Nat we all got red in our ledger. You, me, Clint. We have red but its in the past we can only move forward. And right now we need to do that to stop this Son of a Bitch from taking over our plant."

"Your gonna fight flower child."

"Damn right I am bird brain." standing up, "The three of us are good and we make one hell of a team, The Black widow, Hawkeye, and the red witch. Now theres more of us we have people to work with."

"Who are we fighting with Tasha?"

"Captain America, Iron man, Thor, and the Hulk."

"Captain America is here. Did Son of Coul ask him to sign his captain America trading card yet."

"Hes dead."

"Coulson is dead."

"Loki killed him."

"Thats the last straw, Loki is going to pay for what he has done."

The winx where able to watch the Battle from the news and there system. It was three days after the battle before Bloom came to the shop with Fury right behind her along with Natasha, "You guys know I was lieing all this time and I'm sorry just let me explain."

"Go right on ahead. But first tell us who these to are." said Sky looking angrier then she had ever seen him. Not the yell and throw things angry the calm and quite kind.

"This is director Nick Fury of SHEILD. And this is agent Natasha Romanov. I brought them here so I would not be breaking protacal by telling you what I'm about to tell you."

"What would happen if you told us without them here."

"I would be concitered a rough agent and the full force of SHIELD would be brought down on me and apon my arrest I would be taken to the fridge for deprogramming of all SHIELD knowledge and protacall."

"That seems a little harsh."

"Its not really. It could be much worse." said Natasha, "Belive me."

"So Bloom start talking."

"It all started when I was eleven, I was touring the petagon with my uncle when 9/11 happened. You remember me telling you about it. Well the lower half of my body was crushed and after many surgeries I was getting worse. Fury came to me and told me about a program that they had been working on for the past almost sixty five years. It was to recreate a serum that turned a short ninty pound asmatic into well . . . you saw Captain America."

"Yes we saw."

"Well they had been trying to recreate it. I was part of a group of people who where going to be injected with it, and we where all of different race, gender, helth. Just to see what would happen. Was the only one to survive the serum."


"I don't know. I spent three days in the medical room screaming in agony. It felt like my skin was on fire but a thousend times worse. I remember hearing a doctor say that I wasn't going to make it. Two days later I walked out of there with my head held high and march right into the directors office. I told him not to try to use the serum again until you prefect it. After that I owed them a debt. i did field work, got hurt, after I analyzed data little stuff. I had just been approved for field work when I was sent to Malibu to get a official statement form Tony Stark. Lets just say that my first assignment back in the field was almost my last."

"What happened?"

"His business partner had ordered him to be killed. But things didn't go as planed. He escaped and the guy tried again. He died thought."

"I have a quick question What dose SHIELD stand for?"

"Stella SHIELD stands for Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division."

"Thats a mouth full."

"It is. After a few months and a some close calls I was back working with Coulson. This time thought things where different. I worked with Agent Romanoff a lot. i learned some fighting from her."

"I tough her everything she knows about fighting."

"Its true. I can kill a man with my legs. After another problem with Tony died down we where called to New Mexico. It was the last time I would work with Coulson. One of my last mission with SHIELD. Thor came to earth and his grudge match with his brother leveled a small town. It was my fault that the tesseract brought Loki to earth. After that I told him that we could not relie on the Avengers initiative to protect us. I suggested that we start work with it. I worked for about nine months after that my enemies started to close in. I went off the grid. Thats when I meet Stella. Fond out the truth. After graduation I went back to SHIELD and told the director everything."

"Why did you go in now?"

"They needed me. You need to understand that what I do its not a job its a life. SHIELD was founded after the second world war with the bases being one word protection. Thats a very broad description. And right now they need me."

"Bloom what are you saying."

"The reason I was gone was because I was undergoing an evaluation of a phyciatrist. I have been cleared for active dutie. I am going back to work for SHEILD until further notice."

"This is crazy."

"NO its not. What happened . . . what Loki did to me . . . you don't understand. You have never had someone in your brain pull you out and put something else is. Be unmade. . . I have to go back. . . because of what I did people . . . I need to make things right."

"What are you saying."

"I am saying I'm leaving."

"Why. You don't belong there. You have so much more waiting for you in magics then here."

"You don't understand. You don't know about the things I've seen. The things I've done. . . my code name its the Red Witch. Part of my trianing was to lie to kill and when necessary to seduce."

"Did you ever use your training on us." asked Riven

"The situation called for it I did. Without hesitation and without remorse."

"The situation. Thats what your calling everything we have been through."

"You don't understand you haven't been through what I have. You have never had to make the hard decisions the difficult choices stand on the bomb so the other guy can get away. You have never been shot, never been stabbed. I have." she pulled a knife out of her tight fitting uniform and slised her hand open.

"Bloom what are you doing." said Sky running to stop the bleeding

"No." holding her hand up, "Watch." pointing to the hand already scabed over before it was completely healed, "That is what the serum did. I have to go back because the serum I can go into more dangerous situations. And with my powers I can handle this stuff."

"Where not going to be able to talk you out of it."

"No. but you all nee to know that if you need me I will always be just a phone call away."

"i have a question how many people have that serum in them."

"Doctor Erskins formula was stolen by a man who thought himself to be a god. He injected himself with it but it had some . . . unforeseen side effects. It was perfected and injected into Steve. Over the years people tried to recreate it. Natasha was given a similar serum by the red room. Right now I only know of three living people who ave it but there could be more. There could not be."

"Do you have to leave now."

"Yes." she walked up to Sky and pulled him into a kiss, "I love you. I want to stay but I can't. I've got a mess to clean up." before walking out the door.